Bicycle Exercises For Complete Fitness




If you do not have time to spend on fitness and go for a walk or you do not have a place where you can walk then use Bicycle Exercises to stay fit. Buy an exercising bicycle and learn how to do the bicycle exercises and for how long for maximum benefit.

Important Things For Buying  Best Exercising Bicycle

Buy the one with flexible handles, so that you can do shoulder workouts too. The paddle of the bicycle should have special buckle, so that you do not get hurt. The seat of the bicycle should be adjustable according to your height and you can move the seat upwards or downwards or backwards or towards front. If you have back pain, then buy special bicycle which is chair shaped for exercising.


Warm-up Before Bicycle Exercises

If you are planning to lose weight and reduce fat by just doing bicycle exercises then doing them thrice in a week is enough and before starting these exercises warm-up exercises are also very important to do.

You can do some mat exercises and it is not necessary that you should do the bicycle exercises by sitting only. Women suffering from cervical pain can lie down on the floor on their back and raise their legs and do cycling with legs in the air.

This helps in toning the abs muscles and reduces the extra fat around thighs and lower back. It is important to warm-up your body before bicycle exercises and to cool it down after doing the exercise.

Adjust the knob of the bicycle at low pressure and before starting the bicycling exercise try the special way to warm up the body. In this special way of warm up you need to cycle in very fast speed for two minutes continuously and then rest for 10 seconds.

Repeat this process at least three times for right warm-up. Doing these warm-ups increases the blood circulation in our body very quickly and your body will get ready for doing the bicycle exercises.

After doing the warm-up adjust the knob of the exercising bicycle as per your body’s capacity say 45 minutes and do the regular cycling as bicycle exercise.

Before starting the regular cycling exercise you can do jogging for two minutes or skipping rope is also a nice warm-up exercise to do. After doing these warm-ups take a rest for ten seconds and then start the regular bicycle exercises.

You can also do squats and Abs for 30 seconds and after doing them take rest for 10 seconds and then do the regular bicycle exercises.

Cooling Down The Body After The Bicycle Exercises

After cycling cooling down the body is also very important and you can cool down the body by lowering the knob to low speed and do cycling for five minutes. After cycling at low speed do some stretching exercises for at least five minutes for perfect cooling of the body.

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Do not do the bicycle exercises for more than five times in a week. Excess of cycling and that too with high speed can cause pain in the joints along with pain in the ankle and feet. After every cycling always do stretching, this will save your body from internal muscle injuries and the body muscles will feel relaxed too.

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Pros and Cons Attached with Bicycle Exercises

Muscle Stretching:Our body is made up of many muscles and if make these muscles workout regularly our body will stay fit and active. If we do not work them out 50 percent of these muscles start losing their compactness and strength. This causes the muscle dystrophy or the muscles start contracting in some cases. But during cycling most of the muscles of our body become active and get worked out.

Benefits of Muscle Stretching

While hitting the pedal of the bicycle the quadriceps muscles and hamstring muscles of the legs get worked out.

Bicycle exercises strengthen the muscles of the lower back and the waist.
Stomach and the lower back portion get toned.

Pulling the flexible handle fixed in front of the exercising bicycle back and forth helps in exercising shoulder and hands muscles. The muscles known as Glutens help in keeping the back straight while cycling.

Bicycle Exercises Improve Blood Circulation

Healthy respiratory system requires oxygen and lethargic lifestyle and obesity leads to weakening of the respiratory system of our body.  Bicycle Exercises at medium speed help in making the muscles of the respiratory system stronger. The inhaling and exhaling of oxygen done by lungs while exercising makes the process faster and cleaner while cycling and thus improves oxygen intake to our body.

Benefits of Cycling on Respiratory System and Blood Circulation

This reduces the risk of heart attacks and blood pressure to 50 % in people who do these bicycle exercises.

Bicycle exercises helps in reducing the stress level of everyday tensions on our body and the respiratory system.

Cycling helps in balancing the hormonal levels in our body.
Since there is a rhythm involved while cycling it helps in overcoming emotional problems quite easily and helps in boosting the self confidence of the person.

Cycling Protects the Joints

Cycling is very beneficial in protecting the cartilage present in the joints present in the legs. While cycling the circular movement helps in providing flexibility and energy to the joints thus saving the joints from pains in the joints. While sitting on the bicycle take care of your posture and adjust the comfortable position of the seat of the cycle.

There are two ways to sit on the bicycle seat while cycling, you can either sit straight or bend a bit forward. But remember in both the positions the back should remain upright. Sitting straight and doing bicycle exercises helps in stretching the leg muscles to the maximum and has positive effect on them.

While bending forward and then cycling exerts pressure on the stomach muscles and helps in contraction of the fat cells of the lower back and the waist area. This helps in making you look slimmer in just few days only after doing bicycle exercises. So it is better to do cycling while sitting straight for some time and for some time bend forward and then do cycling for finest results from the exercising with cycle.

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Bicycle Exercises For Complete Fitness

Bicycle Exercises For Complete Fitness

If you do not have time to spend on fitness and go for a walk or you do not have a place where you can walk then use Bicycle Exercises to stay fit. Buy an exer





Bicycle Exercises For Complete Fitness
Bicycle Exercises For Complete Fitness

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