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Fitness is an important issue and matter of concern in today’s lifestyle and that is why people of all age groups are becoming fitness freaks. But everyone does not have time and money to go to the gym, so the best option left for them is to go for a jogging early in the morning.

There are multi benefits attached with jogging early in the morning, firstly you will be able to spend some time on fitness, secondly you will get the fresh air for your lungs which will be less polluted and this will keep you in the pinkest of your health.

But do you know that before jogging it is very important to warm-up your body in the right way. Warm-up is an essential prerequisite before most of the exercises and workouts and the reason being they prevent our body from severe muscle injuries and prepare our body for extensive workouts.


Advantages of warm-ups

Health experts say that if you have started working out recently or started exercising after a long break than it is necessary to warm-up your body before doing any exercise. Warm-ups are important to save our muscles from injury and help in maintaining the flexibility of the muscles and joints.

It is a vital part of any workout to prepare our body in advance. So it is important to analyse the benefits of warm-up and let us check out some best ways to these warm-ups in the right way.

If you do a warm-up exercise for 5-10 minutes before running or jogging then the performance will improve during the whole training programme. Warm-up prepares your body both physically as well as mentally that it is about to start running or jogging.

Warm-up exercises send signal to our brain and body to get prepared for vigorous exercises. If the warm-up is done in a correct manner it will make your heart ready for pumping extra blood to the whole body and thus improving the blood circulation in the veins and arteries of the whole body.

It trains the muscles too to get ready for the jogging or any other workouts. Warm-ups help in improving the elasticity of various joints of our body especially the hip joint, spinal joints, leg joints and the heels. Thus we can very well analyse how important it is to make ready your body by doing warm-up exercises for jogging or running or any other workout.

How to do the right warm-up

Warm-up for jogging

Now let us check out some effective and correct ways to do the warm-up. Some fitness experts say that we should never start warm-up exercises with stretching. The reason being our body is in relaxed state so the muscles are stiff during this time and when we start stretching these stiff muscles they might break down or there can be muscle injury too.

In such cases it is better to take a brisk walk before jogging. It is very effective way to warm-up your body and muscles by taking a brisk walk for 10-15 minutes. If you can accompany some breathing exercises along with the brisk walk it will increase supply of oxygen to our body. The body will get enough fresh air and the respiratory system will also get prepared for jogging exercise. El Blog de la ginebra y el whisky on the rocks

Warm-up your muscles

In order to warm-up your muscles you need to do some exercise with your arms. Just keep your arms on your sides in a very relaxed position and now close your fist and start rotating them in clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

Same way you can create some muscle flexibility in your neck muscles or leg muscles by, moving them in or rotating them. Just move your legs one by one or rotate your neck both clockwise and anti clockwise direction. All these small warm-ups will helps in relaxing your mood and remove all the stress. This way your mood will be happier and the muscles will also get warmed up.

Neck warm-ups

Before starting jogging or running just rotate your head in clockwise and anti clockwise direction 10 times each. This will help you in breathing easily while jogging as it will improve your breathing or respiratory system.

Warm-up with Stretching

Now after warming up all the muscles of your boy you can start stretching, because by now the stiffness of the muscles will be gone and they will be ready for stretching warm-ups. Stretching can be done for quadriceps, shin, hamstring and back muscles. There are various light warm-up exercises which can be done to stretch the muscles in these areas.

After all these warm-ups if you realise that now your body is fully prepared for the regular jogging or any other workout then you can start with it. New fitness freaks should avoid running very fast and continuously, they should increase the time and the speed over the time to avoid over exertion and muscle damage.

Sudden and too much exercise continuously for a long time might cause injury to the muscles of the body.  Do not stop the movement suddenly in a snap when you are jogging. When you plan to stop jogging just slow down your speed few minutes before so that the body also gets the signal to stop.

When you feel that your heart beat and the rate of breathing is normal then stop jogging. Sudden break in jogging can be risky and harmful because when you are jogging at a fast pace the heart beat and the breathing rate is increased and a sudden stop will be just like applying a sudden brake to your car while driving, so you can well imagine what kind of damage it might do to you.

That is why fitness trainers and experts realise the importance of warm-ups and suggest all the above warm-up exercise before and after jogging so that there is no muscle damage or any other risk to our body.

Just give your body some time to get prepared for jogging and before stopping the workout also prepare your body to stop the workout. This will help you in many ways by preventing muscle injury and the heart beta and the respiration will get time to get normalised before stopping the workout.

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How To Warm Up Before A Workout

How To Warm Up Before A Workout

Fitness is an important issue and matter of concern in today’s lifestyle and that is why people of all age groups are becoming fitness freaks. But everyone d





How To Warm Up Before A Workout
How To Warm Up Before A Workout

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