FOODIE’S MicroMarket arrives at Banco Santander





Banco Santander, with its partner in Vending services and Premium Selecta solutions, is pioneer in the introduction of this exclusive self-service feeding space in Spain, designed to be part of innovative working environments interested in offering a differential value to its employees and facilities; and for responsible companies that care for the well-being and satisfaction of their workers

Selecta Spain, leading company advanced automatic restoration services, has recently opened two spaces FOODIE’S MicroMarket at the corporate headquarters of Grupo Santander, in Boadilla del Monte. A determined bet on feeding qualityin an environment high technology, positioning this bank as a pioneer in the introduction of this unique and innovative service that is an interesting Proposed value for your employees.


“We are proud to be able to say that Banco Santander has trusted our specialized services of automatic restoration, betting for our premium concept more sustainable and healthy to provide an improvement in the experience in its rest areas and added value to its equipment,” says Carmen Fernández, Marketing Director of AB Services Selecta Spain.

More flexibility and sustainability
FOODIE’S MicroMarket is a space self-service of products high quality, fresh and healthy for companies, which is an authentic innovation in the world of vending and new consumer experience for users. And in this new business model, the employee can freely acquire a full menu (healthy options, fruit pieces...), take it directly from the linear and pay it on the pay kiosk, using even the payout with fingerprint. In addition, in collaboration with the bank, this business model has been endowed with more sustainable product variety on the market of the vending, impacting very positively on the care of the environment.

This is it. comfortable multi-purchase optionOne. largest assortment in self-service and best quality of the products to which they are accessed means a whole revolution in consumer experience. Without forgetting, the key factor: the speed. No need for travel, no waiting in dining rooms or restaurants, thus facilitating the flexibility the employee in line with the growing trend of time conciliation.

Through the MicroMarket expands assortment of productwith the possibility of incorporating fresh products and fruit of the day not available in traditional vending format. An offer that is completed with hot drinksin the exclusive córner of Selecta, Starbucks on the go, integrated into the Micromarket solution, which offers the authentic Starbucks experience in working environments.

Besides, this one. new rest area It's a open, close and interactive space which favors the creation of a pleasant environment, generating moments of connection between the workers. “It connects people, increasing the involvement of the employee, their level of happiness in the working environment and their productivity,” says Fernández. Ratones para gaming

This is a much more concept premium which allows to raise the purchasing experience to another level, responding to new consumption habits increasingly demanding and proactive consumerswhich demand healthy and at the same time sustainable products. “With FOODIE’S MicroMarket we contribute to sustainable consumption. And we focus on balanced products packed with environmentally friendly packaging. Our commitment goes on to introduce in this concept the most sustainable references emerging in the market”, Pablo Espada explains, commercial manager of Selecta Spain's Premium Solutions.

With him know-how Select Group
The FOODIE ́S project has been developed jointly at the European level with the Select Group. The original concept shares the part of its philosophy, aesthetics, branding, furniture, technologies and shopping circuit, but the differential lies in the supply of products, as the 100% of the range of references is managed locally to better adapt to the different consumption habits of each country.

About Select
The Select Group is currently European leader in vending and automatic restoration services. It specializes in the creation of rest areas and in the development of novel concepts for self-assistid food services. Based in Switzerland, the company operates in 16 countries and is now a benchmark in the automatic distribution sector. Since its inception in 1957, Selecta represents excellence in the service and is testimony to the passion and dedication of 9,000 highly qualified employees, who offer high quality coffee brands and a wide selection of foods and beverages from top brands adapted to the needs of each customer, meeting the needs of more than 10 million daily consumers. In our country, AB Services Select Spain is the vending service provider in almost the entire IBEX 35. In Spanish territory it has more than 35,000 vending points that serve more than 1 million consumers daily. More info:

About Nordis
Nordis Social Coffee S.L.U. is the Selecta Special Employment Centre in Spain. Since its creation in 2009, it has as a fundamental mission the complete integration of persons with disabilities into the world of work, through the generation of jobs adapted to their different capacities. This vending company was the first qualified by the Community of Madrid as the Special Employment Centre. It currently provides a means of meeting the required quota of 2 per cent of workers with disabilities in enterprises, required by the General Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Social Inclusion (LGD). More info:

FOODIE’S MicroMarket arrives at Banco Santander

FOODIE’S MicroMarket arrives at Banco Santander

Banco Santander, with its partner in Vending services and Premium Selecta solutions, is pioneer in the introduction of this exclusive self-service feeding spac





FOODIE’S MicroMarket arrives at Banco Santander
FOODIE’S MicroMarket arrives at Banco Santander

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