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How you want to turn on the oven when it's cold! These days all over Spain is what we have, an incredible cold. So I have no excuse not to want to turn on the oven. Today I've baked a batch of Antequera's batons with an integral preferment that are richy. They are also very, very easy to do. I'll leave the recipe for you if you want to check it out: Antequera Molletes (with full preference). The other recipe I've prepared today was this brioche. The brioche has in common with the Antequera grinder, as well as being both a recipe for bread, which both preparations are delicious for any breakfast or snack. They are soft breads, easy to prepare and can be frozen smoothly, so you always have bread in the freezer, ready to take out and consume in a few minutes. Everything else is different: the brioche is an original French recipe of sweet bread. It is a spongy miga that will delight small and old and accompany with all kinds of fillings, sweets or salty.


These days, when so many people cannot go out to the street for bread, these two recipes are a basic one. And the brioche is surprisingly delicious and easy. Besides, you'll have it done in less than an hour. A most grateful recipe!

Do you dare prepare it? You will only need the following ingredients:

  • 90 g milk (+ 60 g extra)
  • 30 g fresh pressed yeast
  • 4 medium eggs at room temperature
  • 500 g force flour
  • 60 g sugar
  • 10 g salt
  • 100 g butter at room temperature

One. First, temper the milk. To do this, pour 90 g of milk in the glass of your Thermomix and program 30 seconds/37o/speed 1.

Two. Add yeast to dissolve in milk. For that, program 10 seconds/speed 3.

3o. Add eggs, flour, sugar and salt and program 30 seconds/speed 6. You may need to stop every 10 seconds and lower the ingredients to the blades.

Four. It loves everything by programming 3 minutes/closed package/Spipe Velocity.

Five. Program 2 Minutes/Closed Vase/Spipe as you add the butter in pieces by the mouth. If you see that the dough can be worked and the ingredients are well integrated, go to the next point. With the cold butter, even if it is out of the fridge, it can be too cold to achieve the desired effect. If so, add a little more milk (between 20 and 60 g more is usually enough). Re-schedule 1 minute/closed package/Spipe Velocity.

Six. Let the dough rest in the glass for 1 hour. If the kitchen temperature is low, cover the glass with a thick kitchen cloth. After this time, you'll see that the dough comes out in the mouth. Then open the glass and lower the dough with the spatula. Amasa 1 minute/closed package/Velocity Spy to degasify it.

Seven. Remove the dough from the glass, make a ball and put it in a mold I have used for the photo you see a crystal mold untied with butter or anti-stick spray of 24 cm in diameter. I made 8 bags of dough. You can also use two rectangular moulds, type plum cake, if you want two smaller brioches.

Eight. Paint the surface with baked egg from 30 to 40 minutes with preheated oven to 200o. When you enter the brioche, go down to 180o. You can put an oak furnace part of the brioche in the middle of the cooking or when it's already golden so it doesn't get too much


Wait till it's tempered to demolish and let it cool on a grid. This brioche is delicious with any accompaniment, sweet or salty. When it's cold, cut it in slices and put it in a zip bag to freeze it. So you can have it fresh, like just baked. You can keep it in the zip bag if you want to have it fresh and tender the day after baking it. So you will prevent it from drying and hardening. Second hand children MX Motocross

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French Brioche in Thermomix easy and fast

French Brioche in Thermomix easy and fast

How you want to turn on the oven when it's cold! These days all over Spain is what we have, an incredible cold. So I have no excuse not to want to turn on the





French Brioche in Thermomix easy and fast
French Brioche in Thermomix easy and fast

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