Gluten-free cream: the full recipe




Gluten free cream the full recipe 1One of the most versatile preparations is the dough. An excellent pasta for both salty and sweet recipes.

With the recipe I'll show you today, no you will have difficulty preparing it at home and use it for your preparations.

Keep step by step this recipe and you will see that you will really prepare it in a short time.


  • 400 g of flour prepared for gluten-free bread;
  • 50 ml of oil;
  • 1 pinch of salt;
  • 300 ml of water.


Place the gluten-free flour in a pastry board and place a pinch of salt, oil and water in the center. Mix all the ingredients and mix work it hard by pressing on the palms of the hands.


Love for 5 minutes, until you get a smooth and smooth dough. Cover the dough with a wet cloth and let rest on the mass board for 1 hour.

Once rested, take the dough and divide it into 5 parts. Cover the pieces you don't work with with a clean cloth. With the help of a roller, start stretch the dough, floured themass board to prevent it from sticking.

Extend the dough until it's too thin, you'll have to see your hand through the dough. Mejores Páginas de Contactos | Opiniones y Análisis 2023

Place it on a clean cloth and join it with extra virgin olive oil. Close it with transparent film to prevent it from drying. The dough, in fact, is so fine It only takes a few minutes to dry, especially on the edges.

Stretch another piece of dough and, after forming the very thin sheet, place it on top of the other and extend another layer of oil over the surface.

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Continue the preparation by repeating these steps.

The different layers of gluten-free edge mass are ready to use. If you have to save them for the next day, you must necessarily wrap the leaves in an adhesive film and leave them in the refrigerator. If you want to freeze it, you should always wrap it in transparent film and put it in the freezer. Before being used there are to get it out of the freezer at least 3 hours in advance.

The dough edge can be used for many preparations, such as the delicious Turkish boreks or Greek packed appetizers. It can also be filled with nuts and honey and put into the oven, in short, its applications are simply infinite.

Learning to prepare a gluten-free version is mandatory!

Gluten-free cream: the full recipe

One of the most versatile preparations is the dough. An excellent pasta for both salty and sweet recipes.





Gluten free cream the full recipe 1
Gluten free cream the full recipe 1

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