Half of the population has gained 5 kilos during the last year by the pandemic, according to a survey





People with overweight or metabolic syndrome have a higher risk of severe COVID. World Nutrition Day is celebrated on 28 May

Half of the population has engorged 5 kilos during the last year by the pandemic, as shown by the results of an online survey conducted by the Healthy Food Foundation with the support of Arkopharma Laboratories to more than 500 people. The same, mainly answered by women between 36 and 50 years old, also reflects that one in four people has lost between 3 and 5 kilos. The Healthy Food Foundation, on the occasion of World Nutrition Day, held on May 28th, the importance of following a healthy lifestyle, of dieting with the control of a health professional and, in case of resorting to some type of help, which is of 100% natural origin. An example of this is Figurmed Metabol®, a product that has scientific studies that support its benefits for weight loss so it can be useful for overweight people.


The modification of habits during the pandemic has led to a series of changes in the food and lifestyle of the Spaniards. In fact, 60% of respondents acknowledge that they have neglected food a little. “ Less exercise has been done, as a result of the confinement and closure of the gyms, more snacks, cereals, sweets and alcohol have been consumed, and there has been much more free time and solitude for many people. All this has generated a situation of anxiety and depression and has increased what we know as emotional intake, eating to feel good”, says Dr. Pilar Riobó, associate chief of Endocrinology and Nutrition. As a result, 86% of respondents claim that they are concerned about their food as a result of the pandemic. “Many people have seen themselves in the need to ask for help to control their food and weight, and we need to be careful because obesity and metabolic syndrome are two very important risk factors for COVID-in a serious way,” says Dr. Riobó.

One example of this is that of Melisa Medina, a 35-year-old who had been able to lose 30 kilos in the last 2 years and who during the pandemic has had trouble staying. “The pandemic has taken me a step back, I found that what I had lost was recovering because of the anxiety generated by the confinement, so I decided to go back to a nutritionist through the pharmacy to help me get back to my healthy lifestyle,” he says. Melisa had gone through numerous diets until she put herself in the hands of a nutritionist and managed to lose all those pounds. “I made the decision after testing the cetogenic diet that came to give me a colic in the kidney”, he says. With the nutritionist, Melisa “learned to eat, understand what foods are for and how to incorporate them into my meals to benefit my organism,” she says.

The dangers of unchecked diets
In order to lose those kilos won during the pandemic, experts insist, on World Nutrition Day, that the most important thing is “to avoid unchecked diets, that they do not follow balanced and healthy dietary patterns, and that they include exaggerated practices such as fasting or avoiding food groups. These are may lead to significant side effects such as micronutrient or electrolyte alterations, leading to heart disorders, loss of muscle mass or even psychological alterations due to excessive dietary restrictions”, warns Andrea Calderón, nutritionist and scientific secretary of SEDCA. The consequences of these diets reach the consultations of the nutritionists. “We have many people who have made diets recommended by friends or who have seen on the Internet and come desperate because they have not been able to maintain them, because they have made them recover the lost kilos or, worse, because they have suffered some damage to their health,” he adds. Viajes y turismo


For this reason they recommend going to a qualified healthcare professional, “who will give us the guidelines to follow and always maintain a healthy lifestyle, according to our routine, tastes, and preferences, individually. There are many ways to eat healthy and cover our nutrient requirements, but each one has to find ours. And, of course, always accompanied by physical exercise, including strength exercises to maintain muscle mass while we lose body fat,” Calderon says. Also, remember, that “there is no food or product that alone can help us lose weight (although it indicates to be light, diet, 0%, etc.) If necessary, aids such as pharmaceutical preparations of natural origin can be used, but always accompanying a change of habits and lifestyle, and with the recommendation of a health professional.”

In this sense, the arrival of Figurmed Metabol® is a great novelty because its plant extracts, based on hibisco and herbluisa, have proved effective for weight control and fat reduction,” concludes Dr. Riobó. Of the respondents, 76% would choose a product of natural origin and buy it in pharmacies if they had to look for help to control weight with diet and exercise.

Figurmed Metabol ®
Figurmed Metabol® is a 100% natural extract that helps weight control because it also incorporates a online nutrition adviser. Contains an innovative patented complex, Metabolaid®, especially for those who are overweight and symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome and need to lose fat mass. This is composed on one side of herbluise, which has demonstrated its benefits to inhibit fat production, reduce blood glucose levels and obesity. And for another hibisco, which induces satiety and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. A research project from the European Union within the Horizon 2020 funds has demonstrated the scientific evidence of this compound, confirming its effectiveness as a metabolic regulator “which can inhibit the accumulation of fat in the adipose tissue and liver,” the project collects. One of the clinical studies performed reveal that those who take this compound while following a controlled diet lose double weight than those who only follow a diet. Specifically, it reduces up to 2 kg of body fat in the abdominal perimeter and arm contour.

About Arkopharma
Founded in 1980 in Nice, Arkopharma is a multinational pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in pharmaceutical products with active natural origin principles. At present, Arkopharma is the European leader in the field of plant-based medicines and food supplements. These pharmaceutical laboratories are born from the avant-garde idea of Dr. Max Rombi. Thus, it proposes a “Health Medicine” with natural products that can prevent and help alleviate most of the daily health problems. Arkopharma proposes pharmaceutical preparations for medicinal plants and natural products. https://www.arkopharma.com/es-ES

Half of the population has gained 5 kilos during the last year by the pandemic, according to a survey

Half of the population has gained 5 kilos during the last year by the pandemic, according to a survey

People with overweight or metabolic syndrome have a higher risk of severe COVID. World Nutrition Day is celebrated on 28 May /COMUNICAE/ /COMUNICAE/






Half of the population has gained 5 kilos during the last year by the pandemic, according to a survey
Half of the population has gained 5 kilos during the last year by the pandemic, according to a survey

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