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One of the horror scenarios which some of us imagine is getting bit by those tiny blood suckers called bedbugs. Some of us are really allergic to saliva of bed bugs too. This will also amount to constant itching and might lead to rashes on the skin.

If you notice small bites after your night sleep which does not look like a mosquito bite then beware it might be those blood sucking bugs. Be prepared to do a lot of hard work. Throwing away everything which is infected is not a good idea.Ever wondered why bed bugs are called bed bugs? This is mainly because bugs which are also known as blood suckers are usually found in the bed which is their favorite place as they get their food while their source is asleep.


They tend to hide between the gaps or between the stitching of the mattress. One more interesting thing to note is that bed bugs love to travel. They hide in areas where in we don’t even notice. The best thing to do when you travel to a hotel or a rented room is look whether that place is infected by bedbugs. You can find tiny black spots on the furniture if the furniture is infested by bed bugs. Make sure that you don’t keep your luggage on the furniture.

Home remedies or natural remedies are good however requires lot of time and effort. Make sure you open your windows once in a while so that fresh air comes in as bed bugs love carbon dioxide which comes out of your mouth and once you let the fresh air come in, the environment will be less appealing for the bugs.

Top 12 Herbal Remedies For bed bugs



One of the most popular natural remedies is rubbing alcohol to the infected place.

As soon as bedbugs come in contact with alcohol they die. This would certainly affect the reproducing capacity of bedbugs.

Baking Soda

Make a paste of baking soda and apply on infested area. You can also try and apply baking soda with little water on your bed. Some even try pouring hot water along the edges where the bedbugs hide. This is not a good idea as this might spoil the furniture.

Get fruity and go veggie

Natural Insecticides – we get some natural insecticides nowadays which are made of out of either fruits or vegetables.

This insecticide consists of pyrethrins and canola oil. This is primarily safe for homes where there are kids and pets.

Turn on the heat

Turn up the heat in your house. Heat treatments are an effective way to kill bed bugs. This does not mean you have to switch on thermostat as for heat treatment the temperature should be more than 120ºF for more than 1 hour and temperature should be even in the entire room.

Now don’t use things like emersion heaters, propane heaters as this might lead to fire or might generate harmful gases like Carbon monoxide. Therefore taking help of professionals  would be a better idea as they would use different heat sources in various places at your home to raise the temperature through out. Korean Beauty

Steam Works

Mattresses and furniture can be treated effectively using this treatment. At home, one can use small steam cleaners for all the beddings. You can also buy or rent them from shop. This has to be done regularly for some days as some eggs might remain and can hatch. So the cycle has to be stopped. Make sure you don’t miss out on all the gaps and holes in the furniture.

Dry Heat

The item which comes under the category of non-laundry can be treated by placing the items in dryers for more than 20 minutes.

Is it Sunny?

Places where the temperature is more than 40 degrees, its ideal to dry clothes or the mattress which are infected for 2-3 days.

Try hot wash

Since high temperatures are set to kill bed bugs the infected clothes can be washed at high temperatures and dried.

Make sure that your valuables clothes in dry cleaned as this may damage your costly clothes. Some also use eucalyptus oil or neem water to wash clothes.

An ideal mattress cover

A bed bug infestation can be prevented if the mattress has a cover as there will be no room for it to breed. If there are bed bugs already then these covers can be helpful in getting the bedbugs trapped inside and eventually bedbugs would die as they would be unable to bite you and will starve to death.

These covers are produced by different companies and are available in markets. However, if there are any bedbugs which are breeding anywhere else in your house then that has to be treated separately.

Turn off the heat

Just as bed bugs can’t withstand extreme heat, they can’t withstand extreme cold. Temperatures below 32ºF can and do kill bed bugs, but not quickly. To kill the bed bug eggs, your home must remain below freezing for at least a month. And the real trick is in dropping the temperature rapidly. If you simply turn off your furnace and let the temperature drop, the bed bugs can adapt and go into diapauses, waiting until it warms up to become active again.

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Move out of your house

It is true that bed bugs cannot reproduce until they get blood to drink. If they don’t get any source of blood then they will die. However it will take 2-3 months or more for them to die without a meal. Some can stay an entire year starving. Overall this is not an effective method to eliminate these bugs from the place which is yours.

Vacuum the entire house

Use a vacuum cleaner and clean the entire house manually especially all the furniture including bed, mattress, carpets and rugs.

Make sure before you follow any of the above points you take all the necessary precautionary measures. If you are allergic to any product kindly stop the procedure immediately and consult a doctor.

Herbal Remedies For Bed Bugs

Herbal Remedies For Bed Bugs

One of the horror scenarios which some of us imagine is getting bit by those tiny blood suckers called bedbugs. Some of us are really allergic to saliva of bed






Herbal Remedies For Bed Bugs
Herbal Remedies For Bed Bugs

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