Hero Baby presents his latest innovation in childhood cereals





No sugars added or produced and made with full grain (integral flour)**. Hero reaffirms his nutritional commitment by betting for a new production process to obtain healthier and more natural food

Tomorrow is celebrated National Nutrition Day, an initiative of the Spanish Federation of Nutrition, Food and Dietary Societies (FESNAD), in collaboration with other institutions and with the support of the pharmaceutical and food industry. HeroBaby, in its nutritional commitment, launches new children's cereals Hero Baby 0% added or produced sugars*. After years of research carried out by the Hero Institute of Nutrition, the expert child food company has presented this complete range of cereals.


New Hero Baby cereals 0% added or produced sugars* are presented in 8 delicious varieties: 8 cereals, 8 honey cereals, 8 biscuits, 8 fruit cereals, 8 cocoa cereals, 8 vanilla cereals, gluten-free cereals and gluten-free rice cream. All of them with a high fiber content***, full grain (equipped flour)**, 7 vitamins, calcium and iron, made without palm oil and without lactose. They are therefore an excellent nutritional option for the youngest.

The importance of reducing sugar intake at early ages
As is known, children are born with a biological predisposition for foods with a sweet taste, tending to avoid those whose taste is more bitter. In addition, the supplementary feeding period that begins at the six months of the baby's life is a critical time window that defines the eating habits that will accompany children for the rest of the life. That is why the way food is introduced into the infant diet for the first time is of particular importance.

In the words of Dr. Angel Gil, Professor of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the University of Granada, “Child feeding plays a vital role in developing healthy eating habits in the future. Thus, if from young people we get used to children with less sweet flavors, we facilitate the creation of more correct eating habits so that they become healthy children and adults the day of tomorrow.”

A high intake of free sugars at early ages can promote preferences for sweet taste, which can predispose the child to the suffering of tooth decay, obesity and diabetes at later stages. This is why Hero Baby, in his constant commitment to design natural and quality products, has launched this range of children's cereals that, thanks to an innovative production process, has eliminated both added and produced sugars.

The key: the elimination of hydrolysis
This new formula 0% added or produced sugars* has been achieved thanks to the elimination of the process of hydrolysis, which allows to obtain a much more natural product, keeping only the good of nature. Estados para Whatsapp

Hydrolysis is an industrial process by which enzymes are added that make the starch of childhood cereals cut into small pieces and, when broken, sugars like glucose are produced. Although it was traditionally believed that this process improved the digestibility of cereal, various researches have shown that hydrolysis is not a necessary process, but only contributes to sweetening the flavor. A sweetening that, thanks to the research work of the Hero Institute of Nutrition, has been shown as an unnecessary step, since the sweetness of the flavor does not affect the acceptability of the cereals by the smallest.

Benefits of cereals in the early stages of food
Cereals represent the basis of food and therefore are usually one of the first foods that are introduced in the baby's diet after breast milk, as they provide energy and are suitable for introducing certain macronutrients such as vitamins, calcium and iron. This is why cereals are presented as the perfect way to modulate the nutritional preferences of the children, not only in the current time period, but also contributing to defining the lifestyles they will acquire in the future. Introducing whole or full grain cereals at early ages will help children get used to less sweet, more natural flavors, thus helping their diets to be healthier and more balanced in the morning.

Therefore, Hero Baby's new children's cereals are made with full grain (equipped flour), more nutritious and natural. Unlike refined childhood cereals, the whole grain (equipped flour) retains all its parts, keeping all the nutritional wealth of the cereal. It is not removed or added anything, as complete as they come from nature providing a source of natural fiber.

Hero Baby and her nutritional commitment
In Hero they bet on the naturality of their products, maintaining a strong nutritional commitment and constantly improving. That is why they have been innovating in children's cereals for more than 30 years, developing various studies and researching through the Hero Nutrition Institute to offer their consumers the highest possible quality.

“Over the years, in Hero we have always been committed to research and improve our recipes to offer nutritionally balanced and quality products. Therefore, in 2011 we decided to eliminate the added sugars and in 2014 we introduced the whole grains in our entire range of children's cereals. Now, in 2019, we have decided to eliminate the process of hydrolysis, in order to obtain cereals without added or produced sugars, healthier, with the minimum processed and as natural as possible”, explains María José Bernal, Project Manager Innovation & Quality de Hero Spain.

*With the sugars naturally present. All varieties are 0% added or produced sugars, except cereals with honey that is 0% sugars produced.
**The gluten-free and rice cream varieties do not have full grain (especial flour).
***High fiber content in all varieties except rice cream and gluten-free cereals.

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Hero Baby presents his latest innovation in childhood cereals

Hero Baby presents his latest innovation in childhood cereals

No sugars added or produced and made with full grain (integral flour)**. Hero reaffirms his nutritional commitment by betting for a new production process to o






Hero Baby presents his latest innovation in childhood cereals
Hero Baby presents his latest innovation in childhood cereals

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