Hinox stews




I've definitely started the time I like the most. Get up with the fresh air on the street, the hot spoon meals, cover at night... And, of course, the lentils stick in this equation so much, so here goes a ration.

Today I bring you some special lentils, that's right. I confess they are my favorites since I was a little girl (yes, I was a weird girl: I loved lentils). And surprisingly for many, surely, they don't have a hurled! They're delicious. Word. The secret is the hinojo. Not the fennel bulb of Florence, no. The wild bouquets, those that you can pick up in the countryside on a walk with the family on a Sunday of autumn or buy in cuffs on the market. The slightly aniseed flavor that gives the lentil stew is spectacular.

One of my best childhood memories are tied to these lentils. In autumn, sometimes we were going to spend the day in the country and we were looking for hynoxes. When I arrived home, my mother prepared a tortilla with some of the found (how good!) and the next day these lentils. It was a lot, because we always wanted to repeat. If you find handjobs in this wild plant, buy one and test. And if you don't, you can always resort to Florence's fennel bulbs, which are in almost all the fritters. You'll see how good it is in our Thermomix.


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For six people we will need:

350 gr of pardina lentils (remorse two hours if you will use Thermomix).

100 gr of pumpkin.

100 gr of eggplant.

100 gr of carrots.

100 gr of potato (or a medium potato).

1/2 bunch of hinox (about 12 twigs).

1 ripe tomato.

1 pepper.

1 onion.

1 garlic head.

1 laurel leaf.

A pinch of ground black pepper.

A few strands of saffron.

A small teaspoon of salt (of coffee).

50 gr extra virgin olive oil.

800 gr of water.

One. Wash the lentils very well after having them in soak (they always have some land).

Two. Get into a saucepan of cooking the tomato, onion and clean pepper together with the garlic head previously burnt with a soplete. I use this. soplete professional Ibili Gourmet that goes great (click here).This burnt garlic head will be what gives our lentils a taste of the most special.

3o. Peel and cut the vegetables. The hinox washes it very well and cut it small, approximately 1.5 cm.

Four. Put in the glass of Thermomix all the ingredients and add water and spices. Program 100°/35 minutes/left turn/speed spoon. How much does a Huron cost? [Spain 2022 UPDATED] SeriesLista.com - Programas de TV, Series, Guía de episodios.


Open the lid and rectify salt if necessary. Draw the chunk with the vegetables. You can drain the juice well to mix it with the lentils, disposing the rest, or pour the lentils into a bowl to serve and without washing the Thermomix crush the onion, pepper and tomato and mix a couple of spoonfuls of that pasta with the lentils.

If you prefer to do them in the traditional way, you just have to put in a normal pot all the raw ingredients and let them make medium heat until they are made. Normally, when the potato is tender, the lentils will be. If you like thickets, a few more minutes to the fire. And enjoy them! If you encourage them to prepare, you'll see how rich they are.

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Hinox stews

Hinox stews

I've definitely started the time I like the most. Get up with the fresh air on the street, the hot spoon meals, cover at night... And, of course, the lentils s






Hinox stews
Hinox stews

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