How To Treat Nasal Congestion




Nasal congestion occurs due to the inflammation of the blood vessels in the nasal passage which leads to the swelling of nasal cavity and ultimately results in nasal congestion. Also excess production of mucus takes place which backs up till the swelling subsides adequately for drainage. This process may take several days while the trapped mucus causes many other problems.

Causes of nasal congestion

There may be several causes for nasal congestion. If a person is suffering from allergic reactions then he/she is more vulnerable to the problem, for instance allergens from pollen or what is known as pollen allergy cause nose blockage very easily. Secondly, influenza and common cold also cause congestion in nose. Certain medications may also cause nose blockage. Sinus problems also contribute to nasal congestion. Certain posture in human body when flow of blood increases towards the head resulting in the inflammation of the blood vessel of nasal passages, cause congestion in the nose.


During pregnancy women suffers from nasal congestion due to an increase in the blood flow throughout the body. During pregnancy one should consult a doctor before the application of home remedies. According to a recent study, a person may suffer both from blocked nose and sinusitis if acid reflux reaches the nose area which may cause irritation. Study reveals that blocked nose, acid reflux and sinusitis are correlated.


Nasal congestion gives a feeling of heaviness in your nose, as if it is filled with something. Other symptoms include difficulty in breathing through nose, frequent sneezing and runny nose. Patients suffering from severe congestion may experience complications in respiratory system which may eventually lead to serious breathing problems.

Nasal congestion interrupts the functioning of the ears and hence problem in hearing, speaking and developing speeches occurs. This is because nose, ear and throat are interconnected. It may also interrupt the sleep and lead to snoring, and may also reach a point when breathing stops while asleep. Nasal congestion gives a lot of trouble but there are some simple and natural home remedies that can treat nasal congestion without any side effect.

Try the following home remedies for nasal congestion

Black pepper

Take 3 to 4 seeds of black pepper and burn them by placing it on fire. Inhaling the fumes give quick relief from nasal congestion. Practice this remedy in the morning for best results.

Garlic and Tomato soup

Boil 2 to 3 tomatoes in one glass of water. Add one teaspoon of butter, black pepper (powder) and garlic paste to it. Add salt to taste. Take the soup 2 to 3 times a day. The soup is very tasty and also gives an effective cure from nasal congestion. This is one of the best natural remedies for nasal congestion easily found in the kitchen cabinet.


Apple cider vinegar

The inhalation of the fumes of apple cider vinegar is very beneficial in curing nasal congestion. Take a saucepan and pour two to three tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in it. Now heat the pan till the vinegar gets exhausted. Fumes will rise and you need to inhale it for getting relief from nasal congestion. Vinos de Granada

Salt and Water

Take a clean and bacteria free glass and pour warm water in it. Add salt to the water. Take a dropper and with its help pour two to three drops slowly on each of your nostrils. You need to keep your face in the upward direction to allow it to enter the nostrils. The salt water will actually help to loosen the mucus formed in the nostril and any other sticky material if present. Once the concoction soaks the throat and the nostrils, breathe out and clean nose properly.

Cayenne pepper

Sprinkle some cayenne pepper on your food for an instant relief. It will alleviate the nose blockage within few minutes. Homemade inhaler using peppermint oil.

Try your own homemade inhalers to cure nasal congestion. This is very effective and really works. Pour one to two drops of the peppermint oil in a cotton ball or cotton cloth. Now inhale it by bringing the cotton ball close to your nose. The peppermint essence will help to provide relief from mucus, sinus and hence congestion of the nose. This is one of the good herbal remedy for nasal congestion.

Grapefruit juice

Take lukewarm water and add grapefruit juice. Use this as inhaler. Do this remedy at bed time or early morning.

Diet for nasal congestion

Increase the amount of spices in your food. Extra heat sometimes ease blocked nose. Take plenty of fluids. Drink tepid water or hot soups on a regular basis. But avoid caffeine or caffeine related products such as chocolate, tea or any other beverages containing caffeine. The problem may get worse as caffeine directly impacts the adrenal glands and deteriorates the immune system.

Nose blockages are also triggered by allergies from various foods. Dairy products often trigger nasal congestion. These products contain wheat glutten or nuts which can act as allergens to some individuals. You need to eliminate those food allergens from the diet in order to reduce the severity and even frequency of nasal blockage. Completely avoid dairy products.

Some carbs such as cereal, pasta and processed breads made of white flour produce surplus phlegm and causes congestion in the nasal cavities. Millet and quinoa are very beneficial as they do not generate mucous. During nasal congestion replace all the grains and take these two. Take more apples and oranges. These fruits are rich sources of vitamin C which protects against allergies.

Red grapes contain resveratrol and antioxidants which lessen inflammation. Grapes protects against both allergy and wheezing. Avoid margarine as it contains fat that increase inflammation in the body and the risk of wheezing and allergy leading to congestion in nose and other problems.Also avoid refined sugar and foods containing high sugar. Taken chicken soup with black pepper added to it. It will open the sinus passages.

Nasal congestion home remedies actually work toward the root cause of congestion, not just blockage and the stuffiness. Constant and patient use of the home remedies may completely eliminate the problem without any risk of further disorder.

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How To Treat Nasal Congestion

How To Treat Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion occurs due to the inflammation of the blood vessels in the nasal passage which leads to the swelling of nasal cavity and ultimately results in





How To Treat Nasal Congestion
How To Treat Nasal Congestion

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