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Pharmacological drugs, OTC pills and visits to the doctor are not your only choice when it comes to pain relief. We have all suffered from pain in some form be it a muscle ache, headache, backache or an upset stomach.

Pain can be quite debilitating especially if it is severe and the person at the receiving end has a low pain threshold. In order to get solace from pain, you can explore several natural remedies. I will be covering some natural pain remedies for different kinds of pain to help you all cope better.

Natural Treatments & Cure For Pain



Headaches are the most common forms of bodily pain. They occur due to a wide variety of reasons like fatigue, illness, stress and weather changes. The good news is that they can be alleviated with some simple steps.


Sleep It Off

Try to sleep off a headache. Pure fatigue can leave you with an excruciating headache especially if you did not sleep too well the previous night. Getting some quality rest will help to ease the pain.

Keep The Lights Dim

Migraine headaches can get aggravated with bright light. Try to pull back the curtains and switch off the lights especially if you have a migraine. This should help to ease the headache.


Dehydration can leave you with a splitting headache. To prevent this, keep sipping on fluids throughout the day especially when you are out in the hot summer sun.

Eat Well

Hunger and malnutrition can give you splitting headaches. This happens when the brain is starved of nutrients and manifests itself in the form of a headache.

Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. Just eating a hearty meal may help to ease the headache.

Stay Out Of The Cold

The cold can aggravate your headache. Try to keep your head covered while stepping out or avoid going outdoors unless absolutely necessary.

Stomach Pain

A stomach pain can manifest itself in the form of period cramps, diarrhea or cramps during exercising. This can be eased in the following ways.

Warm Compresses

Period pain can be relieved by taking a warm shower, sitting in a hot tub or putting a warm compress on your stomach. This will help to reduce the cramps.

Try to get in some form of moderate exercise, which should help the cramps to subside. Alternately, sex gives you an orgasm and releases feel good hormones, which help to relieve the cramps.

Drinking Fluids

Any kind of tummy ache accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea should be effectively countered by taking adequate fluids like juices, soups and limejuice. This will help you to stay hydrated and get rid of the stomach bug.

Carom Seeds

Try a water solution, which is infused with carom seeds to get rid of mild indigestion and stomach pain.


Ginger had raw or in the form of tea is excellent for stomach pain or digestive discomforts especially those associated with pregnancy nausea and vomiting. Have it in the form of tea, ginger biscuits or ginger popsicles.


Practice Yoga And Pilates

Make yoga and Pilates a part of your life. Both these forms of exercise help to strengthen the core and abdominal muscles, which will reduce the possibility of cramps during exercise. It will also give you added muscle definition. Foro ciclismo

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is very common especially when you start a new workout.

Drink water

It is important to keep drinking water throughout your exercise routine to prevent muscle cramps and pain. This is because the muscles have been strained and need water to stay hydrated.

Exercise Some More

Normal muscle soreness is very common during a typical weight training session. This means that your muscles have been challenged.

Keep doing some form of exercise. This will help to reduce the soreness and eventually your muscles will get used to the training.

Cold Packs

A muscle pull or tear can be very painful and needs immediate treatment. Ice the muscle with ice packs to reduce swelling and inflammation. Alternately, use warm compresses to ease the pain. Continue with this procedure until you start to feel better.

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Overtraining can lead to muscular pain. It is very important to take 2-3 days off during the week to rest your muscles and give them a chance to recover.


Try a relaxing massage or ask your friend or partner to give you one. This will help to ease the pain to a large extent and give you tremendous relief.

Wounds And Cuts

Pain from wounds and cuts can be very annoying. You can try the following remedies


Turmeric acts as a natural disinfectant. Try rubbing some turmeric paste on the affected area. It will burn but it will reduce the pain and will help the wound to heal fast.


Burn pain can be immediately reduced by immersing your hand in ice-cold water. If the burn is not too severe, this treatment will help to eliminate sores and burn blisters, which can be very painful.

Washing The Wound

A lot of unnecessary pain can be eliminated by washing and cleaning a wound properly.

This helps to get rid of the dirt, grime and bacteria, which are likely to cause an infection.

Stock Up On Vitamin C And Vitamin D

Taking a healthy dose of vitamin D can help to strengthen your joints and prevent joint pain. Vitamin D is available in its natural form by going out into the sunlight for an hour.

Just make sure that you take enough calcium, as calcium is well absorbed with the help of vitamin D. Together both these compounds can strengthen your joints. Vitamin C boosts your immunity and reduces your chances of developing a multitude of infections, aches and pains.


Arnica is a European herb that is used extensively in homeopathic medicine. It is used to reduce pain and swelling during post surgical care. Recent studies have shown that it is particularly effective in reducing pain after tonsillectomy operations. Rub arnica ointments on strained muscles, bruises or sore spots on the surface of the skin.

Home Remedies For Pain

Home Remedies For Pain

Pharmacological drugs, OTC pills and visits to the doctor are not your only choice when it comes to pain relief. We have all suffered from pain in some form be






Home Remedies For Pain
Home Remedies For Pain

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