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Rest represents one of the best advantages for physical and mental development in fact, is responsible for the optimization of the energy and vitality that we have during the day. There are many rest alternatives, however, not all offer durability to mattress, therefore, we should consider how to choose a Somiers to sleep.


In sommiers 2 places you will know variety of models and designs, offering you the particularity of ventilation and versatility for the mattress and better yet, according to the space in your room.

In this post we will tell you some tips that will allow you how to choose a Somiers to sleepSo you can make the best decision.

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Three types of Somiers

Below we will tell you three Somiers types, which has its own characteristics that you can choose according to your needs:

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  1. Somier of foils: Ideal support for beds that are made up of racks or set of beds sheets in a transversal way. They provide elasticity for mattress allowing good air circulation, what prevents moisture proliferation.
  1. Somier articulated: This orthopaedic and adaptable concave system offers comfort at the same time that Its manufacturing material is reinforced steel combined with lamas (sturdy wood). If you, or a relative the treating doctor, have indicated some positional prescription, this type of somier is convenient. They have ideal materials for the perspiration of the mattress.
  1. Somier upholstered: This model represents strong support, which guarantees stabilityHowever, it does not provide as much ventilation for the mattress as the above types. However, they exist in the market, some models upholstered with valves. It is characterized by its rounded-type corners.

General features to choose a Somiers

Common characteristics of somiers types include the following: ¿QUÉ SARTÉN COMPRAR? Comparativa, precios y análisis de LAS MEJORES SARTENES

  • Structure resists: In most cases they have metal and steel structures, which contributes stability and resistance for a firm rest.
  • Reinforcer bars: In case all types of somiers (lights and upholstery) have crossbars that consist of highly resistant agglomerated woods that provide optimal and safe support.
  • Breathing: In many cases, it has breathable mesh and anti-slip tissues that prevent mattress slips. Not allowing moisture accumulation.
  • Versatility in the transfer: Its packaging is made by separate pieces, which favors its transport and transfer by being dismantled. Some have safety heads and clamps if required.

Functionalities of the Somiers

We will refer to two basic functions of this type of system bases for mattresses to detail:

  • For regular rest

The deserved rest, Together with healthy eating and physical exercise, they represent three fundamental elements of healthy living habits. Many bed systems tend to remove mattresses because they do not have resistant materials or resistant hinges. This fact does not allow the horizontality of the mattress, generating in many cases sinks in the central area. A somier offers proportionality, resistance and adequate Weight distribution.

  • For health improvement

The so-called clinical beds are to be used for specific purposes in medical facilities. However, today it is possible to have them at home, thanks to the joint somiers. They are ideal for cases of hypertension, venous centripetal return, spinal injuries among others indicated by the treating doctor.

Advantages of the Somiers

  • Works with almost ALL mattress models
  • Comfort guaranteed and easy transport
  • Contribute to the durability of the mattress (by stability and swallowing)
  • ALL types are highly breathable even, those that are upholstered by central valves.
  • Durability, they do not have frequent wears such as conventional beds.

How to choose a sleeping Somiers

Three types of SomiersGeneral features to choose a Somiers Functionalities of the SomiersAdvantages of the Somiers





How to choose a sleeping somiers 1
How to choose a sleeping somiers 1

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