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Panic Anxiety Disorder is a medical term used to define problems in patients who face occasional overwhelming fear and anxiety attacks. The disorder does not have a regular pattern of occurrence and may strike suddenly causing increased heart beat, nausea, dizziness, vomiting tendency. It might seem to be a casual disease that can be ignored but if left untreated for long, Panic anxiety disorder might lead to depression and withdrawal from normal activities.

When treating this kind of disorder understanding the causes of anxiety attacks becomes very important. The exact reasons behind such behaviour are not yet known. Researchers believe that it might be a genetic disorder that travels from one generation to another. With increase in the instances of this kind of emotional disorder, the changing lifestyle accompanied with unhealthy diet and sleeping time table, stress, shock etc can also be the cause for causing sudden anxiety attacks. It has however been observed that a transition period in life like marriage, change of job etc also triggers off this anxiety disorder. Medical conditions those are responsible for causing panic anxiety disorder, are as given below.


Different panic anxiety disorders

When one of the valves of the heart fails to close or open properly, it leads to a condition called Mitral Valve Prolapse. To describe in medical terms, as soon as the heart finds one of its valves not functioning properly, it sends signals to the brain causing anxiety to the person.

The other physical condition that causes Panic anxiety attack is Hypoglycaemia. This is the condition when the body glucose suddenly falls. As a counter offence to this condition the brain sends out instructions to the heart to pump more blood and increase the sugar production in the body. This result in high blood pressure and increase in the rate of heart beat.

Use of unauthorized drugs like cocaine etc also is responsible in causing such disorder. Use of certain medicines like Ritalin or others containing amphetamines can also be responsible for triggering panic attacks.

Several psychological and therapeutic methods for panic disorder treatment have been established. Anti depressants and anti anxiety drugs are being prescribed to patients with this disorder. However use of natural ways to cure the unprecedented attacks on ones emotional and psychological being is the best possible method that should be adapted. Vitamins used as supplements or naturally in regular food diet can play a big role in overcoming this problem.

Role of Vitamins in treating Panic anxiety disorder

Vitamin B complex

It is an established fact the Vitamin B is essential for many a metabolic functions of our body especially in regulating the nerve cells of our body. The different B vitamins complexes that have a role to play in overcoming anxiety disorder are-



Agitation and anxiety are two of the panic anxiety disorder symptoms those can be cured to some extent with the use of Vitamin B1 supplement. Naturally, this vitamin is found in milk, beef, nuts and seeds. Todo sobre Golf

Vitamin B3

This vitamin is known to reduce aggressiveness and cause relaxation of the muscles. The nutrient has been found to be more effective in cases of patients suffering from low blood sugar. Cereals are the most abundant sources of this vitamin.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 controls the hormonal secretions of the adrenal gland and acts as a stress releaser. The natural sources of Vitamin B5 are Broccoli, Lentils and peas and also mushrooms.

Vitamin B6

Active in the stimulation of GABA acid in the body, which is known to inhibit nerve firings from the limbic to the cortex of the brain at the time of stress. Vitamin B6 regulates anxiety and has a calming effect on mood. It converts Tryptophan, a substance which causes drowsiness and is used to treat patients suffering from anxiety inducing symptom of insomnia. This B complex vitamin plays a major role in panic disorder treatment.

Inositol or Vitamin B8

Inositol or vitamin B8 has been found to reduce the severity and rate of panic attacks in victims of Panic anxiety disorder. The natural sources of the vitamin can be found in wheat gram, Raisins, Oat flakes, Bananas etc.

Cobalamin or Vitamin B12

Cobalamin or vitamins B12 is responsible for maintaining the health of the nerve cells in the body. Relaxation of the nerve cells in cases of Hypoglycaemia or shock is seen by the components of Vitamin B12. Fortified cereals, fish and diary products are some of the natural sources of Vitamin B12.

Vitamin C

Under stress the adrenal glands of the body requires more quantity of Vitamin C. Vitamin C together with Glutamine reduces the production of the anxiety hormone Cortisol and has a tranquilizing affect on the nerve cells of the body.

The ideal dose of Vitamin needed to overcome anxiety attacks may vary from person to person. Age, sex, physical stature and weight all are some of the factors that decide the dosage of supplements best suited for an individual. Under general physical conditions a dosage of 50-100 mg is prescribed to patients for panic disorder treatment. Some probiotic supplements like acidophilus contain bacterial strains that help in the production of B complex vitamins in the gut.

Medical guidance is very essential when taking Vitamins for treatment of anxiety disorder as it needs to be taken with proper meals and not individually. This is done so that they get broken down properly and absorbed by the digestive system of the body for a faster affect on the aggrieved nervous system. Most of the above supplements are known to release stress and cause muscle and nerve relaxation. This is the reason why the Vitamins used for Panic disorder treatment may cause drowsiness.

Unprocessed fresh fruits and vegetables, raw food grains are some of the best sources of natural Vitamins. Using natural sources like cereals, maize, fruits etc for obtaining the correct amount of Vitamins in our regular diet might not always is possible. This is the reason why supplements have become popular as they provide the right amount of dosage required by the body to overcome Panic anxiety disorder.

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How To Treat Anxiety Disorder With The Help of Vitamins

How To Treat Anxiety Disorder With The Help of Vitamins

Panic Anxiety Disorder is a medical term used to define problems in patients who face occasional overwhelming fear and anxiety attacks. The disorder does not h





How To Treat Anxiety Disorder With The Help of Vitamins
How To Treat Anxiety Disorder With The Help of Vitamins

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