How To Make Chocolate




Everyone loves to eat chocolates; especially children. The texture of chocolates is really silky and smooth.

Also, the flavor of chocolates is very rich and sweet. There are various types of chocolates available.

You may get chocolates from milky white color to dark brown color. The taste of each and every type of chocolate varies. It is very important that the chocolates are made in a nice manner.

The chocolate’s quality is highly dependant upon the method of making of chocolate. You can also make chocolates at home. Here we will discuss about one of the effective ways to make chocolates at home.

Difficulty Level

Making a chocolate at home is not a difficult task. With the help of the below given instructions, you would be able to make chocolate at home in a very simple manner.



  • Cocoa beans are taken and roasted. Roast them at high temperature initially and then lower the temperature slowly and slowly. Make sure to stop the process of roasting as you see the beans cracking.
  • The beans are then cracked and winnowed. Hammer can be used to crack the beans. For winnowing the nibs, you should stir the beans in a gentle manner with a spoon or your hands while blowing the hair dryer. All the husks should be removed after that.
  • The nibs are then grounded into cocoa liqueur. Strong equipment such as a champion juicer should be used for liquefying the nibs. Cocoa liqueur would come through screen. A mix of liqueur and husks would come through spout. The mixture should be again put in the juicer, until you see only the husk coming out of spout.
  • After that, wet grinder should be used for conching and refining the chocolate. Cocoa butter and chocolate are melted in oven. Sugar, milk powder, vanilla essence and lecithin are added to the melted cocoa butter and chocolate. The mix is then put in grinder. Make sure that the mix remains melted for at least one hour. Continue the refining process for around ten hours.
  • Now, comes the turn of tempering the chocolate. Buy a tempering machine and temper the chocolate in it. You can also make use of your hands to temper the chocolate. After the chocolate gets completely melted, pour it in a cool and dry bowl and stir properly. One-third of the content is poured in a non porous and hard counter top. Make use of spatula to spread the chocolate properly. After that, bring it again together.
  • Continue the process for around fifteen minutes. A thick texture of the chocolate would be attained after it gets cooled down. Some amount of chocolate is again taken from the bowl and poured in counter top. Repeat the process. Follow the same process with the entire chocolate. After that, pour all the chocolate in the bowl. Stir it in a gentle manner. Make sure that no bubbles are formed.
  • The chocolate is then poured into moulds. Place them in refrigerator. After the chocolate gets hardened, remove it from moulds. A smooth, glossy and silky appearance would be attained. You would really relish the taste.
  • How To Make Chocolate

    How To Make Chocolate

    Everyone loves to eat chocolates; especially children. The texture of chocolates is really silky and smooth.





    How To Make Chocolate
    How To Make Chocolate

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