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In 2023 the style of vegan life comes by treading heavily and, according to Herbalife Nutrition studies, will be the food pattern of 22% of the world's population. The nutrition expert Richard Allison of Herbalife Nutrition explains the road map to follow if you are thinking of incorporating veganism daily.

The new year always entails the adoption of new purposes, and among the most common are those that have to do with carrying a healthy lifestyle and a chord habits: increased sports practice, a healthy and nutritious diet, as well as being more active and less sedentary. However, all these trends have joined one last: veganism. A movement characterized by not consuming any animal products.


Veganuary, January is the month of plant and sustainable food
For Richard Allison, a sports nutrition specialist and a member of the advisory board of Herbalife Nutrition, adopting a vegan lifestyle helps to generate many positive effects, both for the organism, and for the health of the planet. Since last year, in addition, the NGO Veganuary promotes that the month of January is aimed at reducing the consumption of products of animal origin in favor of more protein of plant origin. The campaign invites everyone who is curious about this lifestyle to put it into practice this month. A recent study by Herbalife Nutrition ensures that 22% of the world's population will be vegan in the future, which would improve their inner well-being and contribute to better conservation of the planet.

How to get vegan
To become a real vegan it is necessary to follow some guidelines with which to get it without problem.

First, you have to be patient and take it easy. This type of change does not occur overnight, so it is necessary to be constant, not surrender so that the change will last in time and try new foods and recipes. In this sense, plant-based proteins are perfect for improving the organism. However, not all meet the essential requirements of amino acids as a protein of animal origin, so you have to find those that do comply with them, such as the Tri Blend Select product of Herbalife Nutrition.

Benefits of the vegan diet
The vegetarian diet mainly excludes animal meat, but the vegan diet is more restrictive, excluding not only animal meat but also all animal products, including milk, eggs and honey.

Despite these omissions, there are a number of potential benefits for a vegan plan, according to a recent review in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

  • Vegan diets generally have a higher content of food fiber, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin C and E, iron and phytochemicals.
  • Compared to omnivores, vegans consume considerably larger amounts of fruit, legumes and vegetables.
  • Compared to vegetarians, vegans are thinner and have LDL cholesterol and lower total cholesterol, as well as moderately lower blood pressure.
  • In addition to increased intake of fruits and vegetables, vegans tend to have higher consumption of tofu and other soy products. It is suggested that soy isoflavonoids have a beneficial effect on bone health in postmenopausal women.

Because of the nature of the diet, vegans tend to be more aware of what enters your body, something that everyone can practice, whether or not vegans. To take advantage of the health benefits of veganism, it is important to focus on creating a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of nutrient-rich foods. Ultra Futbol

The challenges of the vegan diet
As the vegan diets become more popular and are in the supermarkets more vegan options, you may be attracted by a label that says “fit for vegans”. But the fact that an article is promoted as a vegan does not necessarily make it healthy, see a bag of chips or a sugary soda.

Since the vegan diet is quite restrictive, it may be a challenge to get all the nutrients the body needs. For example, without dairy products, you will need to make sure you take enough calcium and vitamin D. Green leaf vegetables and tofu can provide calcium, as well as calcium-enriched foods such as soy drinks or orange juice. Many milk alternatives are enriched with vitamin D, such as many breakfast cereals. Another good source of vitamin D is mushrooms. Since animal protein is a good source of iron, zinc and vitamin B12, alternative sources of these nutrients need to be found to ensure all nutritional requirements. Since there are no reliable plant sources of vitamin B12, vegans need to receive this nutrient with enriched foods and/or supplements. On the other hand, zinc is quite widespread in the vegetable world. The oats, beans, dried fruits, seeds, tofu and tempeh are good sources, and to get enough protein, you can choose legumes, cereals or again, tofu or tempeh.

How to get the right protein in a vegan diet
Food protein is made up of basic components called amino acids, which are used by the body to produce important proteins. Of the 21 amino acids in food, nine are considered essential, and since the body cannot produce them, they have to come from the diet.

Animal protein is a “complete” protein because it contains the nine essential amino acids. However, with the exception of soy, most plant foods lack one or more of the essential amino acids, therefore they are considered incomplete. But there is a simple way to fix it, and it is to consume plant proteins that are found in legume or in peas. It is not necessary to eat all foods at the same time, but to alternate rice with lentils, for example, or a soup of any legume with whole bread.

One of the benefits of powdered proteins is that they provide protein with few calories and it is easy to add them to foods such as protein shakes, soups or oats.

As long as they are trying to achieve new challenges, we need to be minded before making the change and establishing a plan to achieve the long-term goals. And, finally, wearing a vegan lifestyle encourages everyone to learn more about how nutrition and animal welfare works. Understanding the benefits of these changes in the body will make the change much easier.

Keys to adopting veganism this 2023

Keys to adopting veganism this 2023

In 2023 the style of vegan life comes by treading heavily and, according to Herbalife Nutrition studies, will be the food pattern of 22% of the world's populat





Keys to adopting veganism this 2023
Keys to adopting veganism this 2023

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