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Kéfir, which in Turkish means pleasant sensation or Blessing, is also a creamy, fermented drink, which can be made very easily at home.


There is a legend that says that the kéfir was a gift from Mohammed to the Orthodox Gods of the Caucasus, to which he explained how to prepare it, warning them that not reveal that secret since if they did, the drink would lose its power.

Although there are also research that indicates that it is actually very likely that it was already developed long before.

Some theories claim that perhaps some pastor discovered how to prepare it fortuitously, by saving milk in some left-handed or animal (a usual practice at the time), by finding it Agrid later.

Kfir properties and benefits 1

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How do you prepare?

Let's see how the water and milk kéfir are prepared, both of them. most popular variants.

Milk transfer

  • 3/4 litre of milk
  • 150 grams of kéfir grains or nodules
  • 1 glass container of 1 litre capacity
  • Put the milk in a glass bowl, at room temperature
  • Add nodules or kéfir grains and tapalo
  • Let him rest for 36 hours

If you do not want it very thick, you can add more milk as the kéfir grains increase.

After you've spent 36 hours, you just need to strain the kéfir and add more milk.

Kefir propiedades

Water transfer

  • Three spoonfuls of hydrated nodules
  • 60 grams of integral sugar cane or panela
  • 2 dates or a handful of raisins grapes
  • A litre of water
  • Half lemon
  • Put water in the glass bowl.
  • Part half lemon and add it, along with kéfir nodules, dates (or raisins), and whole sugar (or panela).
  • Cover it with a cloth or canvas and then with an elastic band.
  • Shake it well, carefully, so that the ingredients blend properly.
  • Leave it at room temperature for two or three days, to get it fertile.
  • When this time passes, remove the dates (or raisins).
  • Cry the kéfir and reserve the nodules.
  • Wash the nodules and the container, which you can save to reuse them.

Some tips for preparation and consumption

Try to avoid metal utensils, including the colander, as nodules and keficerated milk, having Ph acid, can react negatively with this material. The ideal thing is to opt for plastic elements. Todos sobre leds e iluminación

The best thing is to consume it without honey or sugar, to preserve its beneficial bacteria.

Properties of Kéfir

  • It's a probiotic food.
  • He's rich in:

- Vitamins

- Beneficial features

- Calcium.

- Vitamin B 12


  • High detoxifying and antiseptic power.
  • Provides Vitamin C
  • It has small amounts of vitamins D, E, B2, B3 and B6
  • Anticancerigen
  • It has bioactive compounds: organic acids and peptides

Benefits of Kéfir

These are their main benefits:

Helps lower the tension

A recent research has shown that drinking kéfir regularly is very beneficial in combating high blood pressure.

To verify it was performed a study with rats: after nine weeks of supplementation with kéfir, these had a level of endotoxins (substances associated with cell disruption) much lower and a greater intestinal permeability than those that had not been treated.

Ideal drink for people who have lactose intolerance

By predicting milk, kéfir greatly reduces its content in lactose, which is the main cause of intolerance, transforming it into lactic acid.

In addition, it modifies very little the properties of milk, so it gives us more or less the same as this: calcium, proteins....

Prevents digestive discomfort

By being probiotic, it helps to improve or avoid ailments such as diarrhea, ulcers or irritable colon syndrome.

All this, hours that the granules have been left in the milk. If it flies at 24 hours, milk kecifer it has a slight laxative effect; while it leaves more time, it becomes more astringent, besides being more acidic.

Strengthen the bones

The kéfir is made with calcium-rich lactics and contains vitamin k2, a nutrient that plays a very important role in calcium metabolism, so it can reduce the risk of fractures by up to 81%.

Powerful antibacterial properties

Kefir is a natural antibacterial, consuming it is very important to maintain a good microbiote, which is a way to get a good antimicrobial barrier bowel so that the immune system is in shape and, in turn, reduce inflammations and allergies.

Kéfir properties and benefits

How do you prepare?Properties of KéfirHelps lower the tensionIdeal drink for people who have lactose intolerancePrevents digestive discomfortStrengthen the bo






Kfir properties and benefits 1
Kfir properties and benefits 1
Kfir properties and benefits 1
Kfir properties and benefits 1

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