Álex Flor: “We must lose fear of thyroid cancer”





*Noting a tumor in the neck, fatigue, weight oscillations and even anxiety may be symptoms that the thyroid is not working well.
*Alex Flor, surgeon of Surgical Associate Surgeons, has successfully carried out a pioneering system of surgery with VIDEOSCOPIA: “We must lose fear of thyroid cancer”
*The Surgical team has been working for years for the destigmatization of cancer and the emotional accompaniment of the patient

Barcelona, June 2019. Thyroid cancer is one of those with the best prognosis, in addition to one of the most unknown, and surgery usually results. The surgeon Surgical Associate Surgeons, Álex Flor, insists that “there are very few cases of thyroid cancer that give metastases, so that the patient not only has a quick recovery, but it is virtually certain that he will get to old age and will not die because of his cancer,” says the doctor. This informative task on the destigmatization of cancer, which can also be extended to others such as breast or colon, is one of the pillars that mark the philosophy of Surgical Associate Surgeons, the largest private general surgery team in Spain. From Surgical, it has been working for a long time to modify the perception of cancer patients and, at the same time, to guarantee the emotional accompaniment of both the patient and his family, thanks to the work of a specialized team.


In the case of thyroid cancer, although “the patient is usually terrified when he receives the result of the biopsy and finds that nodules are carcinogens,” they are immediately told that the prognosis of thyroid carcinoma is good. “From Quirúrgica we work to kill irrational terror to the word cancer”, present in much of the patients and their families, and accompany them in the process, transcending that old practice of traditional medicine in which “the doctor launched the result to mouth and barely reconnected with the patients.”

In addition, in the case of thyroid cancer the figures reassure: 90% of malignant nodules do not spread, and if they do, this does not go beyond the nodes of the neck. In addition, surgery has a rapid recovery and the patient can return immediately to his normal life without having to modify his habits. In general, scars are not visible a few months ago if they are well cared for, but if the operation is performed by videocopy, a pioneer technique, which Dr. Flor has just launched successfully in Surgical Surgeons.

Despite good prognosis, thyroid cancer behaves like a chronic disease, so that surgery may be necessary again after a few years, and always with the same good prognosis. “It is likely that a time has to remove the nodes from the neck,” says Dr. Flor, who also explains that it is sometimes necessary to manage radioyodo to stop healing the disease. “In these cases a radioactive iodine pill should be given at the end of the treatment,” he says. Quirúrgica has a thyroid Cancer Committee, formed by professionals of different disciplines – nuclear medicine, pathological anatomy, endocrinology and surgery – aimed at addressing each case individually and deciding on the most appropriate treatment. Phasmophobia Game - Todo sobre el juego Phasmophobia

Dr.Flor also explains that nodules in the thyroid usually do not give symptoms, and that they are often detected casually through a family member who observes them. It's what's known as a multi-nodular fool. According to the doctor, “the thyroid gland is the equivalent of the thermostat of the body, which activates the other systems of the organism”, and that when it starts to work badly it can do it by excess or by default, resulting in what we know as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

In the case of hyperthyroidism, metabolism is accelerated, which causes symptoms that can go from “have tachycardia, sweat more, have more heat, more appetite, breathe fast, be nervous, suffer diarrhea,” says Dr.Flor. When the thyroid hormone does not make enough thyroid, which is known as hypothyroidism, the patient may present a picture that goes from “the dry skin to loss of appetite, constipation, or gain weight for no apparent reason”. In any case, these symptoms do not always appear, although in general women usually review the status of their thyroid in the tests prescribed by gynaecologists. However, “in most cases the diagnosis is casual,” says the doctor, and there is no magic preventive formula to keep the thyroid in good condition, beyond “taking a healthy life and a balanced diet.”

In the case of patients who are involved in Quirúrgica, 68% suffer from multinodular fool (profusion of benign nodules that, however, cause discomfort in the patient), carcinoma (17%), adenoma (10%) and hyperthyroidism (5%).

About Surgical Associate Surgeons: It is born in 1986 of the union of two renowned surgeons and with international trajectory, Dr. José María Raventós and Dr. Joan Torralba. From their stays in large hospitals, specifically the Mayo Clinic of the USA, at the Hospital del Mar de Barcelona and at the first Institut Universitari Dexeus, they import a successful model that lays the foundations of their surgical team in Barcelona. Unique at the national level combines the best of public medicine (a team of highlyqualified surgeons with important practical experience and ongoing training) and the advantages of private medicine (efficiency, speed, patient care beyond the disease and with personalized follow-up). Thanks to this model, Surgical has more than three decades as a clinic a leading team in the specialties it covers and in excellence both in the practice of Medicine and in complementary services.

Álex Flor: “We must lose fear of thyroid cancer”

Álex Flor: “We must lose fear of thyroid cancer”

*Noting a tumor in the neck, fatigue, weight oscillations and even anxiety may be symptoms that the thyroid is not working well.*Alex Flor, surgeon of Surgical






Álex Flor: “We must lose fear of thyroid cancer”
Álex Flor: “We must lose fear of thyroid cancer”

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