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In order to have a perfect functioning, our body need constant intake of minerals. These minerals can be further divided among macro and micro minerals. Micro minerals are the minerals that are required in traces such as iron, cobalt, copper, zinc etc. While macro minerals are needed in high amount. Minerals like calcium , potassium , Magnesium and phosphorous come under the category of macro minerals.

Every mineral has some specific role in carrying out appropriate metabolism. These Mineral plays a crucial role as a building block of our body. Out of all these  minerals, Magnesium is considered to be the most essential element of a healthy diet owing to its numerous roles. It is the fourth most abundant mineral into the body. Magnesium in not made inside the body and regularly supplemented from outside for normal functioning. It can be appropriately called “smoothie” mineral due to its  property of relaxing muscle. It calms down the over excited nervous system and reduce blood pressure.


Benefits Of Magnesium  

Being highly involved in metabolism, it is difficult to find any organ devoid of activity of magnesium. Every system of our body be it heart system, nervous system, digestive system or skeletal system is found to be significantly effected by the activity of Magnesium. Some of the prominent roles of magnesium are-

Heart Diseases

A diet rich in magnesium ensure a healthy heart. It minimizes the risk of stroke and also result in lowering down the blood pressure along with potassium.

Magnesium works as an antacid and is found to be very effective in treating heart burn or sour stomach. In fact taking magnesium in oxide or chloride form can lower down the lipid – protein level.


Magnesium helps in metabolizing carbohydrate. It is an anti diabetic mineral and helps in combating type 2 diabetes in middle aged and over weighed women. It influence the production of insulin and maintain an appropriate level of glucose in blood. Thus it has a profound effect over diabetes.


It is found that an average person body has 25 grams of magnesium. While, nearly 2/3rd of magnesium is found in bone. So it is considered to be a basic mineral for bone formation.

It is very effective in dealing with osteoporosis. It combines with calcium to increase the density of bone. It also regulate the hormone that causes osteoporosis and thus minimize the risk of bone weakness. In case of women it is extremely essential as due to menopause their bone become highly brittle. It also avoid the risk of premature labor

Apart from this there are certain other diseases like chest pain, Asthma, Epilepsy, Ray nod’s syndrome, where magnesium helps a lot in early. Acne production also get suppressed due to fair intake of magnesium.

Stress Recovery

Magnesium tends to deal very efficiently with the condition of depression. Moreover in case of certain psychological disorder like anxiety attacks, migraine and sleeplessness, it greatly helps by reducing the severity of problem. Certain findings also revealed that it has a profound effect in Autism and having good memory to recall.

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Magnesium is found to contribute fairly in normal metabolic activity. Nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, proteins and nucleic acid can be effectively metabolized by magnesium. It also helps in synthesizing protein, and energy production.

Sources Of Magnesium

Food that are rich in fiber have high magnesium content. While its dietary sources are legumes,whole grain and vegetables. Pumpkin seeds are found to be richest source of Magnesium. Among all the herbs dried coriander is found to have maximum amount of magnesium. Other foods like spinach, Swiss chard, dry roasted soybean, cashews, almond, mixed nuts and pine nuts are also rich in magnesium.

Hard water or water rich in mineral can also be a good source of mineral. Finally cocoa or dark chocolate, which is becoming a very popular food among present generation is another source of vitamins and minerals particularly magnesium. How ever daily dietary requirement of magnesium cannot be met with the help of food items. So, minerals from outside supplements has to be imparted periodically.


It has been observed that there are certain conditions that bring down the level of magnesium. These conditions can be mal bsorption of magnesium or ulcerative colitis. Others conditions like any recent surgery, cold related stress, or physical trauma can also bring down the level of magnesium content in a body. Above all its deficiency is highly prominent among older adults, people who are under prolonged medication of diabetes drugs and alcohol abused.

If the level of magnesium falls below the required level it may bring great number of disorder or changes in the body. These great number of changes can be observed with respect to the functioning of bones and nerves. Its deficiency may weaken the bone and make them more brittle. It may also results in muscular tremor. It can also cause serious psychological dysfunction. An imbalance in stress and blood sugar can also be the outcome. In its acute deficiency the normal heart rhythm may disrupt and there might be the risk of high blood pressure.

It has been observed that, to correct the deficiency of magnesium, it take nearly 6 months intake of magnesium supplements.


A fair understanding about the requirement of magnesium is highly essential to avoid any further discrepancies. It is advised that for children above 9 years, the daily intake of magnesium should be 350 grams. How ever for children having age 0  to 6 months it should be 30 milligram. From 6- 12 months this level can be raised up to 75 milligrams. Furthermore, 80 milligram is an ideal intake for 1 – 3 year of a child. This figure again raise to double as the age increases till the age of 9.

However, in case of special conditions these dosage differ. In case of pregnant women it varies from 360 grams to 400 grams, depending upon the age group one is having. While in case of breastfeeding women the requirement is from 310 grams to 360 grams (varies as age proceed). Similarly Male requirement for magnesium is quite high. Their requirement as per age varies from 400 grams to 420, On the contrary female need 310 grams to 360 grams on an average.

Magnesium Benefits, Sources, Deficiency & Dosage

Magnesium Benefits, Sources, Deficiency & Dosage | Natural Home Remedies

In order to have a perfect functioning, our body need constant intake of minerals. These minerals can be further divided among macro and micro minerals. Micro





Magnesium Benefits, Sources, Deficiency & Dosage
Magnesium Benefits, Sources, Deficiency & Dosage

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