Applying Mascara, Right Method to Apply Mascara & Useful Tips for Mascara Application




Applying Mascara To Brighten The Eyes

Make up applying mascara.htm 1Mascara is indespensible eye makeup accessory for today’s women who wants to look beautiful and confindent. Mascara helps to highlights the eyelashes and open up the eyes. Eyelashes get seprated and curled. It brightens up the whole look at instantly by its dramatic yet natural effect. Mascara helps to define eyes. Eye makeup is not complete without applying mascara. Application of mascara makes eyelashes thick and voluminous. At the same time, right method of application of mascara is very essential to have that ultimate look. Follow some great tricks and tips given here to apply mascara.


Selecting the Right Mascara

 Mascara makes eyes beautiful as a makeup tool but it has another advantage too. Many mascara formulations are equipped with nourishing oils, protiens and waxes. They work as conditioners for eyelashes and help treating many eyelash problems too. Most of the people have fine lashes and they want to add volume to them. They can choose lash building mascara. Many mascara formulations help in curling the lashes.

There is great variety available when it comes to mascara. Choose the one which suits your needs, occasion and comfortability. Let us check what are the options available.

The most common kind of mascara, which people normally use, is water based mascara . This mascara is soluble in water. This can be easily applied and can be removed with the help of water. There are no harmful formulations in this kind mascara as this is very soft to eyelashes. The only drawback is it smudges when comes in touch with tears or water. It can not be worn in rainy or humid season.

Other kind of mascara is waterproof mascara which overcomes the problem of smudging with water. Waterproof mascara can not be removed with water. It is best for the people who are constantly in touch with water. Waterproof mascara can be used for long as it does not get infected if properly kept. Swimmers, athletes find it very useful. Waterproof mascara can be removed with special remover only and it lasts until you remove it with remover.

Models and artists like mascara in cake form which dries quickly. It is combination of water based mascara and waterproof mascara. Though it lasts for longer time yet it can be wiped off easily. There is yet another kind of mascara which has little fibers in it. It gives the illusion of thick lashes. Noticias del cadiz

You can choose from an array of colors. These colors can be red, blue, green or yellow apart from the most natural choice of brown and black. People wearing lenses should be very careful while choosing and applying mascara.

There are many different mascara formulations like conditioning, thickening, long-wearing or water proof mascara. Choose the one which match your needs, Y our complexion and even the occasion. If you are going for a long night party, choose the thickening or long-wearing formula. For having dramatic lashes, select brown or black mascara.

Right method to apply Mascara:

 While applying mascara make sure that you have applied all the other eye makeup like eye shadow and eyeliner. Also if you want use eyelash curler, curl you lashes before mascara application.

You can apply little powder over the lashes before applying mascara as it will help mascara to stay longer. Twirl the mascara bottle and cover the mascara wand with just enough mascara to cover lashes. Blot excess mascara over the tissue. Now look into the mirror and start from the base of the lash and make strokes in upward movement. Then repeat this stroke from below to cover both sides of the lash. Apply mascara in two coats, first coat being thinner and let it dry completely before second coat.

On the lower lash, just touch mascara on the tips of lash to give it a thicker look. Mascara wand should be kept verticle while applying at the lower lash. Use a short and thin brush to comb the lashes to separate them and removing clumps of mascara from lashes. Avoid blinking your eyes until mascara dries. Use eye makeup remover incase of any error.

Other Useful Tips for Mascara Application:

Do not pump the wand in and out of bottle as it will create air bubbles and mascara will dry up quickly. While applying at lower lashes, keep a tissue under it to avoid any smudging. If your mascara is too thick to be spread easily over the lashes or it has lumps, discard this one and buy a new one.

Applying Mascara, Right Method to Apply Mascara & Useful Tips for Mascara Application

Mascara is indespensible eye makeup accessory for today’s women who wants to look beautiful and confindent. Mascara helps to highlights the eyelashes and ope





Make up applying mascara.htm 1
Make up applying mascara.htm 1

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