Mario Sandoval designs the “Organic Christmas” Menu 2019 at Heritage





Finish 2019 with a peak and shovel work for the gastro-healthy consciousness, and what better way to do it at all high with the gastro-proposal of the 2 stars Michelin 3 soles Repsol, Mario Sandoval, in the Edition of “Menu healthy organic Christmas 2019” thus completing the annual cycle of The 4 Seasons of Wellbeing, the healthy Gourmet Seasons

The four wellness stations is a idea that proposes year after year from the slow food journalist and writer Pilar Carrizosa supporting the “gastro-conscious” initiative for health. And it's just that another face of Christmas indicates that “healthy eating does not mean eating without flavor”. The protagonists? The joy of the orchard, the artisan hand, the juices of the sea, vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber and other nutrients that aim to help shift the excessive consumption of foods rich in undesired fats, sugars or salts. It is the “Leiv Motiv” of this initiative and more in full December with focus on a winter vitamin cocktail.


Trip 2020: Innovation and Technology in “We’re Safe”
It is known that Spain is a leader in ecological production in Europe, a sector that represents the future. In fact, the area of eco farming is 2,246,475 hectares, according to the latest MAPAMA data. In Spanish territory, producers, developers and marketers are 44.282 demonstrating the growth of 7.9%, data reflected in the recent Bioculture fair held in Madrid in its 35th edition. Work is carried out in a longevity with quality of life. Thus the universe of health is subdivided into sections. The first is where it is now: it is prioritized in nutrition, good habits of life, and physical exercise. The second stage appears in the decade beginning in 2020, where the star will be biotechnology. The third stage will be in 2030, with the nanotechnology that will take the previous one with surprising results. Not in vain, “healthy ageing” is contemplated within the overall programme of work of the World Health Organization (WHO) with healthy programs as a priority object of its 2020 agenda. In addition to routes, a period of step-by-step results are completed: more and more are those aimed at the organic car. Christmas It is joy, they are lights, but it is also reflection and thinking of “healthy” is “thinking in the future”, which is done from the present, through a label of agri-food goods that once again surprise the table of hands of the big ones of the kitchen.

The menu
Under his exquisite creativity, Mario Sandoval has designed the Christmas menu 2019 developed by chef Ramón Varona, demonstrating the high culinary capacities in the showcooking filled with creative ideas to make these Christmas family.

Regado de un Aove eco:

Incoming:Cheese toasts brie with caramelized pepper and caramelized foie and onion with Himalayan Salt (black and pink), sweet paprika, oregano, garlic and parsley

Main page:Fitted glass bell pepper, pink tomato and garlic.

Postre:Macarons of Easter cheese and black garlic.


And healthy coffee.

Ecological AOVE “Oli Oli First Harvest Day”. It is a coupage of Cornicabra-Frantoio-Arbequina-Arroniz field. Collection in green and high content in phenolic compounds (497.4 mg/kg). Tasting panel: When you uncover the cup the intensity of the Mediterranean becomes present. Descriptors to mint, basil and feel like the crunch of a green tomato become an authentic sensitive experience. Once at the bottom of the mouth cavity there is the tranquility of the silence that gives way to dry fruits of shell and the citrus notes to mandarin and kiwi are detected in the retronasal. Limited edition 650 bottles of 250 ml.

Since 1870, Azaconsa enrich the dishes with their walkway “ Spices and salts” that immerse in a journey of sensations. Its properties raise the plate, remember that salt does not provide calories to the diet, and in its fair measure it is a condiment that does not contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats or sugars. Come on. intense flavor, it has no calories, proteins or carbohydrates. His tone at sight gives him a special nuance. Ideal for salads, eggs or recipes with pasta. HEALTH OF HIMALAYA Pink tone. It contains 84 minerals and trace elements. It is suitable for hypertensives being healthier than common salt and has a softer flavor. AJO and PEREJIL Very useful to remove excess water in the body. It has diuretic properties, helps lower cholesterol, has antibiotic properties.

According AquanariaThe Atlantic is the best gym for the bass. Thanks to the Atlantic waves and the bravura of its waves, they develop muscle reached a large size from 1 to 4 kilos, being the average size of 1 to 2 kg. This company with more than 4 decades of experience focuses on health and these fish have an infiltrated fat that gives them a texture and a taste very appreciated in the high gastronomy. These large sizes are the usual in the wild bass that are increasingly difficult to find because of the overexploitation of the seas. They are fed for 36 months in an anisaki-free zone, certified by Aenor. They fish on demand so that the fish gets as fresh as possible, in about 48 hours, to the best restaurants in Spain and the world.

A Romanesque case of the S XIII of Trujillo produces cheese with a elaboration inspired by the traditional recipe of Italian Tuscany that came to Extremadura lands of the hand of the transhumante shepherds 8 centuries ago. The Return (World Cheese Awards 2017 Award) is made with raw sheep milk pressed by hand, cardo and salt, in an ecosystem of Extremadura dehesa, franqueada por los ríos Tarroja y Magasta, populated by oak forests, alcornoques and herbaceous species that provide the sheep with a 100% natural diet. Tasting panel: partially fermented milk of soft, creamy, ivory color and intense flavor, without acid, salty and black truffle nuances. Sometimes it tastes like floral, vegetable or wool dye depending on the time of the year.

Since 1974, Ibsabierzo in El Bierzo (Leon), produce 100% natural products with European certifications: IFS and BRC. Suitable for celiacs. Tasting panel: Caramelized Cebolla: fresh, peeled and chopped in pieces of 14x14mm, caramelized with sugar and olive oil with slow fire. ideal for cold and hot dishes- Caramelized pepper: Furnace roasts, hand peeled and cut in strips, without preservatives or dyes, caramelize to reach the ideal flavor and texture. Dark red color the final product, in which the caramelized pepper strips are appreciated. This product is very innovative, since in the market is jam of peppers, and not peppers in strips. Perfect choice to combine with meats and all kinds of cheeses, toast, etc.

And to finish coffee Luthier. This 100% Arabica and natural Tueste invites you to enjoy and share moments. Toasted and packed in your factory in Madrid. Tasting panel: It has a low concentration of caffeine: 1.7% which besides giving a soft and rounded tone to the palate allows greater consumption by the low level of excitant. Lightweight sweetness, fruity, aromatic and soft. Digestive and with less calories. It provides only 5 calories for coffee. It is considered healthier than Robusta coffee (the highest caffeine rate) as it does not grow in dry areas.

A menu that has been presented in Heritage Madrid Hotel. This new 5 Stars Relais & Châteaux (second from the capital) stands on an emblematic building declared protected by the Commission for the Protection of Historical, Artistic and Natural Heritage. It is a journey in time for the 20s with works of art splattered between noble and silk materials, velvets, lacquered woods and hand painted papers, using the French technique of the 18th century. It houses original pieces of that century and the XIX as special as an olio of Charles III of the first time of Mengs, a green marble fireplace or lithographs of the Tauromaquia series of Goya distributed among its rooms and rooms. The interior design decorated by Lorenzo Castillo gives it an elegant and cosmopolitan style that contrasts with several centuries of history and tradition. His healthy philosophy elevates him to be in front line worried about health already from the dish.

Mario Sandoval designs the “Organic Christmas” Menu 2019 at Heritage

Mario Sandoval designs the “Organic Christmas” Menu 2019 at Heritage

Finish 2019 with a peak and shovel work for the gastro-healthy consciousness, and what better way to do it at all high with the gastro-proposal of the 2 stars





Mario Sandoval designs the “Organic Christmas” Menu 2019 at Heritage
Mario Sandoval designs the “Organic Christmas” Menu 2019 at Heritage

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