More than half of the products with Nutriscore B are ultraprocessed





According to a recent study by CoCo on the nutritional quality and processing of the best-selling consumer products in Spanish supermarkets

52.27% of the products with Nutriscore B, and 21,74% of the products with Nutriscore A, are ultraprocessed.

Among the products of the worst nutritional profile are soda “zero”, mineral water with flavors, bounced fish bars, mould bread or unsugared cookies, among others.

According to a recent study by The Coco, the free application that analyzes supermarket products to help families choose the healthiest foods, of all the best-selling products in Spain is observed that more than a quarter of the ultra-processed food products have NutriScore A or B. Specifically, of the products with Nutriscore B, 52.27% are ultraprocessed, and 21.74% with Nutriscore A is ultraprocessed.


These figures represent the purchasing habits of a large percentage of the population that takes the NutriScore system as a reference when purchasing products that they consider healthy. Consumers may acquire these ultra-processed products based on a good ranking in NutriScore, which leads to associating the label A or B that appears in the packaging, with the choice option healthier and less processed. In fact, according to a survey conducted by El CoCo in September, more than 35% of consumers are more concerned about healthy eating from the Covid-19 pandemic, despite continuing to have an unchangeable figure for two years, in which 63.47% of the most consumed products are ultra-processed.

This study conducted in our country compares the level of processing through the NOVA system recognized by FAO and WHO, and the supposed nutritional quality according to the NutriScore rating in 164

types of food and beverages, which belong to the 48 most sold consumer brands in our country according to the ranking Kantar Brand Footprint Spain 2021.

In this sense, the main products with Nutriscore B and that at the same time belong to the category of ultraprocessed are: the known as “refresco 0”, the mineral water with flavors, the bread of mould, the “mini” toast, the bars of bounced fish, instant cocoa, cookies” 0 sugar “and the creams of vegetables.

“The ultraprocessed products are getting a good score in NutriScore atypical. Playing with the ingredients get from the NutriScore algorithm the desired note in green, despite still being very uninteresting or negative choices from a nutritional point of view. In this way, consumers without being aware and confused by these positive notes of NutriScore may be tempted to choose products that most of them should not be part of a healthy diet, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization”,Bertrand Amaraggi, CEO of El CoCo.

In addition, 21.74% of the products with Nutriscore A; that is, even better classified by their nutritional profile according to NutriScore, are also ultraprocessed. They are found in: mould bread, paella or noodle broth and calcium milks.

“These data, come to confirm once again, that the government has to review the current NutriScore nutritional classification system, and propose another system not to offer false readings. It is important to note that all of these products, in relation to those with positive note in NutriScore and that at the same time are ultraprocessed, could be publicized without any restrictions if the proposal announced in its day by the executive to allow only advertising aimed at children, products with NutriScore A and B”,Juan Reven, Dietist-Nutricionista and Biologist, member of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, concluded. Fulares Portabebes


What is NutriScore?
The Nutriscore is a food front labelling system that aims to help consumers value their nutritional quality easily and quickly, simplifying the interpretation of the nutritional labelling located at the back of the package.

Ultraprocessed foods and disease relation
Ultraprocessed foods are industrial formulations made mainly from substances extracted or derived from food and incorporate multiple ingredients that can hardly be found in a domestic kitchen. These products usually stand out for having a lousy nutritional profile by presenting a high content of free sugars, total fat, saturated fats and/or salt; and at the same time presenting a low content of protein, in food fiber, in minerals and vitamins, compared to products without processing or minimally processed.

The evidence between the ratio of ultra-processed food consumption and health increases every day. According to the INE, 62.5% of Spanish adult males are overweight or obesity, and in the case of women, this figure is 46.8%. Reputable publications like British Journal of Nutrition They highlighted the relationship between the consumption of ultra-processed in the diet and the risk of cancer; for every 10% increase in ultra-processed consumption, the risk of some type of cancer is increased by 12%.

Consume minimally processed products and avoid ultraprocessed products
The diet of our grandparents was based on foods such as vegetables, fruit, rice, cereals, legumes, eggs, fish or meat that were consumed after being subjected to simple processing processes and without excess sugar, fat or salt. In short, it was a diet based on natural products and homemade meals with a high degree of nutritional quality, in addition to other benefits that cared for physical and mental health, and improved their emotions.

*Methodology: Kantar Brand Footprint Spain 2021 has been used to find out what the most popular brands in Spain are. Once these brands have been detected, a search has been made for the best-selling products of this top brands on the El Corte Inglés online platform, thus obtaining a list of 164 food products from a total of the 48 most purchased brands. Subsequently, the nutritional information of each product has been obtained from the nutritional labelling contained in the packaging of it. The information has been collected from 1 to 22 September 2021.

About El CoCo
CoCo is a free mobile app, available on the web, App Store and Google Play, which helps consumers understand the nutritional information of the packaging of the food products that are purchased with just scanning the bar code. It is an app that detects ultraprocessed. It is an entrepreneurial project formed by a team of passionate and convinced people that it is possible to create a company that has a positive impact on society. Based on the collaborative, self-financed and 100% independent economy, it has a database of more than 250,000 products in Spain. Consultation Manifesto of El CoCo.

More than half of the products with Nutriscore B are ultraprocessed

More than half of the products with Nutriscore B are ultraprocessed

According to a recent study by CoCo on the nutritional quality and processing of the best-selling consumer products in Spanish supermarkets /COMUNICAE/ /C





More than half of the products with Nutriscore B are ultraprocessed
More than half of the products with Nutriscore B are ultraprocessed

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