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For many parents, one of the great challenges in the upbringing of their children is to make them eat healthy. Nanas & Co, the household staff selection company in its sector, gives a series of tips for children to choose and, above all, enjoy eating healthy

Check the purchase list. You have to start by analyzing what is usually taken home from the supermarket. To maximize unhealthy products and treats and replace them with truly nutritious foods. It is important to drive as consumers in the parameters of: the natural better than the artificial, the integral and the home, better than the industrial and better less sugars.


Make the purchase with them. It is essential that children have ‘culture’ of food, know where they come from, what are their original forms, colors and textures, what nutrients contribute, how they are harvested, what are the seasonal products or the most typical meats and fishes. When children know the origin of the ingredients they are consuming, they tend to accept them better, especially if they are also involved in their cooking.

Convert the child to pune. Family cooking is one of the most rewarding activities for children and adolescents. This is the best time to talk to you about the importance of nutritious food. In addition, they will feel more involved in the whole process of their feeding, and will eat gladly what they themselves have prepared.

Creating routines. As far as possible, nutritious needs must be shared in 5 meals: breakfast, half a morning, food, snack and dinner; and that they suel to be at the same time, every day. They must learn that all meals are necessary so that they do not lack energy and so do not pick between hours products full of saturated and trans fats.

Breakfast: unbreakable. For children and young people, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's important to have breakfast every day, but not anything or whatever. Avoid serving commercial cereals that are fast, easy and insanity; as well as cookies and industrial pastry, processed juices and savor yogurts. You have to be creative and introduce porridges, homemade pastry, natural yogurt with granola and red fruits, banana pancakes...

No choice. A very common mistake in feeding children is to receive them at the table as if from a restaurant. The question they want to eat should never be asked because their answer and their desire will always tend to the ultra-processed, greasy and unhealthy products they receive through the advertising bombing. The correct attitude in this sense is to receive them at table, without options, with a complete and balanced dish, supervised by adults, already served. Nicotine Pouch Guide - Everything About Nicotine Pouches

A seductive presentation. Children, even more than the elderly, feed with their eyes, so it is so important to offer an image that is extremely attractive; the keys are the following: color, variety and ease. Ideally, it is a dish where there are good, harmoniously arranged and appetizing vegetables, cereals, proteins and hydrates.

No hurry. It's crucial for everyone to spend time eating slowly. Respecting the times of each meal and paying full attention to food, avoiding external stimuli such as television, improving digestion and providing both physical and psychological benefits. In addition, the time you share eating, provides the opportunity to talk with family, tell stories, share experiences... and teach children to behave at the table.

Don't demonize the food. Educating children in a balanced and conscious diet is not about prohibiting them from taking some kind of products. It is necessary to teach them to know what they should choose to grow healthy and strong and what foods, like chuches, do not provide anything nutritionally and can take on birthdays or other friends on time.

Preach with the example. A parent is always the best model to follow from his prole; for a child it will be easier to adopt good habits if, at home, they follow the same rules that must be passed on to him.

About Nanas & Co

Nanas & Co is a selection company for domestic service staff, child care and older, in the field national and international. Select the person who Better. can help you take care of your children or older ones, and/or perform homework anywhere in the world.

Finding the ideal professional is possible, because they submit their caregivers to detailed interviews that allow them to find the person with more possibilities of responding to the needs of each family.

Professionalize the selection processes of domestic support staff, extrapolating the methodologies and practices of headhunting that apply in the business world.

They use an innovative system references so that their recruiting ambassadors will guarantee maximum excellence. The end result is families satisfied.

Nanas & Co tips for kids to enjoy eating healthy

Nanas & Co tips for kids to enjoy eating healthy

For many parents, one of the great challenges in the upbringing of their children is to make them eat healthy. Nanas & Co, the household staff selection compan





Nanas & Co tips for kids to enjoy eating healthy
Nanas & Co tips for kids to enjoy eating healthy

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