Natuka brings the concept ‘realfooding’ to the pet world with custom home menus





The startup bets on the BARF diet for dogs and cats, based on raw meats and fish, without ultraprocessed or additives, better adapted to their evolutionary diet and with important benefits for their organism and their health

In Spain there are more families with pets than with children under the age of 15, according to INE data, and their food begins to take care of itself in the same way as that of the rest of the family unit. Running from ultraprocessed and chemical additives is basic for a healthy and nutrient-rich diet that strengthens health, and this is also valid for them. Therefore, Natuka, animal feed startup, it has been proposed to reformulate the feeding model of dogs and cats with healthy menus, based on natural, fresh and raw ingredients, which customise to the measure of each animal and deliver to home.


The company is a strong advocate of the BARF diet, acronym of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, in Spanish Biologicly Appropriate Crude Food. That is, it is about returning to the origins and providing the pets with a food style closer to their natural evolutionary diet, for which their organism is better prepared than for the ultraprocessed artificial feeds. Thus, according to Natuka, his microbiota and his immune system are strengthened, his health and longevity are strengthened and diseases associated with the consumption of chemical compounds are avoided.

To facilitate the access of families with pets to this natural alternative, Germán Colmenares, Alejandro Paños and José Ángel Rosell decide to launch Natuka in 2017. It is an e-commerce through which they market full menus for dogs and cats composed in 40% of fleshy bones, 35% of lean meat, 10% of food and organs and 15% of fruit and vegetables. In addition, they have the nutritional advice of a veterinarian-nutritionist for all customer doubts.

7,000 customers and one billing that doubles each year
The startup produces 2,000 kilos of food a day, which distributes from Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) to the entire Peninsula and delivers home in less than 24 hours (also distributes in the Canary Islands and Andorra, and plans its next arrival in the Balearic Islands, Portugal and France). It has more than 40 points of sale (between food shops and veterinary clinics) distributed throughout the country, as well as marketing its menus through its ecommerce.

Monthly sales are around 40,000 kilos, and since 2019 they have managed to double their billing every year. At present they have about 7,000 customers, of which more than 30% are recurrent.

All the raw materials with which they manufacture their menus are of national origin, from cattle ranchers and fishermen from the northern part of Spain (Galicia and Asturias), and also from Ávila and Segovia. Among its suppliers they have large operators such as Coren and Procavi, and others of a local nature such as Verín Biocoop, a cooperative of Galician cattle ranchers, or Sanchonar, producers of chicken and organic turkey of Segovia. In terms of fruit and vegetables, they resort to seasonal and proximity suppliers, thus supporting local economies. Scifi books reviews

“All menus are formulated by nutrition experts veterinarians. We prepare them with fresh ingredients of first quality, without additives or preservatives, thus preserving their maximum nutritional value. Carnal bones are the main source of energy, water, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. Any meat of a reliable origin, even if not ecological, provides a nutritional contribution far superior to that of commercial feeds and foods”, he points out. José Angel Rosell, CEO and co-founder of Natuka.

Among the benefits that the BARF diet brings to the pets is an increase in its muscle mass, greater energy and vitality, better hydration, greater resistance to internal and external parasites, improvement of digestions and reduction of possible allergies, intolerances or diabetes, disappearance of the tartar and bad breath, elimination of skin problems and ear infections, and sometimes disappearance of arthritis and joint problems. There are even testimonies of owners and trainers who claim to improve the behavior of dogs.

Progressive introduction menus and loyalty program
The Natuka website has a calculator with which the owner of a dog or cat can estimate the amount of food that your pet needs, depending on its age, weight, size, physical activity or whether it is or not castrated. From that estimate you can already select the menus. If a transition from artificial feed to a natural is to be made, the company has initiation menus based on turkey meat (one of the lightest, digestible and assimilable proteins) so that the digestive system adapts little by little to new foods. The rabbit will eventually be introduced as well as other types of meat or fish.

The company offers recurring customers a warning system that alerts them using WhatsApp seven days before their stocks are finished, and that facilitates the possibility of making a new purchase in a click from the same message. In addition, it has developed a loyalty program through a VIP Free Subscription Area that provides at least 7% discount on all purchases, a percentage that can be increased to 12% depending on the volume of consumption.

In terms of the cost of this type of food, the daily estimated price according to the weight of the animal ranges from €0.69 per day in the case of pets of less than 5 kg to €5.2 per day if a weight of more than 45 kg is spoken.

“The economic difference between feed and the BARF diet depends on the quality of raw materials. Many feeds have a very high percentage of cereals or flours (carbohydrates) and a small amount of proteins (meats and fishes), making them cheaper. There are other higher quality feeds whose price is quite close to that of the BARF diet, but they are still a product with chemical, additive and preservative ingredients that unbalance the animal's organism and can suppose the emergence of allergies, intolerances and other diseases that increase our visits to the veterinarian," he says. Alejandro Paños, co-founder and CMO of Natuka.

Natuka brings the concept ‘realfooding’ to the pet world with custom home menus

Natuka brings the concept ‘realfooding’ to the pet world with custom home menus

The startup bets on the BARF diet for dogs and cats, based on raw meats and fish, without ultraprocessed or additives, better adapted to their evolutionary die





Natuka brings the concept ‘realfooding’ to the pet world with custom home menus
Natuka brings the concept ‘realfooding’ to the pet world with custom home menus

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