New LIFE Food Life, Improve Health through Food and Physical Exercise





A broad group of health and nutrition professionals develops a global project to provide scientific information, support and solidarity to all groups linked to the food, health and well-being of the population

The prolonged confinement has made a mole in the population, most of which is now in a physical state and, to some extent, anamic worse than in March. Sedentary life and increased disorders such as anxiety or depression, make the mind and body more necessary than ever.


This is the goal with which it is born New Life through Food, (, a project developed by the Sociedad Española de Nutrición Comunitaria (SENC) in collaboration with the Fundación Española del Corazón (FEC), the Fundación Española de la Nutrición (FEN), the Grupo de Gastronomía Científica (GGC), the newspaper and other entities to improve the lives of people, starting from a better diet and the usual practice of physical activity, as well as the reinforcement of positive emotional balance.

As Dr explains. Lluis Serra Majem, president of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Food Sciences (AEN), Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health and Director of the Chair of Nutrition and Gastronomy of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), “the new food life reinforces us the need to think about the food act as something that has enormous implications for our health and the culture of the Mediterranean, The new food life connects us with health, local and environmental environment and culture or heritage and contributes to strengthening the link between health and food systems, so vulnerable during this pandemic.”

Through the web and the hashtag #NewVidaLife, you can find actions with which it is intended to help the population maintain a good food profile, based on health, well-being and satisfaction, but without forgetting the usual moderate physical activity; a binomial that will enhance the immune system, improve the emotional situation and contribute to the processes of resilience, key at this time of difficulty and impulse to recovery.

“During the confinement, a considerable percentage of people paid more attention to what to eat, what to buy and spend more time cooking in the family, with an increase in the consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes and fish. They are good practices that would be desirable to enhance and sustain, preferably choosing fresh, seasonal products, think about proximity products, support local producers and local trade,” explains Dr. Carmen Pérez-Rodrigo, president of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC) and the Latin American Group of Community Nutrition (GLANC).

Plus, New Life through Food It strongly supports the primary sector and the agro-food industry, which has continued its activity during the confining and the different phases of the desescalada, allowing society to have been able to supply itself with quality and in sufficient quantity during all these months. Cine de Calidad gratis


Also with the web and the hashtag #NewVidaLife promotes the model of Mediterranean diet in its different modalities through the local, proximity and national product that is marketed primarily in neighborhood shops, proximity markets and other establishments that also bet on local or local products.

At the same time, as it could not be otherwise, New Life through Food it supports and will collaborate with the hospitality industry in all its formats, especially with those establishments that make its day menu and those dedicated to the collective restoration, advising them in the design of their gastronomic offerings to get their customers a varied, balanced and healthy diet.

“It is time to generously support all sectors involved in feeding from km 0 to table. Support for the actions of nutritional advice and education from health professionals. Development of food literacy actions with the youngest, with the general population, with special emphasis on the most vulnerable groups. Support for health, cardiovascular health, community and territory so that no one will be left behind in this period of difficulty,” says Dr. Javier Aranceta Bartrina, president of the SENC Scientific Committee, member of the Nutrition Committee of the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) and scientific coordinator of the project New Life through Food.

In addition, and in the face of increased outbreaks of COVID-19 contagiated, New Life through Food It encourages the citizenry to continue to be immersed in the safety and prevention of contagions, reinforcing good practices of personal hygiene and citizen collaboration.

The project will also support the sustainability processes and food needs of the most vulnerable, with initiatives that promote donations and beneficial actions with the institutions that have been helping the most needy.

These objectives will be disseminated through practical recommendations for the general population, but also for people with few resources and with special needs through specific actions in collaboration with the professionals of the food sector, health, education, social services, hospitality and tourism, making special use of synergies with the media.

As Dr explains. Teresa Partearroyo Cediel, Professor of Nutrition and Bromatology. Faculty of Pharmacy of the CEU-San Pablo University of Madrid and member of the Board of Directors of SENC, “this initiative aims to make the Spanish population improve its nutritional status and therefore its quality of life through a wide range of actions. Always under the protection of scientific evidence, security, sustainability and food education. Undoubtedly, the results obtained will be of great importance in the nutritional field, for the design of appropriate policies for the prevention and promotion of health”

In short, New Life through Food It will seek support and integrate the various agents linked to the food-nutrition process together with the institutions related to nutrition and public health to efficiently and transparently influence actions aimed at promoting and maintaining a better nutritional, social and health landscape for the population, based on the principles of equity, safety, scientific evidence and food literacy on which Community Nutrition is based.

New LIFE Food Life, Improve Health through Food and Physical Exercise

New LIFE Food Life, Improve Health through Food and Physical Exercise

A broad group of health and nutrition professionals develops a global project to provide scientific information, support and solidarity to all groups linked to





New LIFE Food Life, Improve Health through Food and Physical Exercise
New LIFE Food Life, Improve Health through Food and Physical Exercise

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