Onion properties and benefits




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However, despite so much wonder, there is a uncomfortable. when we are ready to cut it: it makes us tear.

Why does the onion give us tears?

The fault is of alyl sulphide, one of its components, which occurs when the broken onion cells are exposed to the air. However, We can reduce that nasty effect.

Onion properties and benefits 1

How to avoid it?

To reduce this discomfort we should put the onions in the freezer for about two minutes before you cut them.


Another very useful remedy is to moisten peeled onions and knife in water repeatedly as they are cut.

It is also important to have a good board and knife correctly sharpened, as well as to try to get far enough from the onion to avoid being close to the range radius of its emissions. About 60 centimeters away will be enough.

If you cut the onion by wearing a pair of diver glasses, the spike will disappear completely.

How to get rid of the smell that leaves us after eating or manipulating it

It can also give us a strong smell, both in the hands and in the breath. Let's see how to remove it:

  • After cutting, wash your hands with very cold water, rubbing them with salt.
  • Rinse them and wash them with hot water and soap.
  • For the breath, it is good to chew some parsley leaves or eat an apple.

But all this is reduced to a mere anecdote compared to all the benefits that this vegetables can provide.

Benefits of onion

Propiedades de la cebolla

It relieves respiratory diseases

This vegetable is one of the most used natural remedies for colds, colds, flu, nasal conges and bronchitis. This is because it calms the cough, facilitates anticipation and cleanses the airways.

In addition, the onion has bactericidal and antiviral properties, which make those who consume it increase their defenses.

Helps lose weight

Although it does not have any specific thinning property, it plays a very important role in diets to lose weight, as it reduces triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

Moreover, because of its high percentage of water, it has a low fat content.

Strengthen the defenses

Onion is one of the most effective natural remedies to combat infectious processes of the digestive and respiratory system, thanks to its content in sulfur compounds.

In addition, the alipropyl dysulfure that contains help to increase the production of red and white blood cells, which causes the defensive effectiveness of our organism to be lifted and gives it fungicides and bactericidal properties that help eliminate many viruses and prevent them from developing.

It's diuretic.

A study of a well-known scientific journal found that the onion has a great capacity to activate the kidney function in a very efficient way, facilitating the removal of fluids in the body.

Avoid cancer

A group of scientists discovered that the skin of the onion is rich in a set of substances that, thanks to their antioxidant effects, are very useful in their prevention.

Protects the circulatory system and the heart

The onion is one of the most powerful protectors of our heart, as long as it was in a natural way.

The presence of sulphides and alinase enzyme have the characteristic of reducing the levels of cholesterol “bad” and helping to “slide the blood”, cleaning the fat and maintaining the elasticity of the arteries.

Benefits for the skin

The sulfur compounds containing this vegetable are especially indicated to keep the skin healthy.

It can also be used topically to, inter alia, remove acne, decrease the wrinkles of the face, remove dandruff, disinfect wounds, stimulate the hair follicle or retain the hair.

Onion properties and benefits

However, despite so much wonder, there is a uncomfortable. when we are ready to cut it: it makes us tear. Invalid request: request (4015) exceeds text limit (2






Onion properties and benefits 1
Onion properties and benefits 1
Onion properties and benefits 1
Onion properties and benefits 1

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