Only 20% of the Spaniards ensures a healthy diet





88% acknowledge that I would eat better if I knew how to cook recipes that, besides healthy, were tasty. This is what the study presented by Florette reveals at the event ‘The Flavor of Happiness’, which puts on the table the emotional benefits of a healthy and flavorful diet

The consumption of fruits and vegetables not only brings benefits at the physical level, but also improves emotional well-being. He remembers it. Florette in The taste of happinessan initiative that reveals the data of the second edition of the report ‘Eating Good To Be Happy’such as a 71% of Spanish make it happy to include fruit and vegetables in their food. For his part, the 88% acknowledge that I would eat better if I knew how to cook recipes that, besides healthy, were tasty.


And it is that, even though 7 out of 10 of those polled by Florette acknowledges trying to bring a healthy diet, the truth is that they don't always get it, and actually, Only 20% ensures a healthy diet. Among the main reasons are the lack of time to prepare and plan recipes and the difficulty of finding healthy dishes to the taste of the whole family (57%).

What does the happiness of the Spaniards know?
According to the data revealed by the Florette survey, almost all respondents (95%) find emotional improvements when they follow a diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables. Among them they declare to be more peaceful (36%), concentrate and face everyday tasks more eagerly (28%) or see low levels of anxiety (28%). Therefore, they declare feeling better physically and emotionally following a balanced diet in which vegetables play a key role.

And it is not surprising because happiness is very related to two brain neurotransmitters that can be activated with certain foods: serotonin (controls emotions and mood) and dopamine (linked to pleasure). Florette wanted to deepen the emotional benefits of vegetables that activate one way or another these neurotransmitters. For example, Vitamin C included in foods such as rúcula, carrots or canons, as well as many fruits, favors the production of serotonin. Other foods such as spinach contain GABA, a component that controls the central nervous system and helps reduce anxiety and stress, and even rest better.

However, not only the nutritional part is important when talking about eating well: the taste is also a key factor in bringing healthy and happy food. In fact, 85% of the Spaniards face the day with more happiness if they know they will enjoy a tasty dish. In addition, the expectation of eating out of the house makes 75% of the Spaniards feel happier that day, as well as discover new recipes or pairings (92%)especially if they are healthy. A similar percentage is also happier when discovering new options ready to consume such as Florette, healthy, tasty and different.

With whom table and food is shared is also essential to feel better. In this sense, 40% of the Spaniards acknowledge that the company that happiest makes you enjoy a meal or dinner is your partner. In addition, it seems that in Spain small tables are preferred, and the second most voted option was an intimate meal with the family (20%) or a small meeting of friends (18%). Health Tips


The happiness of eating sustainable products
Another aspect of the population is the environment. Therefore, Florette, in ‘The taste of happiness’, he wanted to know how it makes the Spaniards feel a healthy diet, but also sustainable. The results are clear: 75% of Spaniards claim to feel happier when they consume sustainable products.

The main reason is that the consumption of local and close products, like those of Florette, whose vegetables are cultivated throughout the Spanish territory and with agricultural practices focused on the respect and care of the environment throughout the productive process. Some examples are the use of natural disinfectants of zero residue, the use of blossoming bands as an insect reservoir to control pests or the reuse of rainwater in their fields of cultivation.

Another major consumer concern is sustainability in the packaging of the products. In this sense, Florette works by following the philosophy of eco-design from the conception of packaging promoting the reuse of materials, the recyclability and reducing the thickness of these. In fact, all its containers are 100% recyclable and the bowls of its Complete Salads are made with 100% recyclable and recyclable source material. In addition, with the reduction in 15% of plastic in the packaging, the company saves 160.000 kilos of this material.

The salad, the star dish
Florette's poll also reveals that, for about half of the Spaniards (43%), a salad ready to eat is the preferred dish to eat healthy and tasty, as it provides numerous nutritional benefits that translate into physical and emotional well-being. It is also a practical way of eating that offers countless combinations.

Regarding the top 5 of the favorite ingredients for this dish to be of the most delicious, those polled by Florette prefer tuna (42%), avocado (31%), olives (27%), tomato (26.5%) and hard egg (23%).

The importance of knowing the different varieties
As for the varieties of lettuce and preferred shoots in Spain, the top 3 lead the lettuce iceberg (40%), the Canon (39.5 per cent) and green leaf lettuce (37%). However, from Florette they remember that there are more than 25 varieties of lettuce, shoots and escarols, among which is the Batavia or the Trocadero, which many of the respondents claim to have not tried.

“It is fundamental that, from small, we encourage a Gastronomic education help to know the different types of vegetables that exist. This not only helps to discover new nuances, but it will provide information and resources to be able to convey to the children that bring a varied and flavorful diet helps them to take care of their organism to be happy in the future,” explains Mira Aierbe, a culinary and nutritional advisor to Florette.

For her part, the marketing director of Florette, Nuria Alias, points out that “the results of this survey reveal the importance of educating around a healthy diet and enjoying dishes full of health and taste. For this reason, Florette is working to raise this awareness and to continue innovating with fresh, tasty, sustainable and practical products to facilitate healthy eatingconvinced that eating and eating well is fundamental for physical and emotional well-being“.

Only 20% of the Spaniards ensures a healthy diet

Only 20% of the Spaniards ensures a healthy diet

88% acknowledge that I would eat better if I knew how to cook recipes that, besides healthy, were tasty. This is what the study presented by Florette reveals a





Only 20% of the Spaniards ensures a healthy diet
Only 20% of the Spaniards ensures a healthy diet

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