PRECAZASA, the delicacy of hunting meat from Saúca for all Spain





Precazasa, a family company founded and directed by Julián Ribalda, has been selling meat and hunting sausages since 1998

The journey Julián Ribalda, natural of Carrascosa de Tajo (Guadalajara) was a circular that passed through Barcelona, where he worked in luxury restaurants specializing in hunting dishes, and Zaragoza, where he founded his own in 1978 (Los Borrachos), until he returned to Guadalajara. During it he learned the value that hunting meat has in many countries of Europe, and the secret of how to cook them. “The hunting meat is tasty and, moreover, very healthy since animals do not eat composite feeds or artificial food, but only the best they find in nature,” he explains. However, because it is a meat with very little fat and very lean, it has a strong taste. “We have to season it with adobos or cook it in stools, give it a special touch, as the chefs of many countries from the rest of Europe and more and more in Spain, so that their flavors stand out. Plates such as the deer loin to the Austrian or wild boar with cranberry sauce are exquisite, but you have to help the meat with condiments, sauces or different preparation techniques to customize or nuance its strong flavor”, he says. To pair it recommends a wine with body and a long breeding since it accompanies well with these pronounced flavors. “Tempranillo, Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon, in grapes; or, in regions, Toro or Ribera del Duero” recommends.


In 1998 it opened the doors of the hunting beef factory Precazasa in Saúca (Guadalajara). Located next to the A-2 motorway, it is a fully active family business today that has modern units, perfectly suited for the treatment, packaging and conservation of hunting meat. With 1,700 m2 of surface, it currently employs 5 workers on a continuous basis, a figure that increases in high season, that is, when the hunting ground is open, between October and February. To maintain the current business, a continuous reinvestment effort is made to modernize the factory and facilities with the latest technologies within the sector. In addition to the factory, a shop was subsequently added for direct sale to the public, as well as the café-restaurant, which serves as an indispensable stop to travelers who circulate through this motorway and are lovers of good meat dishes with a traditional home cooking. Following this line of expansion and modernization of the business, the online store has been opened in the last year. “It was a project that had already in mind after talking to my son but, during the pandemic, the need was accelerated,” he explains.

The supply of meat is the key to the business, so there is a permanent contact with hunting fees, mainly in Guadalajara, Soria and Aragón. “I provide myself in those cotos where the experience tells me that the meat of animals is of quality, because they are quieter, and they find the best pastures,” he says. This personal relationship is one of the essential and inimitable pillars of the company. Noticias de la Sierra de Cadiz

After the bushes, it sends its fridge trucks and acquires the genus, after veterinary supervision, which then must be confirmed in destination by a second official public health veterinarian, with the analysis of the meat of each animal. Each piece that sells Precazasa has a complete traceability, in which you can see the lot, place of acquisition and origin.

The company sells deer meat, boar, tie and gamo and smaller hunting. Each season buys, treats and freezes more than 30 tons of meat in high season, which keeps packed in vacuum and at very low temperatures (-20oC) at the Saúca facilities.

Classified by pieces and parts of the animal, hand-delivered what they are asking for restaurants, wholesalers and shops, whether they are loins, soles, legs, with or without bone, or pallets also with or without bone and filetes in adobo or meat for ragut. They also occur Hunting sausages “following our recipes that respect the tradition of always” as well as patés and others preserved. All this can be purchased online Nothing is wasted, since the leftovers or meats that are considered to be not to reach the quality required by the company are intended for animal food. The best customers are located “in the ski slopes of Aragon and Catalonia, because it is in the snow, with the cold, where you most want a hunting-based menu”. Despite all, Julian assures that in Spain the hunting kitchen is still very unknown. “The consumption of hunting meat has increased very little since 1978 to date,” he says from the experience, “although we are recently seeing a change in this trend thanks to young chefs eager to innovate and the social networkswhich have served us a lot of platform, not only from the company, but also to make known these products in general.”

Now, with ADEL Sierra Norte you have purchased a fridge van to make your meat delivery and increase the fleet to meet your needs. It cost 30,000 euros, of which the local action group has subsidized 11,000. “The ADEL team was very skilled and very diligent with me,” he sums up.

At 72, this entrepreneur still has a dream to fulfill. He wants the best part of the Saúca facilities, with privileged views of Alto Tajo Natural Park, to become a shop specializing in hunting clothes, that is, in the hunter's paradise. They also want to continue to drive their online channel in order to reach more private consumers throughout Spain. “I would like to do it, because I love working. I can’t do anything else,” he says. Its idea would generate two jobs, and for that, it has in mind to recount the Local Action Group.

PRECAZASA, the delicacy of hunting meat from Saúca for all Spain

PRECAZASA, the delicacy of hunting meat from Saúca for all Spain

Precazasa, a family company founded and directed by Julián Ribalda, has been selling meat and hunting sausages since 1998 /COMUNICAE/ /COMUNICAE/





PRECAZASA, the delicacy of hunting meat from Saúca for all Spain
PRECAZASA, the delicacy of hunting meat from Saúca for all Spain

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