Properties of the chamomile and benefits




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Let's know that benefits can tell us the chamomile:

Benefits of Chamomile

Properties of the chamomile and benefits 1

Against indigestion

This plant is known for having a beneficial effect on the different stomach ailments, partly thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, which help the intestine reduce the gases.

This herb has been used traditionally to combat diarrhea, gases, or irritable colon syndrome.

If you suffer from heavy digestions, you will notice a big difference if after each meal you take a cup of this infusion

Reduces menstrual discomfort

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory components, it is a magnificent remedy to reduce the discomfort associated with menstruation, such as cramps, swelling, or the difficulty of conciliating sleep.

To reduce premenstrual symptoms, it is advisable to start taking manzanilla infusion from 17 of the menstrual cycle.

It is recommended to take it after meals.

Propiedades de la manzanilla

It's beneficial for the skin

This infusion can be applied topically to decrease inflammation, for example, of eccemas or irritated eyes. In addition, it promotes cell regeneration, it is beneficial to reduce skin stains and has a soothing and cleansing effect. In fact, many beauty products have manzanilla extracts.

Against insomnia

This medicinal plant is considered one of the best remedies to combat insomnia, thanks to its properties soothing and relaxing.

Taking it in infusion before sleeping, is something that invites you to create a ritual that will help us disconnect from all worries of the day. Autoclave de vapor Blog


Experts on home remedies against insomnia point out that taking a bath before sleeping, adding to the bath water an infusion of manzanilla made in a somewhat larger container than usual, has an enormous calming effect.

Helps to clear the hair

The chamomile works very well to clear the hair, naturally and without causing any damage to the melena.

Let's see how it's done:

  • A bag of chamomile
  • Water
  • A lemon
  • It boils the water and lets rest the infusion of chamomile for 10 minutes.
  • Express the lemon juice and add it to tea
  • Pour the mixture over your hair
  • Let stand for 15 minutes
  • Clear with water and apply your usual shampoo

Against diabetes

According to some research, this plant could reduce blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes thanks to quercetin, an antioxidant substance that is found in this herb and which helps to retard glucose absorption in the intestine.

Helps prevent breast cancer

Manzanilla contains apigenin, a substance that can block the ability of cancer cells to live longer and even stop its spread.

Relief the symptoms of cold

It is scientifically proven that steam inhalation with manzanilla extract is of great help against the symptoms of common cold. In addition, drinking helps the respiratory system and provides heat.

Helps to lose weight

Thanks to its diuretic effect, to help improve the absorption of food and its soothing properties, the chamomile is a great ally when it comes to losing weight.

When the herb is taken for this purpose, it is advisable to consume it in its natural state instead of in filtering envelopes. The leaves must be placed in the water, then boil them together.

It is relaxing and calming anxiety

Experts ensure low doses of manzanilla can relieve anxiety. In addition, they claim that this herb helps to relax blood vessels and smooth muscle fibers, thanks to which it contains luteolin, lisabolol and apigenine.

Serve to disinfect sores in the mouth

Thanks to its antiseptic properties, the manzanilla is very useful to use as rinse, to prevent infections that can cause sores that appear in the mouth.

When you already have it, you can use it by making gargles or compresses on the swollen parts.

Precautions to be taken into account when consuming chamomile

Although it is very beneficial for nerves, it is necessary to avoid mixing with alcohol because it has a low ansiolytic action and power the rest of the sedative substances.

It can lead to drowsiness, so it is necessary to have caution when driving or handling heavy machinery.

Be careful when applying it to relieve eye conditions since the pollen you wear may lead to allergic conjunctivitis. In addition, all that is applied in the eye should be sterile so it is recommended to use it only in collisions and not in soaked gauzes in the infusion.

Properties of the chamomile and benefits

Benefits of ChamomileAgainst indigestionReduces menstrual discomfortIt's beneficial for the skinAgainst insomniaHelps to clear the hairAgainst diabetesHelps pr





Properties of the chamomile and benefits 1
Properties of the chamomile and benefits 1
Properties of the chamomile and benefits 1
Properties of the chamomile and benefits 1

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