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Male G

As we mentioned, this organ of the apparatus is known as the male G point because it is a gland surrounded by nervous endings that, at least contact,
produces pleasant sensations. Contractions are usually more intense and durable than an orgasm received by traditional penis masturbation. It is done with soft, slow and accurate toquetees, as if you were pointing out ‘Come here’.

Massages and prostatic health, what is the opinion of the public?

SexMercadoBCN, a platform to hire sexual services and discover information about the erotic world, conducted a survey to celebrate 15 September, raise awareness and know the opinion of its users regarding the famous prostatic massages.

Prostate health in sexmercadobcn 1

553 participants, and three questions later, the results are as follows. 41.41% have never enjoyed a prostatic massage, while 48.10% have. The rest enters the platform for
receive an erotic massage by women workers, as escorts and lumis.

A 42,50% believe that the practice of stimulation of the prostate zone
helps detect diseases and 13.20% believe that male G-point masturbation positively influences prostatic health. While 28,03% do not think beyond.

In relation to the bad image of anal pleasure, 64,56% tells us that sexual orientation does not have links to practice, while only 14.83% would not be willing. This reflection is important, since it tells us enough about the acceptance of new activities in bed, especially the figure of women as dominant.
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Importance of prostatic health

The diseases of the prostate, as we have clarified, are common and one of the main concerns in the Spanish. Knowing some symptoms, such as pain in the area to the ejaculate, inflammation of the gland and urine with blood, is
essential to act on time.

On the other hand, eating healthy, performing exercises and having sex healthy play an important role for the health of the organ of the male reproductive apparatus. So, don't think there's something wrong with trying new trends and getting to know your prostate in depth to spend a pleasant time alone or in a couple.

Salud de próstata

Prostate Health in SexMercadoBCN

Male GMassages and prostatic health, what is the opinion of the public?Importance of prostatic health





Prostate health in sexmercadobcn 1
Prostate health in sexmercadobcn 1
Prostate health in sexmercadobcn 1
Prostate health in sexmercadobcn 1

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