Quarantine becomes the ideal period to take better care of yourself. Perricone MD Presents Perriconist Women





A new platform where numerous experts share their well-being theory to promote a much healthier aging, defending how a balanced lifestyle impacts on an optimal skin state. The program will increase its participants who, for now, already collects the first 9 at www.perriconemd.es. Journalists, doctors and pharmacists gathered and shared their expertise on the integral care of the organism

It does not conceive a young and perfect skin without behind a healthy lifestyle because complete health ends up translating into a greater and better beauty. A proper care derives from optimal conditions of the body that, in turn, move to the skin, revealing a tissue full of vitality but, above all, a better general state: more defenses, better muscle toning, less inflammation and retention, etc. This maximum, which is the one that is promulgated by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, is the same as other experts in medicine, beauty and lifestyle. This was transmitted by the nine participants of the first cycle of Perriconist Women, a platform created by the homonymous firm that can be accessed from the Perricone MD website in Spain.


But #Perricon women is much more than a section on an online page: an environment of debate, a meeting platform and a space to learn from great experts. On the occasion of International Women ' s Day, the signature of beauty with a medical stamp brought together these experts to know their point of view about what implies a healthy lifestyle, something especially important in a situation like the one that is living. In addition, due to the dermatological vision of the project, it was studied how it all turns into a skin in good condition and luminous, something that Dr. Perricone has been defending from the beginning in his theory on aging, as he has been portraying in their different books that are an international Best-Seller, such is the case The Wrinkle Cure. #Perricon women thus becomes a twist to the traditional round table. During one day, the participants discussed these aspects and transmitted it in each of the interviews, available in www.perriconemd.esin the section corresponding to this action.

What to find in the Women Perriconists section?
A compendium of videos, photos, interviews and audios that perfectly reflect how to bring a lifestyle focused on the most integrated well-being. A theory of aging that goes far beyond the traditional use of creams, and that is completed with food as a fundamental basis. That is the philosophy that transmits #Perriconist women by the hand of experts of which there is much to learn.

Who are the first to be part of this club?

Cote Llambias
Pharmaceutical and Digital Prescriptor

Pharmaceutical of profession with own company that shares with your husband, and installgrammer of renowned. Cote Llambias is the perfect physical representation of healthy lifestyle. He's taken Dr.'s philosophy. Perricone to your highest exponent. He is concerned about how to age healthy and therefore he cares for his diet, routines and skin care, something that instills everyone in his family nucleus.


María José Burgués
Doctor and owner of Mesbur

María José Burgués is one of the most fervent followers of the Perriconist philosophy, being almost the alter ego of Dr. Perricone in Spain. Like him, he is a great advocate of “we are what we eat” and treats food as a fundamental part of the state of the body and, more specifically, of the skin. He has a great career in the field of medicine, exercising even as a university trainer. For her, well-being is a 360o, an integrated whole. And it is that when you take care of yourself, it transcends the outside, showing us with an improved and much younger look.

Barbara Fernández
Director of the Dr. Martínez Quindós

And a great beauty expert who knows skins as few, and is not surprising, since he receives daily numerous very different cases in one of the reference centers of León. Nor does it surprise its own physical appearance. With a skin practically without imperfections, he is a faithful lover of the sciences of Nicholas Perricone, and thus transmits it to every client who crosses the doors of the aesthetic medical center Dr. Martínez Quindós, a name that responds to her husband and with which she leads together this wonderful space where, who enters, she always gets rejuvenated. A nata prescriptor who knows what each skin needs to stay in optimal conditions. Here goes your testimony. Guias y Trucos tecnologicos

Silvia Matheu
Expert and owner of the perfumery SM The Beauty

She is defined with three adjectives: passionate, crazy and super fun. But it is also that this is how everyone who crosses the border of SM The Beauty, a niche shop and perfumery leader in Manacor perceives it. His coiling personality falls in love and when you accompany him to the aplom of Dr. Perricone, the equation becomes perfect. Knows of beauty, try everything, it costs a lot to surprise her and only the best of the captivation. He always called him the philosophy of this doctor, because he seemed different. It wasn't more of the same, like it was with her. Your identity stamp, your red lips and a ability to convey your healthy lifestyle as few can.

Marta Barroso
Lifestyle and Beauty Journalist

It is already an icon in life within journalism in Spain. It has a trajectory that many could categorize as enviable. In your resume there are headers like ABC, Out of Series or weekly magazine Hello!. His career and everything he lived during it have endowed him with a great experience, especially in the environment of beauty and well-being. He knows what works, what he does not and knows from his most personal vision by having had the opportunity to have known virtually all the beauty brands and their different proposals. When you talk to her about this area, it is that the security and confidence it transmits.

Silvia Galán
Silvia has been very close to the Perriconista project. Being close has made you know more than anyone about the sciences, philosophy and proposals of this dermatologist to achieve optimal well-being. He makes sport, eats in a balanced way and knows what to apply to the face with great wisdom. It's hard to get you out of your beauty routine, because you're aware of what works for you and you can't give up on it, like your daily facial routine, which always goes through double cleansing.

Cristina Hernández
Pharmaceutical and Entrepreneurship of 4Sense Actives

She is what could be called a prophet of Perricone MD in the Canary Islands. Cristina Hernández is a pharmacist and responsible for the firm not only reaching the southernmost Spain, but for becoming an absolute success. No wonder, no one sells better than the one who tests something and uses it, becoming an absolutely credible prescriptor. Such is the case of this entrepreneur who has struggled like no one in life to be happy, to grow on a business level and whose skin, he admits, has given a turn of 180o since he is a user of Dr. Perricone. It is an absolute in love with the sciences patented by this dermatologist since he met them in 2013 since, as he recognizes, he has never seen equal results. “Effectivity” is the term that falls in love with her, and no one has managed to persuade her as her head office firm.

María Martínez Eslava

Restless, perfectist and demanding in choosing your brands. This led you to select Perricone MD between your exquisite portfolio. His passion for this brand and the knowledge of his sciences has led him to be a prescriptive expert of his treatments. “Fascinating” and “brutal” are concepts that come out of your own mouth to define some products of Perricone MD, a firm that, for it, is also enjoyable. It brings the perriconist lifestyle to its highest exponent and, for it, the beauty rituals with Dr. Perricone are an authentic experience that changes skins.

Clara Buedo
Journalist and curator of beauty

Clara Buedo's from another planet. If someone wants to discover a new product that is really fascinating, they must go to it and the articles he writes on platforms like PureNicheLab.com or BeautyMatters.style. Bachelor of Law, she became a professional journalist and curator of beauty for love, Clara is a whirlwind of energy and the passion she shows when talking about beauty news is similar to that of a child on the day of her birthday. You could say that you know practically everything, since each of your articles carries behind a hard work of research, almost a doctoral thesis. He doesn't like what doesn't have a clear foundation behind him and that's why he's a fan of Perriconist philosophy. He claims it is difficult to compare this firm to other brands, because it is a fundamental footing of a complete philosophy to prevent ageing, based on multiple studies to know how to stop it or how to prevent it.

Quarantine becomes the ideal period to take better care of yourself. Perricone MD Presents Perriconist Women

Quarantine becomes the ideal period to take better care of yourself. Perricone MD Presents Perriconist Women

A new platform where numerous experts share their well-being theory to promote a much healthier aging, defending how a balanced lifestyle impacts on an optimal






Quarantine becomes the ideal period to take better care of yourself. Perricone MD Presents Perriconist Women
Quarantine becomes the ideal period to take better care of yourself. Perricone MD Presents Perriconist Women

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