Rice three delights




Raise your hand to those who like rice three delights!I'm sure almost everyoneIs your hand raised?yes?And if we already talked about the childrenyou…whatand whon Have you ever bought three delicious frozen rice?I have done it myself several times, to get you out of trouble, especially when I came backhome the yearor past afters of the operationn quirurgica to which I submitted.But under normal circumstances I tell you that no more enters the houses bag rice.Especially knowing this recipe so, so rich.if you likedChinese almond chicken (click hereto see the recipe), you will love this three delicious rice.And it goes perfectly with the chicken with almonds and the rest of the Chinese cuisine recipes ( you can see them all by clicking here).Nutritionally, this rice is lower in fat than other recipes I'll find.is and has a lotsimo mas flavor than others that only mix the cooked ingredients.


This recipe canis to do it in Thermomix or the traditional way.At home, how easy it iscil, I always combine this with another recipe and soI have at least two dishes: the chicken with almonds and the rice, for example.If I make one in pann, the other goes to the Thermomix.Sowe optimize time.In fact, this rice isready in 20 minutes.ohDo not tell meit's not great!

Before we begin, some adviceI ask:

.Use Thai rice or jasmi ricen, without salt in the cooking watern so that it maintains all its aroma and flavor.And don't go overboard with the times.There should be a little whole rice in the center.

.Cut the carrots into small squaresor, if you have less time, rácall it directly, once peeled.Take advantage of the cooking watern the rice to cook the peas.

.This rice lasts in the fridge.fico four daysso perfectly.Sothat, if you have left over, you can consume it at another time.If you want to make this rice moreIt's low in caloriesThus, you can make the egg in an omelette with a little oil and cut it into strips.But if you want it to look like Chinese restaurant rice, but with less fat than that (!and without glutamate!), beat a large egg or two moreit's smalltogether with 2 or 3 whites.Put a few drops of oil in a pann nonstick and pour the mixture little by little, moving enérigidly.yearadd to the end of the recipe.


  • 200 g of Thai or jasmine riceno.
  • 100 g of peas.
  • One large grated carrot.
  • One spring onion, cut into small squaresyou.
  • 100 g of hamn cooked in tacos.
  • One large egg or two small onesyou.
  • A tablespoon of very mild extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil.
  • Salt.
  • Egg whites (optional).

Step by step (traditional):

1º.Cooked Thaio jasmine ricen for 12/14 minutes in boiling water without salt.

2nd.Grate the peeled carrot.Chop the spring onion into small squaresyou (alson the well-washed green part).

3rd.in a panIn a wok, pour the oil and sauté the carrot, spring onion and peas over high heat for about 3 minutes.yearadd the cooked rice and hamn cut into squares and put a little salt.

4th.in another pann,cook the egg, in an omelette (cóCut into strips once done) or scrambled.

5th.Mix the egg with the rice.


1º.yearade 1.000 g of water in the glass and put the rice in the basket.Program 12 or 14 minutes (according ton you like it cooked) / Varoma / speed 4.Move the rice from time to time so that it is loose.


2nd.Meanwhile, grate the peeled carrot and reserve.

3rd.Reserve the cooked rice.In the basketadd the peas and use the cooking watern of the rice to blanch them in hot water 3 minutes/Varoma/speed 2.

4th.Cut the spring onion into small squaresyou.You can do it in Thermomix, at a speed of 4/15 seconds.But I prefer with a knife: the pieces are mores regular and meI personally like it mores.Discard the cooking watern and, without a basket, añadd a tablespoon of oil.Pour into the glass the grated carrots, the chopped chives, the cooked peas, the hamn cut into squares and the prawns peeled.Program 5 minutes/100º/ bucket speed / left turn.

5th.Meanwhile, cook the egg in an omelet or scramble.yeartoAdd to rice once cooked.

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Rice three delights

Rice three delights

Raise your hand to those who like rice three delights!I'm sure almost everyoneIs your hand raised?yes?And if we already talked about the childrenyou…whatand






Rice three delights
Rice three delights

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