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Many times, when dinner time comes, after a very long day, what you want is to cook, but not eat anything (and more now, that appeal hot things). This recipe is perfect for those moments, because it is done in a few minutes, it is satiating, it has little fat, a lot of proteins and it is... very delicious! If we plan well the week, it is easy to also have in the fridge a soup or a vegetable cream, and take a warm bowl first. In the blog you can consult some that are very, very good (and that are very easy to do!). These are some of our favorites (paint on top to see them): vegetable cream, pumpkin cream, chicken soup, fish soup and seafood easy.


At home I always have mushrooms or mushrooms (test the Portobello, if you have not, and you will see that good), because with very little effort and very little time solve any dinner. In addition to eggs, pasteurized clears are another basic of my fridge: it is a perfect way to enrich the tortillas, the scrambled eggs, the scrambled with vegetables... adding more protein. And there are more juicy and much richer!

This round of mushrooms and beicon is made only in 10 minutes (less than you take to heat a pizza!). And I assure you he's much richer. Besides, it doesn't carry more fat than the beicon. You can add if you want a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, but with the fat bird that drops the beicon will not be necessary anymore. And one advice: prepare the eggs apart, after having cooked the mushrooms, and follow this rule: for each egg, add two pasteurized clears. You'll see what scrambled eggs so good! These are the ingredients you will need:


  • A tray of fresh mushrooms or a package of frozen mushrooms.
  • Two fine beicon slices cut into large strips.
  • Two eggs and four clears.
  • Peach black.
  • Garlic powder.
  • Get out.


  1. In a very hot wide skillet adds the beicon cut into broad strips. Move for a minute until you start taking color.
  2. Add mushrooms, fresh or frozen. Put salt, ground black pepper and garlic in powder. It moves well for a few minutes until the flowing water evaporates. Reserve.
  3. Bate in a bowl with a little salt and black pepper the eggs and the light. In the same skillet where you cooked the mushrooms with beicon, pour the eggs and move very well until they start to hang. Don't leave them long, because if they won't be too long (with a minute on high fire is enough). Serve them over the mushrooms.
So are our mushrooms. What do you think?

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Setas and beicon

Setas and beicon

Many times, when dinner time comes, after a very long day, what you want is to cook, but not eat anything (and more now, that appeal hot things). This recipe i





Setas and beicon
Setas and beicon

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