Soft diet for children (and adults): menu for seven days.




One of my biggest concerns as a momof twins is that my childrenmake you sick, as it happens to everyone I haveare children.In additions, when they catch one of those gá virusesstretches that last several daysas and the pediatrician tells you: soft diet...It is to start trembling.The adults, with moreWhether or not you want to, we have to adapt to whatever it is, but the childrenI little youThey (and the twins have a habit of putting on both malices at the same time) live it like torture, literally.And those who take care of them toono.Sothat, as an expert in gastroenteritis and various viruses in these yearsoh, hereI leave you what the experience, the advice of several pediatricians and my trainingn in nutritionn, dietethics and nutritionn Child has taught meI don't know about bland diets.Of course, everything is applicable to adults, but when there are children at home, they are the priority, right?TRUE?


Let's start with the of “bland diet": the soft diet isformed by a combinationn little or no heavy foods that make it easier for our eyes tointernal organs, affected by gastroenteritis or by any other infectious picture, isn protected, thanks to light digestions.for this reasonn we must plan five meals a daya, in smallQuantities to precisely facilitate digestionno.

There are a series of foods that are not recommended or directly forbidden in any soft diet: alcohol, coffee, tea, soft drinks, lactose products or raw vegetables.Legumes, as they are foods that require digestionno moreit's slow, it'sno toonot advised.

The allowed foods, which will beBased on the diet, they are:

.non-whole grain cereals and soft white bread;

.fruits with low fiber content (sauced or baked apple and plasticare not ideal);

.mashed potatoesof vegetables (based on potatoes, leeks, carrots);

.white meats (chicken, turkey or rabbit);

.white fish (hake, fish, monkfish);

.eggs in an omelette;

.lactose-free milk;

.natural unsweetened and unsweetened yogurt (for children)I put it with a small teaspoonto of sugarcar, very well moved, because if they are not incapable of takinglaugh at it);


.Burgos' cheese;


As you can see, food is very closed, sothat the challenge consists precisely in trying to make a diet that is sufficiently varied and attractive so that our little ones do not despair.which is very easycil: the first daysas why stillwill not follown malitos and the following because it will haveThey do not have to continue with that diet that they associate with the disease.Sothat, if it isIs in the midst of a gastroenteritis crisis with childrenI little youoh, only one word comes to mind...ohtocheer up!For my part, I leave you the following menu proposal.It is evident that if your little ones regularly eat soups, creams or fish, they will have itnot much mores facyl.ohLet's go there!

Sayto 1.

Breakfast: glass of lactose-free milk.Slice of crustless bread with jamón cooked

Half morningana: a platan.

Lunch: Homemade chicken soup with thin noodles (click hereto view the recipe).Omelette.Plain yogurt.

Snack: apple compote.

Dinner: Pumpkin Soup (click hereto view the recipe).Chicken stiff.


Sayto 2.

Breakfast: glass of soy milk.Slice of crustless bread with turkey cold cuts.

Half morninganna: applesauce.

Lunch: grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoesof homemade potatoesCustard.

Snack: a peachn mature

Dinner: chicken soup with white rice.small glassor Burgos cheese.

Sayto 3.

Breakfast: natural yogurt.Slice of crustless bread with turkey cold cuts.

Half morningana: ripe pear.

Lunch: grilled hake with tomato sauce and boiled baked potatoes.Custard.

Snack: applesauce.Glass of lactose-free milk.

Dinner: Stew soup with chicken and thin noodles ( click hereto view the recipe).

Sayto 4.

Breakfast: glass of soy milk.Toast crustless sliced ​​bread with Burgos cheese and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil.

Half morningana: platan.

Lunch: yellow chicken with garnishno white rice.Plain yogurt.

Snack: flan.

Dinner: Boiled egg sandwich and homemade chicken cold cuts. Onlyfans gratis de chicas culonas

Sayto 5. I don't want to lose you by xxhintaxx

Breakfast: lactose-free milk with corn cerealz unsweetened.

Half morningAnne: flan.

Lunch: steamed hake with ratatouille.

Snack: baked apple.

Dinner: zucchini creamno.Lemon chicken breast filletno.

Sayto 6.

Breakfast: lactose-free milk.Slice of bread with butter and jam.

Lunch: Malaga saladto potato.Homemade mini chicken burger.

Snack: Small homemade cupcaketo.

Dinner: hash soup with hard-boiled eggs.Homemade tomato and tuna pizza breadn and jamón cooked

Sayto 7.

Breakfast: lactose-free milk.small homemade cupcakea (click hereto view the recipe).

Half morninganna: yogurt.

Lunch: Homemade Chicken Sausage with Garnishn homemade fried tomato rice.

Snack: peachn maturePlain yogurt.

Dinner: potato omelette with tomato dressingado

Every dayas accompaniedWe will eat the main meals with soft white bread and drinking water.If at night they regularly have dessert and feel like it (they tend to be very listless), addwe will add a yogurt or a small pieceto fruit

As you can see, the úlast daysthey are mores“tasty”.the reasonn is obvious: they are the diace of transitionn to a standardized diet.And although those gaveas they comply with the parameters of the soft diet, the elaborations are somewhat mores complex.alsoI will not tell youis fixed that I have placed the adjective “home"to many dishes (chicken soup, chicken burger, pan pizza).the reasonn is that processed foods have high iSodium or fat levels harmful for those who have to follow a bland diet.All the recipes are really easyciles (I'm sure I had themit is homemade mas once and if not, when you do themis once a yearI will addis to your recipe book because they are very useful).Nor is it about being there every dayyou're cooking, I'll seeis that alsoThey are preparations that withstand freezing well.They don't hold up very well in the fridge.fico for several daysace.

If the pediatrician (or your doctorrecommended to adults) recommends a soft diet for lessace, I couldis obviar them I gaveso i didn't needis it or toon use them to make other diet combinations.

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Soft diet for children (and adults): menu for seven days.

Soft diet for children (and adults): menu for seven days.

One of my biggest concerns as a momof twins is that my childrenmake you sick, as it happens to everyone I haveare children.In additions, when they catch one of





Soft diet for children (and adults): menu for seven days.
Soft diet for children (and adults): menu for seven days.

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