Stew with chicken and vegetables




This is one of the mosts nutritious that we can take, those that cure a cold and comfort the statemagician to big and's cheapcute, it is done in a moment and, if you have left over, you can prepare with itl a rich recipe of use.ohIt's all advantages!From a nutritional point of view it isloaded with proteinnas, coming from chicken and chickpeas, and if, like me, you are a practical personpractice and this type of spoon dishes you cook for a couple of dayswell, you just have to do it with enough broth and addadd a fistado of riceSowill havet is a different dish and so rich that it will not give youlazy to take it again with a few daysace of interval

Cocido is cooked differently in many regions (!thatdelicious Madrid stewor, for example!), but at home, in Malaga, we call it puchero, because of the container in which it used to be.or was cookedIt is likely that in your house it willis differently (although the recipe has a few basic ingredients).physical, the rest is as variable as the taste of who cooks it).I bring you this recipe, which is how I always make it at home.since i was littleoh, I always atethe stew with chickpeas, potatoes, carrots and chicken.It was in Almeríthe first time i atecooked with beanace greens, and i liked itso much so that since then I always addedI love this ingredient.ohGives it a good tastesimo and we also increaseThat's the benefits of this dish!About fat...well maybeI will throwBlack pudding or pork and veal are less in this recipe, but we certainly love this dish like this, as it is.And alsos to be less hotrich, the lower presence of fat makes it moreIt is balanced from a nutritional point of view.Really try it.I am convinced that you will love it.


Before delving into the recipe, a few tips:

  • Buy white bone, neverno.will dothat the broth is white, with a mild flavor suitable for everyone.
  • Use hydrated chickpeas yourself.It is enough that you soak them in water the night before to prepare the stew.But if you forget, buy frozen or canned chickpeas.If these uThe latter are of quality (they are preservatives) do not throw away the broth in which they are preserved.In this recipe (click here) you can see howmo vegan mayonnaise is prepared with itl, loaded with proteinnas (!and no egg!).
  • Use Jewishfresh greensMeI especially like the flat ones, but the round ones toothey are not worthIf you don't have fresh ones, use the frozen ones.
  • Don't cut the potatoes, cháscales, roCut them with the knife, cutting the piece and then pulling the potato until it breaks.Sothe potato will dropstarchedn and the broth will bemoreit's thick.
  • Use quality chicken.Any part is fine, breast, thigh, thighs, with or without skin.Anyway, when the pot isdone, unluckysalo, it will improvethe taste and will removesuperfluous fat from the broth.
  • Two tricks so that the chickpeas aren very, very soft: when you soak them the night before, put a little baking soda in the water.Before putting them in the pot you just have to rinse them and that's it.The second trick is to fill the pot with hot water.ohyou will seeI know whatdifference!
  • If you like celery, addadd a twig well cleaned of threads.Gives it a rich flavorsimo.
  • When the cooking time is upn of the recipe and open the pressure cookerYes, let the stew boil without a lid for a few minutes over high will seeI know whatmore broths white and delicious.
  • If you do it with mores broth, take advantage of the soup for dinner.You just have tothrow a fistrice or some thin noodles, or alson a chopped boiled egg or jamóno.And if you dare,add some mint leaves.Riquisimo.

And now yes, the list of ingredients for about 6/8 servings.Take note: Recetas faciles y rápidas

  • A jar of chickpeas or 400 gr of chickpeas thrown into water the night before.
  • One medium white bone.
  • from 250 to 500 gr of chicken (to taste).
  • Three carrots, peeled and cut.
  • One medium potato, peeled and mashed.
  • 250 gr of beanschopped green ace
  • A little salt.

This recipe is made in no time with your pressure cookers, especially if it is of quality.I use the WMF, it is supposed to be the best on the market.Gluten-free focaccia with olives: the recipe to make at home

Stew with chicken and vegetables

Stew with chicken and vegetables

This is one of the mosts nutritious that we can take, those that cure a cold and comfort the statemagician to big and's cheapcute, it is done in a





Stew with chicken and vegetables
Stew with chicken and vegetables

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