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Stuck rice recipe 1

Rice is a dish of daily consumption in almost all of Latin Americarich, either as accompanybefore other main dishes or as the protagonist of someno full plate.In Colombia toon is one of the essential elements in your gastronomyto.

One of the most rice-based recipess known is the stuck rice.This is a platepeak of gastronomya from Valle del Cauca, although there are some variants such as the arroz atollado Santandereano.The valluno arroz atollado itself can be prepared by changing some of its ingredients.

Its origin dates back to thelittle of the colony and is considered derived from the Spanish paellawave.At first, it was prepared with tollo, a smallor sharkn that is cooked smokedlooking at it;from thereits name comes from


I alson the meat of wild birds that were hunted in the é was usedtime of sowing and harvest.Subsequently, chicken, beef and pork were added.In the stuck rice, I basico is to combine vegetables with different types of meat and rice.For some people it is essential that it take sausage and smoked rib.Its consistency should be moreIt's good as an asopado.

Howhow to prepare a good valluno riceIngredients (for 8 people)

–2 cups of rice

–4 cups of brothchicken

–½pound of sausage

–½pound of bacon

–6 hot dogs

–1 pound smoked pork rib

–1 shredded chicken breast

–3 red bell peppers cut into strips

–3 long onions

–3 big-headed onions cut into strips

–2 ripe tomatoes

–½pound of carrots cut into strips


Recipe Acorde of prawns

–½pound snap beans lengthwise

–½pound green peas

–1 pound of yellow potato or criolla potato

–4 garlic cloves

–Salt, pepper, cumin and achiote to taste Noticias del cadiz


–½liter of oil

Let's get to work

–First, prepare a hogao with the onions, peppers, tomato, achiote, pepper, garlic, salt and cumin, and most of the oil, reserving about four tablespoons to prepare the meats.Saigo Airportn Tan Son Nhat

–In the rest of the oil, the pork cuts are browned first and, once browned, they are removed from the oil.The same is done with sausages and sausages.Finally, the chicken is browned.Finish cooking all the meats in the same pot and with enough water until it isn soft

–Subsequently, in a large pot, mix the rice, the hogao (reserving approximately one cup), the meats with the líliquid in which they were cooked and broth is addedof enough chicken so that the consistency remains soaked.Add the rest of the vegetables and cook.More can be addeds broth if rice is observed to become too dry.

–afters about 20 minutes of cookingn, you can add the sliced ​​potato and part of the cilantro;more is addeds consomméand let it cook for another 20 minutes over low heat.Once the rice is at its point, both in its cookingn as in the consistency of the preparationno, it is served.

Now, let's go to the table

In a deep plate, place a tablespoon of hogao on the bottom, on which the rice is served and It ends with coriander on top.It can be accompaniedar with patacón, slices of plasticfried tano, avocado and even hard-boiled egg slices.ohummm!


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Stuck Rice Recipe

Rice is a dish of daily consumption in almost all of Latin Americarich, either as accompanybefore other main dishes or as the protagonist of someno full plate.





Stuck rice recipe 1
Stuck rice recipe 1

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