The AOVE Marquis de Oliva, Gold Medal at the Athena Awards





The AOVE Marquis de Oliva has been recognized with the Athena Gold Medal, an international award based in Greece. Marquis de Oliva is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with an early extraction of very high quality made with picual olive

Marquis de Oliva has been awarded with the Gold Medal Athena, a prize that recognizes the best AOVES in the world. The objective of the Athena contest is to highlight the symbolic importance of participation and the value of victory in Greecea country that is not only the cradle of olives, but also the homeland of healthy rivalry and the Olympic ideal. It is thus commemorated, under the shadow of the Acropolis, the moment at which the goddess Athena planted the first olive tree, that years later the invader would burn but that it would spring again in one night, giving the necessary value to the Athenians to defeat the Persians.


Vinetum, C organizing companyoncurso Internacional de Aceite de Oliva Athena, was created in 2000 and is the first company in Greece specialized in communication and marketing. The main purpose of the company is to provide communication services for wine and other alcoholic beverages, according to the information needs of both the relevant sectors and consumers.

Marquis de Oliva: a unique AOVE
Marquis de Oliva
is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality produced with picual olive, 100% ecological and co· Designation of Origin Sierra Máginain the province of Jaén. Marquis de Oliva 1881 has an intense fruity smell of green olive, which recalls freshly cut grass and kettle. The taste, on the other hand, leaves no one indifferent: slightly bitter and with a spicy touch, but with green notes and almond. Complex and fresh, it is a very versatile oil that combines perfectly with any type of kitchen, especially with white breads, grilled fish or oven or fresh or cooked vegetable dressing. In the same way, it is ideal as salads, cooked potatoes, onion or cabbage, as well as fresh cheeses such as mozzarella, and raw or semi-cured cheeses.

For his part, the picual varietyMarquis de Oliva is the most abundant in Spain and the world, with some 900,000 hectares in our country, mainly located in Jaén, Cordona and Granada, but also in Castilla-La Mancha. This brand is highly appreciated for its oxidation resistance and high temperatures, ideal for food conservation and cooking.

In the morning saw
Its mountainous enclave, which in some cases exceeds 1,000 metres, helps the fruits achieve a high level of polyphenols, which enhance the flavor of the Marquis de Oliva and contribute to the protection of lipids in the blood, one of the risk factors of cardiovascular disease. Also, vitamin E, another potent natural antioxidant, has a protective effect of cells against oxidative damage. This microclimate also achieves that the fruits of a very high content of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, very beneficial for health. Comprar freidoras baratas para casa e industriales

Thus, oleic acid (a monounsaturated fatty acid) is the main component of Marquis de Oliva 1881. Replacement in the diet of saturated fats, such as those that this oil, helps to improve blood cholesterol levels. It thus contributes to reducing one of the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and to preventing cholesterol and diabetes.

Since November
To get such a successful product, in Marques de Oliva the harvest of the fruit begins in November, when olives reach their first and optimal degree of maturity, it is carried out manually to avoid damaging the product. Its metallic, tinned packaging, in addition to having a sophisticated and original design that offers a unique and high-quality image, protects the oil from external aggressions such as light or oxygen atmosphere. Lightweight and ergonomic, it is recyclable and biodegradable, in keeping with the mime with which this olive oil is treated.

All this has caused the Marques de Oliva not to pass unnoticed and has been recognized with one of the most prestigious awards in the worldLike the Gold Mosque Award in 2022; the BEST AWARDS Alimentary Special Jury Award (April 2016, Barcelona); Gold Medal Best Packaging BEST AWARDS IP MARK (April 2016, Barcelona) or Silver Medal OLIVE JAPAN (May 2016, Tokyo). He has also been awarded the Best Packaging Design Terra Olivo (June 2016, Jerusalem); the Medal Gran Prestigio Oro OLIVINIUS 2016 (September 2016, Argentina): and as the fifth Best Oil of the World and second in Spain at the OLIVINIUS 2016 event (September 2016, Argentina).

Consequently, Spain, thanks to brands such as Marques de Oliva, has positioned itself as a world leader in the production of extra organic virgin olive oil. Exports almost 70% of its production each year, which is sold in more 172 countries.

The olive shell
The Marquesado de Oliva, to which this oil belongs, is a pontifical title granted by Leo XIII Apostolic Brief of 22 December 1880 a D. Manuel Martín de Oliva y Romero. It was also the first Marquis of Nerva, title granted by Queen Regent Maria Cristina of Austria on behalf of King Alfonso XIII, on February 27, 1891.

Manuel was also a Member of Courts, Senator of the Kingdom, Vice President of Mount Piedad, Gentilman of the House of His Majesty and Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Isabel the Catholic. Real Authorization of use was granted in Spain on February 8, 1881, after payment of the corresponding tax on January 22 of the same year. Marquis de Oliva 1881 collects that tradition in a unique and unique product, for a price that rounds the 48 euros per bottle 750 milliliters and can be found in supermarkets such as Sánchez Romero or El Corte Inglés. A delight for the palate that is certainly worth trying.

The AOVE Marquis de Oliva, Gold Medal at the Athena Awards

The AOVE Marquis de Oliva, Gold Medal at the Athena Awards

The AOVE Marquis de Oliva has been recognized with the Athena Gold Medal, an international award based in Greece. Marquis de Oliva is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil





The AOVE Marquis de Oliva, Gold Medal at the Athena Awards
The AOVE Marquis de Oliva, Gold Medal at the Athena Awards

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