The most refreshing, healthy and nutritious ‘MAR-Bacoa’ with Salmon from Norway





The good weather of the month of August accompanies sharing with family and friends a good Mar-bacoa, maximizing these days of leisure for millions of Spaniards, as explained from the Norwegian Sea Products Council. The nutritious Salmon of Norway is one of the most playable fishes can give grilled

In the month of August, the well-deserved holidays for millions of Spaniards finally arrive. The good weather accompanies, which invites squeeze to the maximum these long summer days enjoying with family or friends of a product that has already made an indispensable gap between consumers, the Norwegian salmon, in one of the formats that are trend this year: the “Mar-bacoas”. An easy, fast, versatile, light and healthy solution.


As explained by the prestigious chef Hung-Fai, the salmon from Norway It is suitable to cook it to the coals thanks to the texture of its flesh and the porte of its musculature, typical of the fish that swim in very cold waters. Especially suitable to enjoy in barbecue are the whole steaks and slices (conserving the skin), lomos and “second cut”, among others, although the versatility of this product is almost infinite, since the salmon of Norway is also highly appreciated for its wide possibilities of cooking in raw, steam, oven, iron....

Among the most outstanding options to make the panties, you can use the upper part of the salmon loin to cut into tacos and integrate into broochets and the central part of the loin, whole, with roasted vegetables, since both parts are thick and fire resistant. The ventresca contains more fat, obtaining tasty presentations with little cooking time, simply added with a good olive oil, vinegar or with a thousand and a sauces to give it a spicy, oriental or Mediterranean touch. Accompanied with potatoes, verduritas, with salad... it can also be a very light dish for both meals and dinners, appetizing and also very refreshing.

The origin is key to understanding the gastronomic goodness of a premium fish such as Norwegian salmon. “The coast of this country, which enters the Arctic, provides the ideal conditions for the breeding of these fish, which prosper in crystal clear and very, very cold waters. Here, salmon lives in its natural and paradisiacal environment as in no other place in the world. In addition, all Norwegian ocean aquaculture facilities are sustainable and have sufficient space for fish to swim and exercise their musculature,” he explains. Bjørn-Erik Stabell, director of the Norwegian Sea Products Council in Spain.

The combination of traditional knowledge and the most avant-garde and innovative scientific approach form the foundations of Norwegian aquaculture from which an excellent premium salmon is obtained that comes with all its properties and freshness to the Marbacoas summer. No other Norwegian product is as well integrated into the healthy Mediterranean Diet as the appreciated Salmon!

In millions of Spanish households the salmon is cooked in oven or iron, although in recent years they have been growing, especially among the younger population, other options and preparations in raw with Norwegian salmon as the main protagonist. That's the case. ceviche -originary of Peru, but presently present in all countries, including Spain-, the pie or sushi. Also poke, a simple dish of Hawaiian origin made with raw fish marinated with different dressings.

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And it is that Norwegian salmon allows countless preparations, both raw and cooked, and for all tastes. Each part of the salmon is perfect for a different dish: The I am. for sushi and sashimi, the fillets for iron or oven and tail for burgers or pier. Also important, cookingFor which the salmon also gives a lot of play.

Norwegian salmon is a source of healthy proteins and also contains some essential nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, group B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, minerals and antioxidants.

Among the proposals of the Norwegian Sea Products Council to enjoy this summer Marbacoa, taking advantage of the magnificent cuts that the product allows, are Norwegian salmon tacos marinated with miso, soy and honey; or Norwegian salmon sprouts with teriyaki and roast avocado; Barbecue of fresh Norwegian salmon steaks marinated; Norwegian salmon burgers fresh to the barbecue or fresh Norwegian salmon broochs grilled with citric dressing.

To suck your fingers.

Recipes to prepare the best ‘Mar-bacoa’ of summer
Norwegian salmon jars marinated with miso, soy and honey


  • 500 grams of Norwegian salmon without Norwegian skin or thorns
  • 200 gr of white mass
  • 200 grams of honey
  • 100 gr of low soy in sodium


  1. In a big bowl we mix well the mass, soy and honey.
  2. We sail the tacos for 4 hours in the fridge
  3. BBQ roast and follow

Norwegian salmon snacks with teriyaki and roasted avocado


  • 500 gr of Norwegian salmon dice (3x3cm)
  • 2 avocados cut in 4
  • Olive oil, salt, ground pepper
  • 250 gr teriyaki sauce


  1. In a bowl we marinate the salmon dice for 2 hours after that time prepare the broochets and cut the avocados in four, sprinkle the taste and roast in the barbecue
  2. Add an oil chorreoncite with flame caution.
  3. Cook the broochets

Barbecue of fresh Norwegian salmon fillets marinated

Ingredients (4 people)

  • 600 grams of fresh Norwegian salmon, without thorns or skin
  • aluminum foil

For the marinade:

  • 2 garlic teeth
  • 1 ud. red screen
  • 1 ud. lemon grass
  • 2 cda ginger, fresh
  • 0.5dl. extra virgin olive oil


  • Heat the barbecue and cut the steaks of Norwegian salmon into equal pieces.
  • Pour the garlic, chili and lemon peel into small pieces.
  • Pour the ginger and mix with the other ingredients of the marinade in olive oil.
  • Place the pieces of Norwegian salmon in a part of the grill, previously greased and on them add the marinade.
  • Turn around the steaks, cover with the marinade, and leave for 1-2 hours at room temperature.
  • Cover the plate with aluminum foil for 15 minutes. The steaks are barely cooked.

The Norwegian Sea Products Council (NSC) is directly dependent on the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and is responsible for publicizing the differential values of national references. The NSC is based in Tromsø and has local offices in 12 of the world's most important Norwegian fish and seafood markets: Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Japan, China, Singapore and USA. In addition to Spain.

The most refreshing, healthy and nutritious ‘MAR-Bacoa’ with Salmon from Norway

The most refreshing, healthy and nutritious ‘MAR-Bacoa’ with Salmon from Norway

The good weather of the month of August accompanies sharing with family and friends a good Mar-bacoa, maximizing these days of leisure for millions of Spaniard





The most refreshing, healthy and nutritious ‘MAR-Bacoa’ with Salmon from Norway
The most refreshing, healthy and nutritious ‘MAR-Bacoa’ with Salmon from Norway

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