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From theory to practice to sleep better: to handle environmental light, create a relaxing sleep ritual, a repairing sleep ritual, modulate physical exercise, use melatonin, control stress with meditation, with relaxing music, meal schedule, proper feeding and certain supplements

The level of natural light that should be received to sleep properly
It is recommended to increase natural light exposure during the day. The more natural light you have in the morning much better for rest, sporting, strolling, pause of work, etc. is important to expose yourself to the sun. Go out to the street and see the natural light. If it is recommended to work near a window. Science says that people who work near a window apart from being happier, which is very important, sleep better at night. In the end of the morning you must look for the maximum exposure to natural light.


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The impact of technology and screens that affect sleep
The relationship between technology and melatonin is very important. Mobile or tablets should not be used two hours before bed. If one hour of tablet light is used before going to bed, it alters the production of melatonin by 50%, but if used for two hours in a row before going to bed, the production of melatonin is altered by 70%. Using the tablet one hour before going to bed or for an hour alters the body's ability to rest by 50%, i.e. sleeps half well that if the tablet is not used, so that those electronic devices two hours before going to bed should be banned. That's super important.

Physical exercise for better sleep (when playing sports)
At the level of physical exercise, in the morning is the ideal time for physical exercise, especially outdoors exposed to natural lights, it is always recommended to walk every morning in the light of the day half an hour in fasts. If it can't be in fasts it doesn't matter but go out and walk with sunlight and at night leave it for soft stretching, yoga, exercises that calm down and relax again.

Light suitable for better sleep
In the evening it is very interesting to put the light of the house in warm tones, red tones, candlelight, that is to say light that invites the brain to rest. Science says that the light of fire does not alter the production of melatonin, why? because the fire is discovered from before being human then that color when they were already hominid and the fire was used, then that red color, this light of the candles does not alter the production of melatonin.

Try to avoid the news and especially if they are bad, avoid social media at night before going to sleep. The only thing that generates in the brain is a state of activity that is not needed to rest.

Super interesting to write a diary of gratitude, that is to write in a diary the things for which it is appreciated, for which to be grateful during the day and also the things that concern because everything that is written on a paper, is downloaded from the mind.


Before going to bed in the evening-night the use of relaxing music, science says that classical music, jazz, helps to rest, but also the sounds of nature. Sounds of nature induces the brain in a process of relaxation to sleep better.

Slow and deep and conscious breathing also helps, and encourages meditation. This would be an evening-night intervention to improve sleep quality.

Food for better sleep
Science says that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables especially for its content in magnesium, improves sleep quality, fish is also very related to sleep quality because it has very important nutrients such as tryptophan, vitamin D and omega 3 that improves the ability of the sleeping organism, that is, to produce melatonin from another hormone called serotonin. SeriesLista.com - Programas de TV, Series, Guía de episodios.

Super important and inversely proportional consumption of ultra-processed, made more ultra-processed less sleep quality.

Foods rich in tryptophan are important because tryptophan produces serotonin from which melatonin that is the repairing sleep hormone will occur.

There are a series of foods that have melatonin above all are pistachios, nuts, kiwis and cherries. Science says eating pistachios and especially kiwis at night improves the quality and quantity of sleep. That should be taken for a while and if it stops taking the effect it disappears, but this type of food to include them at dinner will improve the quality and quantity of sleep.

No late dinner, digestion interferes with the production of melatonin. It says scientific evidence above all a researcher is called Dr. Valter Longo, he is the author of the book of the diet of longevity and of infinity of scientific studies which says that you should spend at least two hours without eating anything before going to bed to ensure a dream that repairs the organism.

Supplements for better sleep
Science says that a combination of melatonin, magnesium and zinc in the doses to be taken in the green club supplements, i.e. 1.8 milligrams of melatonin 10 milligrams of zinc and 300 milligrams of magnesium an hour before going to bed improved the quality and quantity of sleep as well as the quality of life in the people who used this intervention. I mean the zinc triad, magnesium and melatonin taken for 8 weeks improves sleep quality, superimportant these three nutrients together generate a synergy that improves sleep quality and quantity.

Increase the melatonin to sleep better.

Pack young people to improve rest.

When melatonin is taken in supplement the brain does not stop producing the melatonin it should, so there is no decrease in the endogenous production of melatonin. No body tolerance appears, you do not get used to the melatonin supplement in fact on the contrary the longer you take melatonin supplements the better the body's response to it and rarely has side effects. It only has some mild and very rare side effects such as tiredness in the morning, dizziness, drowsiness, or excitement before sleeping but is a very safe supplement.

Physical therapy
In order to end, phytotherapy should also be a great therapeutic ally, if you have soothing and sedative plants that will help you relax and sleep better, if taken during the day can make relaxing action and if taken at night they will help you reconcile your sleep better.

Plants if used in extracts have much more active principles, that is, substances that make that function in the body much more powerful than infusions, especially there is a product called SedaSom, to relax patients make you sleep better but also to decrease your muscle tension. You can use it completely if to sleep better is given in adults at night and for children would not be indicated in SedaSomn but you have the Calm Child, it is a syrup that has a very nice flavor totally of natural products based on orange blossom, melisa, tila and chamomile that is totally safe and thought for use in the little ones. You have the information of your use on the green club page and it is super interesting to make young children relax at night and it is easier to reconcile the dream.

Article written by Antonio Valenzuela, physiotherapist expert in clinical psychoneuroimmunology. See Full Webinar.

Time change – Tips for sleeping well

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Time change: Tips to prepare the body and prevent it from affecting the dream of MiGreenClub.com

Time change: Tips to prepare the body and prevent it from affecting the dream of MiGreenClub.com

From theory to practice to sleep better: to handle environmental light, create a relaxing sleep ritual, a repairing sleep ritual, modulate physical exercise, u






Time change: Tips to prepare the body and prevent it from affecting the dream of MiGreenClub.com
Time change: Tips to prepare the body and prevent it from affecting the dream of MiGreenClub.com

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