Tips for not losing sleep with routine changes





These keys can reduce the impact on the psychic state that causes habit changes, according to experts from Rest Blog

A routine is the custom to do something in a given, regular and periodic manner. Although at times a negative connotation is attributed to the routine, humans unconsciously desire that circle of comfort, as the primitive part of their brain requires habits to feel security and stability. In other words, humanity avoids by nature the sense of insecurity that causes the unknown.


Although people strive to establish routines that provide this apparent sense of dominance over their lives, sometimes change and loss of control are inevitable. Especially when the usual behaviors, those that were being made on automatic pilot, are affected.

Fortunately, there are a number of activities that can prevent or reduce the psychological effects caused by the most severe routine changes, such as a move, a professional change, a return on vacation or having the first child.

Meditate to reduce stress
Meditation is one of the most effective activities to eliminate stress and achieve greater inner peace. Among the advantages it has is that it can be practiced in almost any place and moment, as it does not require any particular material.

Also, some studies such as the one carried out by the Massachussets General Hospital in collaboration with Yale University and MIT They have shown these benefits. This study measured some aspects of the brain in individuals who practiced meditation exercises and others who did not. The result was that those who did perform such exercises had a smaller size of the cerebral tonsil, which is directly related to stress and anxiety.

Relativizing the situation
Another action that helps combat stress is to relativize some situations and, in particular, problems. It is not about ignoring them, but changing the focus of vision on them and how they affect day by day.

In this way, finding a new point of view will cause some problems to lose the importance they had and thus reduce unnecessary negative emotions.

Replace old routines for new
One of the possibilities is that stress occurs due to the changes suffered and the consequent alteration of the routine kept prolonged in time. To combat this problem the most advisable option is to replace the routine as soon as possible which is no longer useful for another better adapted to the new situation. fuentes de chocolate

Planning rest
According to the dream experts of the portal“It is also appropriate to establish as soon as possible a series of routines about the time of dinner, to go to bed and to get up, avoiding the irregularity that usually accompany the times of change or the flexibility associated with the periods of vacation”.

Also, in relation to rest at night and previous activities ensure that “at least an hour before bedtime, you should do without watching television and using devices that contain light screens such as computers, tablets and mobile phones to avoid interruptions in the circadian rhythms caused by exposure to artificial light.”

Organize time
Closely related to rest is also the organization of the rest of the time. One of the important aspects is not to overload the agenda with an excess of activities and select those that are most important, coming to delegate in other people if necessary.

Practice sports regularly
One of the most useful and recognized activities to reduce stress-produced impacts is to practice exercise. The usual recommendation is to do two and a half hours of weekly activity, whether running, riding a bike or going out.

Thus a study published in the Magazine Cell and carried out by researchers of the Karolinska Institute. Performing sport makes muscles start working with the liver and kidneys to purify the toxin organism, producing an enzyme that removes a molecule related to depression.

Healthy food
The type of feeding can directly affect the mood. If you choose to eat foods rich in calories, sugars, and saturated fats, you may increase your stress periods. Instead, eating foods such as nuts, avocado, spinach or citrus fruits will facilitate the reduction of this type of situation.

Fostering personal relationships
Sometimes it's one of the big careless, but sharing a problem, asking for help or advice to the people you trust most is one of the most useful guidelines for fighting stress and its effects.

Visiting professionals
Finally, a very useful solution that is not usually due to the possibility or because of the prejudices established in society is to ask professionals as specialized psychologists for help.

Tips for not losing sleep with routine changes

Tips for not losing sleep with routine changes

These keys can reduce the impact on the psychic state that causes habit changes, according to experts from Rest Blog /COMUNICAE/ /COMUNICAE/





Tips for not losing sleep with routine changes
Tips for not losing sleep with routine changes

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