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Torre Salazar Restaurant in Portugalete




A few months ago buy in groupon a discount for a in a restaurant in PortugaleteThe idea gave it to me. My friend Somoza And since my girlfriend grew up practically in the barrel villa, I thought it was a wonderful idea to surprise her.

The restaurant is the Torre Salazar, a restaurant that has been open for a few years and that the truth is a discovery.

My friend Asier López I had talked about the place, he told me that the owner was an old acquaintance in my neighborhood of Santutxu José Luís Neira before running a bar in front of the Batzoki of the aforementioned bilbaino neighborhood. There we headed after taking a couple of zuritos in the street Ledesma and after getting off at the subway stop Portugaletand we went around the before full. streets of Koskojales and Santa Maria, these streets were the meeting center of the young people on the left and Bilbao who were looking for a party and a couple of kids or kids with whom to cheer the view, now it is a desert thanks to the not very successful policy of the city council that saw birth to the great Julen Guerrero.

After having some pots we go to the restaurant, the first thing that attracts attention to part of the restaurant itself that is in the Torre Salazar It's that you have to call a bell, identify yourself and say that you go to the restaurant, I imagine this control is because of the tower exhibits a small museum of history of Portugal And they'll want other people's friends not to come in, at least I thought it was funny.

As we enter we find a very cozy restaurant, with Jazz music very soft as musical thread and all care in detail but without great luxuries. José Luís, very attentive throughout the meal, takes care of the dining room and attends very politely and with a lot of education to the comensales, to us The deal he gave us was excellent.

Before starting the food and amenizing the waiting They got us a little canapé. that I was delicious, not right to know that it was pudding but gave me a taste of huevas that I liked very much.

After and to open appetite and wait sandwich We ask for a lobster salad and foieI'm not very friendly with salads as it seems to me to go eat somewhere and order a salad that is very good that this is not stopped being a salad but I must say that Laura's choice was very successful as it was delicious. The foie and the locusts combined to perfection. The cost of the salad was €14 and we ate it between the two.

After the Light dish of the night they brought us Codillo, it was delicious and at its perfect point, roasted skin and cooked and juicy meat It is the only codillo that I have eaten in Spain that looks like something we tried in NÜremberg, came accompanied by the typical salsa that accompanies german meats and potatoes with a touch of cinnamon that enamorated me and as no... the mythical and inseparable chucrut I was delicious, the only glue maybe, is that to eat would be scarce, for dinner it was very good but at 2 o'clock in the afternoon I would have liked little. Its price is 16 € per comensal.

After Codillo in the Bavarian style The moment of dessert came, I didn't want anything but Laura asked for a Chocolate brownie I can say I was 10, very rich and temperate. (5,50 € per homemade dessert)

Aviation Questions and Answers

To water the dinner and combine perfectly with the codillo we order a Crianza rioja Muga, a wine that I like a lot and that is always a great choice, its cost was 23 € the bottle.

The restaurant Torre Salazar must say that I liked it very much, the food was excellent, the perfect environment and the attention of the exquisite staff.

If you want to give a surprise to your partner or family I recommend it, our dinner with the bread and the coffees salt 50 € plus the groupon coupon (which cost 19€, that is, for 19€ gave us a ration of codillo for two people), if you go normal the cost would have been 85 € instead of the 69 that cost us, you can still leave the budget of many for a dinner without more but changing the wine by water you save 20 € from the account 😉

I will soon go again with some friends as we have a couple more vouchers and I will tell you 😉


Portugalete is a charming villa, its proximity to the sands with its beach, its proximity to Santurce and its port, its hanging bridge... a perfect plan to spend the day.

The food is delicious and you see quality in the ingredients.

The restaurant has charm

Possibility to know a bit of the history of Portugalete


We have to go to Portu.

The amount for a glutton like me can be scarce

It's a restaurant that can get out of everyone's pocket by going to the letter (although it's okay)

Torre Salazar Restaurant

Travesía de Lope García Salazar s/n Portugalete


Charter of the restaurant Torre Salazar

Enlarge map

I have recently met the gastrourdial companions, a blog that discovers and in a very good way (for my taste) various restaurants of Castro and cities around. I have been able to see that they have come to the Torre Salazar restaurant in Portugalete and that unlike my treatment has not been very good.

I leave you here the chromic that the friends of the gastrourdiales.

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Torre Salazar Restaurant in Portugalete

Torre Salazar Restaurant in Portugalete

A few months ago buy in groupon a discount for a in a restaurant in PortugaleteThe idea gave it to me. My friend Somoza And since my girlfriend grew up practic





Torre Salazar Restaurant in Portugalete
Torre Salazar Restaurant in Portugalete

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