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Typical Dishes of the Insular Region





He ruled hern Colombian insular ismade up of a group of islands, islets and cays that are far from the continental coasts.These are Providencia, Santa Catalina and the Archipiélake of san andres, in the waters of the Caribbean Sea;Gorgona, Gorgonilla and the Malpelo Islands in ocean watersanus Pacífico.It is located specificallyphysically to the northwest of the Colombian coast.

These areas were influenced by other cultures, resulting in an exquisite mix, in every way.In fact, their dishes are a mixture of different cultures: English, Spanish,wave, african, dutch and indiangena, all of them came to cohabit at the same time in the area and are constituted in the rootsces of the customs of the regionno.

The dishes that represent gastronomyto insular are very varied, their bases mainly go back to the sea, with fish, crabs, snails and lobsters being the main protagonists of them.

As for the accompanyingBefore these dishes made with seafood, there are vegetables, fruits and vegetables typical of the region's harvests.n, among which are pumpkin (auyama/zapallo), cassava (tapioca), cornz and platanano (banana).

To give it flavor and seasoningn to the cymbals, the localsThey use spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves and basil, which give a fusionn of aromas and flavorsunique.

The regional foodn insular overflows with color and flavor.The main courses, the soups, its desserts and drinks are an experience for all the senses, which locals and visitors enjoy with great pleasure.

Typical dishes of the insular region 1

Fríjoles with pig tail (PigTail)

Typical dishes of the insular region 2

Minced Fish Recipe

Typical dishes of the insular region 3

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Typical dishes of the insular region 4

Cocadas Recipe

In this articleass, we'll show you some dishes for youpeaks of the regionno, the mosts representative of its gastronomyto.

Meals yourepresentative pikes of the regionn insular

The meals youpikes of the regionn insular conjugate a great variety of flavors, textures and a combinationno teaancestral techniques of the different cultures that made life on the islands and the local ingredientsethnics and foreigners.

Run Downn)

This is the mosts representative of the regionno.It is a type of stew or stew that is prepared in coconut milk, among its ingredients it has: pig tail, snails and fish such as protein.a protagonist;and as for the vegetables and accompanybefore: cassava, plagreen tano, breadfruit, flour tortillas and ñlove;all seasoned with assorted spices.

This particular dish expresses the gastronomyto the regionn in full, since it not only incorporates a variety of ingredients, but also combines a series of teasculinary techniques that have been inherited from the cultures that lived in this regionproduct of migrationno.

I had themrculos and coconut are native to the regionn, the fried fish and the sea snail of San Andrés (the Caribbean), North American pig tail, spices originating in European food, breadfruit originating in Polynesia and Chinese dumplings (flour tortillas).All this with a preparationno accordingin the teaAfrican technique, which throughs of his wisdomto ancestral, achievedmerge these apparently different ingredients, to give one of the most delicious dishess traditional throughout the regionno.The Run Down was createdfirst in Jamaica and from therearriveto San Andreyes, where was itingrained as part of the culture of the regionno.


Ti Dishespeaks of the Regionn Amazonnica

Crab soup

Typical dishes of the insular region 5

Crab soup is one of the Aphrodisian dishesbullies par excellenceIt is a combinationno exoethics of ingredients typical of the area.The preparationn is made with red and black crabs, in additionyes it was addedade pig tail, assorted spices, flour tortillas, ñlove and dadIt is served accompaniedroastedno of plasticso green.

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AlboNdigas (balls) of fish, lobster or crab meat

These balls of fish, lobster or crab meat are highly valued in the your preparationBreadcrumbs, eggs, spices and vegetables are used to give them flavor and texture.This mixture is shaped into smallas balls and friedand in an oil that isvery hot.

Crabs Backs

Crab meat, one of the mosts representative of the island, is prepared seasoned with the typical ingredientspeaks of the island, and then it is used to fill the shell of the crabs, which is used as a plate, resulting in a spectacularvisual and gustatory ass. Free porn comics

Snail Ball

The snail ball is prepared with stewed snail meat and then fried.and in coconut oil.Those who try it assure that it is somewhat addictive, its flavor and texture are unmatched.n with another bite.

Stewed Chicken with Dumplings

The chicken is sealed in coconut oil and later stewed with onion, paprikan, salt, chili, garlic and celery, then the dumplings are sautéed a few minutes before the oil is removed from the heat.The chicken is tender due to the process of sealing with coconut oil and the result is one of the most delicious dishes.s delicious and desired by the entire regionno.

Coldjoles con cola de cerdo (Pig Tail)

Typical dishes of the insular region 6

Red or black beans cooked with pig's tail, to which is addeda special sauce of garlic, paprikan basil chiliand onion, seasoned with salt and sugarcar.AsThe result is a unique and unbeatable flavor.

Typical dishes of the insular region 7 See COMPLETE Recipe

Crab Patty (Crab Patties)

Crab patties are prepared with a crunchy wheat flour dough filled with crabmeat seasoned with the following ingredients.peaks of the regionn: pepperedn, garlic and onion.This is a light meal and despite its good sizeor, serves as an entree to a menuof sea dishes.

Mince fish

Typical dishes of the insular region 8

Fish is the star of this dish, and of the entire table in the regionn insular.For this reason, this is one of the favorites in the area, it is prepared with grouper or red snapper stewed with garlic, onion, orégano, basil and coconut oil.

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The sweets of the regionn insular of Colombia are characterized because in their majoritythispresent the coconutThis fruit together with banana and cornz, are the protagonists of the representative sweets and desserts of this

This is a land where even salty foods have their sweet and fruity touch, since the combinationn of flavors has been sensational to him and has held up over time.


Ti Dishespeaks of the Regionn Pacifica

Coconut sweets (cocadas)

Typical dishes of the insular region 9

Cocadas are prepared with coconut, which is used both for the preparationNo sweet dishes like savory dishes.In the streets of the islands you can see street vendors who are walking offering these sweets that are part of the sweet shopto youpike of the regionno.

Cocadas are a type of cookie-like sweet made with coconut (milk and grated pulp), flour, butter, and or panela

Typical dishes of the insular region 10 See COMPLETE Recipe

Pumpkin cake (auyama), maíz and cambur (banana)

The mixture of these three ingredients: banana, cambur and auyama, are a combinationn youpica de le región insular.It is used for both sweet and savory foods, but particularly in desserts it can be enjoyed as the main ingredient in cakes.

The preparationn is simple: you make a pureewith the three ingredients, add butter, sugarmeat, eggs, flour, white cheese (costeño cheeseo) and baked, the result in aroma, texture and flavor is unmatched.

These desserts are prepared in family homes, in restaurants and can also be boughtn in street sales.

Journey Cakes

They are baked rolls, made from wheat flour kneaded with, salt and coconut milk.It is a delicacy for all the inhabitants of the area, who share it with visitors.

Coconut candy

It's a sweet tipeak in which the coconut and the almisugar barcar or panela, create a combinationn perfect.

Coconut cake

The preparationn of this dish is as follows: butter is creamed, egg yolk and lemon zest are addedn, coconut milk, coconut flour and shredded coconut, is joined with stiff egg whites.The result is a kind of coconut bread with an indescribable texture, which makes your mouth water just thinking about this dessert.Is somethingunbeatable, which seals a good island meal with a flourish.

Sugar Cake

Sugar cake is a delicious flour cookie combined with lard and butter as a fat component, coconut milk and, which despite not seeming very healthy when you read its ingredients, is a delicious combinationNo of flavors

Accompanybefore lunch specials youpike of the regionn insular Colombiana

They were accompanied bybefore the meal youpike of the regionn Colombian insular are for people who live on the continent, a series of foods that may seem strange or curious.With names and ingredients that are not common in other regions of Colombia, but not for that reason, they enjoy less of the puwar.


They are pieces prepared with wheat flour;salt, fat (butter) and coconut milk are added, and baking powder is placed on them.Its taste is really delicious.

The preparationn of the dumplings can be boiled or steamed.Its use is as an accompanimentbefore other dishespicks such as soups or main dishes such as rondon, the crab soup and the delicious stewed chicken.When added to stews, it is used by the spoonful.


Ti Dishespeaks of the Regionn Orinoquia

Breadfruit (áBreadfruit tree)

They are a fruit of Polynesian origin.These are a fruit of oval or round shape, of a sizeor considerable, its rind is green, its texture is creamy and its flavor is sweet.It is eaten roasted, fried or toasted.

When the breadfruit isripe loses a bit of sweetness and can be eaten without being cooked.He is one of the companionsbefore mores delicious of the island dishes.


Corn flourz dissolved in coconut milk, seasoned with sugarcar and salt, this mixture, with the cookingn it thickens little by little.This is a preparationn simple that contrasts with the exquisiteness that is obtained from its preparationno.It is ideal as a companionbefore stews and various foodspikes of the regionno.


This is a side dishn that is prepared with the grated and squeezed cassava in its entirety, to later fryfry until golden.Serves as an accompanimentbefore various dishes of the regionn insular, it breaks into large pieceso and eaten with stewed crab.

Platain tarte

This is a delicious empanada made with flour dough and filled with delicious sweet plaso mature

Colombia's insular food is a fusionn ancestral

The dishes youpicos of the Colombian insular region is a traditional foodn ancestral, specially prepared with traditional ingredients and autochtones of the regionno.Savor your dishesspikes is something that is really worth it, surely you will not wants stop eating them over and over again.

Typical Dishes of the Insular Region

Fríjoles with pig tail (PigTail)Minced Fish RecipePumpkin Pie RecipeCocadas RecipeMeals yourepresentative pikes of the regionn insularRun Downn)Crab soupAlboN





Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1
Typical dishes of the insular region 1

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