Vegan coconut balls (dairy free)




As a childto the sweet youChristmas peak that moreWhat I liked was undoubtedly the coconut balls: the brightly colored packaging, the smell of chocolate and coconut, the soft and sweet taste…The years have passedand it's still the Christmas snackor what else illusionn makes me try.As I already told youin my previous entry, the one about the cinnamon shortbread with olive oil (vegans) around the house we have many shops of “Mantecados de Antequera”, supermarkets and neighborhood stores where you can buy quality Christmas products.But at home, make Christmas sweetsit is one more activitys to do with the childrenwhile we listen to Christmas carols and enjoy an afternoon with the family.From the economic point of viewmico, the truth is that making the coconut balls at home is worth it, because for very little money you have many balls (the recipe that I give you is for 25 balls and I assure you that in the store they are much mores expensive than what the ingredients cost you to make them at home).If you are one of those who dois gifts "DIY”, made by yourselves, these balls are alsoThey are ideal: they look beautiful and are a wonderful detail for these holidays.


I am convinced that you will love my vegan recipe, without condensed milk, therefore also idealn for alélactose intolerant or allergicIt does not contain gluten either, so I celí themAcos can eat them without problems, neither potatoes nor liquors.For methere's no need.Sothisn perfect, sweet, soft, delicious.When I make a batch, I store them in a lunch box and pop them in the freezer.So, to eat them, I just have to take them out a little before and it'sThey were perfect and I gave themyes sirwinged we have coconut balls like I justn made, with little effort.

To make about 25 of these delicious coconut balls you will needs:

  • 200 g grated coconut
  • 150 g sugarcar
  • 80 ml water
  • 20 g coconut oil
  • ½teaspoon of vanilla essence
  • 220 g of dark chocolate for couverture

1º.Put the sugar in a saucepancar with water and move well.Let boil two minutes.

2nd.yearadd the vanilla essence, coconut oil and grated coconut and mix well.

3rd.Put the dough of the balls extended in a fountain and leave in the fridgeI spend 30 minutes. Blog sobre psicologia

4th.Divide the dough into balls.Melt the chocolate in the bathor Marior in the microwave: caliéPut it in a bowl for 30 seconds, stir well, heat again for another 30 seconds and stir well.Heat 15 more secondss if necessary, but be careful not to burn it.

5th.On a tray, put baking paper.bathAdd the coconut balls to the melted chocolate with the help of a fork and place them on the tray until the chocolate dries.

When the chocolate cooledand you can wrap in colored paper or directly freeze.

If you have a Thermomix, follow these steps:

1º.yearadd the sugar in the glasscar and water and heat two minutes/100º/speed 1.

2nd.yearAdd the rest of the ingredients and mix 30 seconds/speed 5.Follow steps 3, 4 and 5 of the traditional recipe.

You already have your delicious coconut balls ready without lácteos, gluten-free, spirit-free, potato-free.A deliciously sweet bite that you will loveprepare this ChristmasIf you liked this recipe and you dare to prepare it, I taggedTag me on your social networks so I can see the photo of your coconut balls.On Instagram , for example, you just have to tag me: you can find me as El merry-go-round (click hereto see my account and yesFollow me if you like what you see).

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Vegan coconut balls (dairy free)

Vegan coconut balls (dairy free)

As a childto the sweet youChristmas peak that moreWhat I liked was undoubtedly the coconut balls: the brightly colored packaging, the smell of chocolate and co





Vegan coconut balls (dairy free)
Vegan coconut balls (dairy free)

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