Villa's lieutenant provides 5 keys to eat outside if you're on condition





To reconcile social life with the bikini operation is a challenge; it is true that going out to eat outside is associated with excesses... now, what if there was a way to harmonize this “delicious” struggle between going to try the culinary temples and not coming back with a few extra kilos and that, in addition, it was a healthy and compatible option with weight loss? Villa's lieutenant then provides 5 keys to eat outside if you are on condition

1. Before we go out. It is advisable to take a snack before arriving at the restaurant to help the body control hunger and be able to order with mesura (a piece of fruit or a Greek yogurt would be enough, although you can also fill the stomach with a stock of vegetables), so you will avoid falling into the most appetizing and less temptations healthy that accumulate in the form of extra kilos. In addition, one should remember that experts recommend making 5 meals a day.


2. Bless snacks! I do label the ham, the cecina, the pickles, nuts, the bacons in vinegar, the shrimps, the seafood splash, the mussels or the berbets. You have to flee from fries, kikos, croquettes, leaflets and bounces. You can accompany this moment “delicatesen” with a glass of red wine and try to avoid beer a better choice? No alcohol, bet on a tomato juice or water with gas and a lemon slice.

3. First dish. It is important that you are made of vegetables, iron or cooked is a good choice; salads are a very healthy choice, having to chew a crude vegetable time carries an important gastric work that makes you eat less later; that is yes, caring with the dressing!, it is better to dosify it yourself, you can use extra virgin olive oil, but better a small vinegar, just liger.

4. Fish or lean meats for the second. Made in a simple way, always on the iron or oven without too heavy sauces (both at lunch and dinner time). A good idea is to ask the waiter for the garrison and opt for vegetables, salad or roast potato, always controlling the portions.

5. Give up the dessert? It is advisable to choose seasonal fruit or lemon sorbet without alcohol. If you are a sweet lover, a sweetened infusion with honey and lemon or share with the other diners the dessert are the best options.

The Villa's Mentidero offers the best kitchen that reinvents daily between traditional recipes and the most avant-garde. A good incoming or main choice could be your truffled Burrata, pink tomato, avocado and PVP sausage (16€); butterfish ceviche with mango and avocado PVP (15€) or, why not, bet for sure with your tuna laminate with soy sauce and wasabi or the white oak oak asparagus with Iberian papada. Que dia se celebra hoy

Second, a good recommendation is the fish of the day, which make it to the plate with salted vegetables (according to availability). The bass, the turbine or the tug are just a few examples, just like the tuna on the plate with sesame reduction. If you prefer meat, the classic steak will not disappoint anyone. PVP (23,50€).

The ideal thing would be to finish the feast with an infusion or a piece of seasonal fruit.

About El Mentidero de la Villa
Located in the heart of the capital, Mentidero de la Villa offers the best seasonal Mediterranean cuisine and a select winery. A restaurant where the product, cared to the end transports to the most tasty flavors. All in an exquisite atmosphere that collects and accompanies the comenals, where the atmosphere is cozy and manor with a contemporary decoration.

For its owners Lara Alonso del Cid and Borja Anabitarte, owners of the restaurant since 2002, having a restaurant recognized for being one of the preferred by the Spanish and Madrid political dome symbolizes something greater than a simple distinction, is above all a challenge that makes them overcome day by day. Thanks to this philosophy they have reached the highest of Madrid's gastronomy.

The celebrated letter has been created with the most select products of the earth and is based on the Mediterranean diet... Health and pleasure in the Villa lieutenant are not mixed, but they dance together.

Simple and based on the flavors, textures and aromas of the Mediterranean and with the best and freshest ingredients, Lara and Borja have created a selection of dishes for the Villa Mentidero in which they merge the most traditional cuisine with avant-garde touches, thus achieving innovative recipes that delight all palates.

And for all those who want to enjoy a nice space in the company of friends, an afterwork with co-workers or take something together... Villa's lieutenant has created an incomparable snack bar, Mentidero and Gin, open until 23:30 in the morning Who gives more?

C/ Almagro 20, Madrid

Telephone: 913 08 12 85

Hours of 13:30-16:00, 20:30-23:00


@elmentidero delvilla


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Villa's lieutenant provides 5 keys to eat outside if you're on condition

To reconcile social life with the bikini operation is a challenge; it is true that going out to eat outside is associated with excesses... now, what if there w






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