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If you consider yourself a lover of active tourism, Benasque offers the best conditions land, variety, climates and peaks to execute him.

Benasque, belongs to the municipality of province of Huesca; located at 1,140 m altitude town of Huesca so, when it comes to skiThere will be no better place in Spain.

Although it seems like an environment for adults (for the earrings), it is not necessarily so, in it, you can enjoy the best campsite Benasque, in company of their children.


From hiking to hiking fishing practices, you insuranceYou'll have chosen a fun destination to segregate full adrenaline.

When it comes to it accommodation, there will be multiple options hotels in Benasque, from 3 stars, with guarantee der basic services, which provide security, comfort but above all tranquility.

Be welcome to get to know more about this great destination discoveries, history and full vibration.

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Three characteristic elements present in Benasque

To detail:


  1. The wide gastronomy

Taking into account your spatial location BenasqueThere's your source. gastronomic production in the crops of its wide mountains.

It is through the planting of vegetables, plants and veal that recreate their unique dishes, combining their historical legacy, with increasingly exotic touches, for example: the “recaution” (traditional vegetable supply).

Another typical element that recreates the table in benasque is the lamb (ternasco) and rabbit, wild boar, quail and bow.

Note that, the treatment that is assigned to your crops and livestock, is totally manual and ancestral.

Benasque... authentic taste of the Pyrenean culture that strives every day to innovate in its learned gastronomic tendencies.

  1. Extreme sports

If you choose spring and summer seasons, you should know that Benasque will give you a number of fun outdoor options.

Some of them are: climbing, rafting practices, paragliding launch or route. Of course, after that, you want to have a well-deserved break in comfortable hotels that the town offers you.

If you decide to practice paragliders, you will have professionals of wide range, which will guide you throughout the process. From the People of Castejón SosYou can see the excellent space for this practice.

But, if what you're looking for is to climb treated mountains, you'll also find lending companies. equipment and guidance in this sport.

If you choose winter season, the Alpine ski resort of Aramón Cerler or Nordic ski resort of Llanos del Hospital or Natural Park Posets Maladeta are the possibilities you will have for this fun entertainment (according to where you are).

  1. The weather

Benasque is characterized by a Pretty cold and temperate climate. Precipitations are abundant throughout the year.

However, in the month of October, it usually starts the snow season, so to visit its Pyrenees in this season, it will be synonymous to take advantage of their wet winters or, out of itVery dry summers.

Two places you will not be able to visit in Benasque

To detail:

  1. Visitors Centre of Benasque

When you decide to step on land of legends Benasque, we recommend visiting the Visitors Center of Benasque there, you will be able to know first hand orientation tourist sites, guided tours plans, sports service providers among others.

There, you may ask your concerns regarding your visit to the people.

  1. Beginners

Do you want to know and visualize a little history? This town will allow you to palp architectural structure of XVI and XVIII centuries; the style of stones in their buildings and their walks.

Not only will he meet this exemplary time, also with his people, his still conservative way of driving.

Visiting Benasque

If you consider yourself a lover of active tourism, Benasque offers the best conditions land, variety, climates and peaks to execute him.





Visiting benasque 1
Visiting benasque 1

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