Vitamins For Blood Pressure




The circulatory system inside your body is a very complex system that carries blood and oxygen to every corners of your body. When your heart pumps the blood through the arteries to reach the farthest part of your body, it exerts pressure upon the artery walls.

There are certain factors related to the maintenance of normal blood pressure. These factors include blood volume, elasticity of the artery walls, age, strength of the heartbeat and your present physical condition. A high blood pressure leads to faster and harder pumping of heart and can cause cardiovascular diseases and strokes. However, in this post, you will get to know certain vitamins that will help you control your blood pressure maintain a healthy circulatory system.


Vitamins For Blood Pressure


Vitamin B12

The scientific name for vitamin B12 is cobalamin and is highly soluble in water. There are several benefits of this vitamin and all of them are related to enhancing the performance of your circulatory system.

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It helps in RBC formation, maintaining healthy bone marrow, increasing blood flow to brain and heart, controlling blood pressure, reducing homocysteine levels and lowering of risks related to coronary artery diseases, strokes and heart attacks. 2.4 mcg of daily dosage is enough for an adult to achieve these benefits. The food items containing this vitamin include clams, poached eggs, cheese, salmon, beef, skim milk, crab and roasted chicken and turkey.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also soluble in water but this vitamin targets the immune system of your body. Though it does not participate in direct regulation of blood pressure, but it helps in eliminating the harmful radicals inside your body that can lead to high blood pressure levels. Moreover, vitamin C is also known for its preventive measures against the blood vessel damages.

Apart from regulating the blood pressure level, this water-soluble vitamin also accelerates the repairing process of the damaged tissues and organs through enhanced oxygen and blood flow. An adult is capable of consuming 1000 mg of vitamin C per day. Vitamin C is obtained in food items like cranberries, turnip greens, tomatoes, strawberries, kale, grapefruits, pineapples, oranges, kiwi and spinach. Muestras gratis y regalos

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Vitamin D

Just like vitamin C this water soluble vitamin is also capable of maintaining normal blood pressure levels, repairing blood vessels, boosting the immune system and supporting cell differentiation.

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15 mcg of vitamin D consumption per day is enough to reduce the risks of heart attacks or strokes. You will get vitamin D from sources like cow’s milk, canned sardines, soy milk, eggs, canned pink salmon and fortified cereals and orange juice.

Vitamin E

Unlike the other vitamins, it is soluble in fats and indirectly helps in reducing the blood pressure by boosting the immune system to protect the body against viral infections and diseases that may increase the blood pressure. Since it is blood pressure regulatory vitamin, it is bound to protect your body against heart attacks and strokes.

Apart from the healing feature, it is also known for its special anti-inflammatory actions. 15 mg is the recommended dosage of vitamin C per day and it is found in food items like carrots, soybean oil, peanut butter, spinach, almonds, avocados, broccoli, sunflower seeds and olive oil.

Vitamins For Blood Pressure

Vitamins For Blood Pressure

The circulatory system inside your body is a very complex system that carries blood and oxygen to every corners of your body. When your heart pumps the blood t





Vitamins For Blood Pressure
Vitamins For Blood Pressure

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