Wellness at work is no longer a luxury, it’s a ‘must’





According to a recent ForceManager study: a third of professionals aged 22 to 35 take advantage of the time of food to exercise and disconnect from work. The subsidized subscription to the gym, among the best corporate benefits valued by younger workers. Millennials expect from their companies to promote initiatives that will improve their well-being, such as providing health insurance, healthy snacks or organizing wellness activities


Professionals, especially the younger ones, are increasingly demanding and demand autonomy and flexibility to organize their working day by balancing them with their personal lives. In addition, they expect companies to cooperate proactively in this reconciliation. This is reflected in the report data Millennials in Tech, developed by ForceManager, and in which the work habits of young people are analyzed working in technological companies. According to figures, three out of ten millennials go to the gym at the time of the meal and consider the gym grant as one of the main benefits of a good place of work, along with time flexibility and remote work.

On the other hand, more than half of the young professionals in the technology industry would like their companies to pay full or part of the gym subscription or organize workshops. wellness in the offices. This is a widespread practice between the startup ecosystem of Barcelona, which is part of ForceManager. So the company has reached an agreement with DiR, the leading fitness and integral well-being company in Catalonia for 40 years, with more than 25 gyms in Catalonia, so that its employees can enjoy sports centers in a subsidized way. In the case of ForceManager, 75 per cent of workers in Barcelona’s offices are actively involved in this initiative, which in addition to being a high figure shows a trend on new social habits at work.

“While our experience teaches us that young people are especially aware of the importance of caring for their health, data confirms that they consider companies responsible for offering them benefits that contribute to their physical and mental well-being,” says Anna Gornés, People’s VP, ForceManager. “The implementation of this type of agreements with the gyms directly affects the satisfaction of the employees: they are more happy and feel more integrated in the company.” Mejores tendederos

The alliance between the two companies also includes the joint organization of actions to promote a healthy lifestyle. Thus, DiR experts will conduct nutrition workshops and wellbeing in the different offices of ForceManager. For its part, the technology company is committed to promoting sport values among its employees, as well as organizing joint activities so that workers can practice sport together.

From the network of gyms, the CEO and founder of DiR, Ramon Canela, states that “our Clubs are the place where people take care of their health in a holistic way, not only of their physical appearance. DiR's mission has always been to convey the values of sport and nutrition to guide society towards healthy lifestyles. That is why for DiR it is a great motivation to establish agreements with companies such as ForceManager, which can directly impact on improving the health of their employees. ”

About ForceManager
ForceManager is the leading mobile CRM designed to simplify processes acting as a personal sales assistant for mobility teams. The success of the platform, which has a high adoption rate, is due to its 100% mobile design, simple interface and ease of use. It is a CRM solution that combines Artificial Intelligence with intuitive design, transforming the smartphone into a modern personal sales assistant for field commercials, helping them improve their performance during their commercial routes.

Founded in Barcelona in 2011, the company is present in 36 countries. ForceManager has a global team of over 150 dedicated employees to develop the best personal sales assistant on the market, one that can really boost a change in mobility sales teams around the world. ForceManager has raised $15.7 million in A and B series funds and, with the acquisition of Sellf, supports more than 1,600 customers worldwide.

About DIR
Since the opening of his first gym in 1979, DiR has been characterized by being at the forefront of fitness. In addition to its more than 9,800 activities aimed at the month and its team of personal training professionals, the group is currently betting on one of the great sporting trends at the international level: high intensity training. DiR offers its customers the HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) training through its DiR Bootcamp boutiques, where high-intensity training sessions are held that combine cardiovascular exercises with strength exercises.

Wellness at work is no longer a luxury, it’s a ‘must’

Wellness at work is no longer a luxury, it’s a ‘must’

According to a recent ForceManager study: a third of professionals aged 22 to 35 take advantage of the time of food to exercise and disconnect from work. The s






Wellness at work is no longer a luxury, it’s a ‘must’
Wellness at work is no longer a luxury, it’s a ‘must’

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