What are the benefits of egg whites?




The egg is one of the most consumed foods in the world and stands out for having a good amount of protein, as well as containing some vitamins and minerals that make it an excellent choice in breakfast, providing potassium, magnesium, riboflavin and niacinamong other properties.


Eggs also have enzymes that serve to form a shield that protects our organism. Being a pretty healthy option to add to our diet.

What are the benefits of egg whites 1

Many people They believe that the egg is related to increased cholesterol, but the truth is that a lot of studies and research have shown that This is a completely false popular belief.

This way, before talking about their benefits it must be clear that the egg does not contain cholesterol or fat, so if you thought these were their negative aspects you can leave forgetting them.

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This is due to its high content vitamin B1That helps remove excess bait on the skin, which is a cause of acne.

It is known that the egg is of great help during the growth stage thanks to helps to mineralize the bones and to promote correct development of muscles. Juegos gratis

An excellent food for athletes

It is no secret that egg white is one of the foods preferred by athletes thanks to its high content of proteins and vitamins. In fact, it has a high content B and E vitamins, so it has multiple benefits for people who practice exercise.

Reduce blood pressure

A study conducted by Clemson University confirmed that, thanks to the presence of some amino acids in the egg white, these can be of great help to reduce the blood pressure of the person who consumes it.

Does not increase cholesterol

I mentioned it briefly before, but it is important to emphasize it because of the false idea that many people have that the egg increases cholesterol. It's important to be clear that egg does not increase cholesterol levels; in fact, a study conducted by the magazine “Metabolism” indicates that the consumption of this food helps to increase good cholesterol.

A great source of energy

It is known that the egg became an excellent choice for breakfast because it is an excellent source of energy without having to resort to sugar or carbohydrates. This is because of proteins present in the egg white help to increase the way our organism takes advantage of energy.

As you can see there are a lot of benefits that our organism can take advantage of by consuming egg white or full egg, so you should forget the false belief that they are not good at their cholesterol level.

What are the benefits of egg whites?

Its consumption is recommended during the growth stageAn excellent food for athletesReduce blood pressureDoes not increase cholesterolA great source of energy






What are the benefits of egg whites 1
What are the benefits of egg whites 1

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