What are the benefits of sex?




It is clear that sexual activities are really pleasing, but have you ever thought about the benefits of sex? What are the positive effects that it may have on our organism? The truth is that sexual activities have many more benefits than the fact that we feel good for a few minutes, which is why in this article we will see in depth what are the benefits of sex and why your practice is highly recommended.


So, if you're looking for some more reasons to have more frequent relationships with your partner, these benefits are one more reason to have a better sex life in a couple. Clothes and toys can be an excellent complement, plus that time with internet is easier and private purchase online lingerie and other sexual products.

What are the benefits of sex 1

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Even some researchers claim that the best time to have relationships with the couple is in the morning, as the people who do so remain more optimistic throughout the day.

Improves self-esteem

Besides that you will feel happier for the above-mentioned chemicals that release your brain, it also serves to make you feel more comfortable with your body and your overall appearance.

A study conducted by the University of Texas showed that people who have sex constantly feel better with themselves and show better self-esteem. El Portal de los Acrósticos imaginativos

Improves the defenses of the body

That's right, your body's defenses are reinforced by sexual activities. It has been shown that during these activities the levels of the hormone DHEAbetter known as the hormone anti-aging which is produced by our body. This type of hormone is a key piece to maintain good health.

During sexual acts the production of this hormone increases up to five times, so you can already picture the benefits that this represents for your body.

Help keep you young and rejuvenate

Having sex with a certain frequency is of great help to be able to stay young and rejuvenatein addition to the above benefits. This has been verified by different studies, among which we can highlight the one carried out by Dr. David Weeks, psychologist of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, who showed that people who usually have an active sex life can be seen between 5 and 8 younger years.

This study lasted for 10 years and the doctor emphasizes that it is not about the amount of sex, but about the quality of the sexual relations that are supported.

Improves the physical condition of people

Undoubtedly sexual intercourse is one of the best physical activities we can do. Studies have proven that a sexual activity half an hour serves to burn 100 caloriesin addition to the different positions that can be taken strengthen and tonify different muscles from our body.

Improves cardiovascular health

From the hand of the previous benefit, the physical activity performed during the relationships is more related to cardio exerciseSo it's clear you have cardiovascular benefits. Studies have shown that this type of activity can reduce to half the risk of heart attack or heart attack.

What are the benefits of sex?

Improves self-esteemImproves the defenses of the bodyHelp keep you young and rejuvenateImproves the physical condition of peopleImproves cardiovascular health






What are the benefits of sex 1
What are the benefits of sex 1

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