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What is a nail leveling base or a rubber base – Nailistas — Nailistas

The nail leveling pads or base Rubber It is a type of permanent self-leveling base that provides extra stiffness and strength to your nail. This is why they are the ideal ally for fragile or brittle nails. They are applied before the color in a thick layer and with it we get a nail strong ready to apply the color and that it is not spoiled 4 weeks.

Your manicure lasts less than two weeks?

One day, I launched a survey on instagram find out how long the manicure lasted on average for our followers and the result was surprising. Over 50% lasted less than two weeks, got me thinking.

I thought it was not so common, but I admit that the same thing happens to me since I started painting my nails. Normal nail polishes don’t even last me two days, that’s why I switched to permanent manicure. There I managed to keep them intact for about a week, but then the ends start to wear out.

However, everything changed when they told me about the existence of the leveling bases. I immediately had to try them and of course they ended up being added to our catalog, like everything that works for us.

Thanks to the leveling bases, my manicure lasts much longer. The only downside I see is that they don’t come out well with the Magic Remover and I have to remove them with pure acetone, the traditional way, but not everything can be perfect!

Nail Leveling Rubber Bases

Rubber base: indicated for fragile nails

I have very nails flexible and thin, with a tendency to break, although not weak. However, as they are very flexible, as soon as I have them long they tend to break because they bend a lot. When I wear enamels they last longer but it’s the enamels that don’t last long enough.

The reason is that enamel is also flexible and it ends up breaking, especially at the ends since that’s what bends the most. This is why the basics Rubber create a super nail, strong and rigid.

How to level a nail step by step.

You don’t have to be an expert to level a nail, although without a doubt if you want a perfect finish you should go to your trust room. Only the best salons apply these innovative techniques that strengthen your nail. This way your manicure will last much longer.


Leveling a nail is simple, although it has its technique. Always prepare and file your nail in advance.

  1. A thin layer of rubber base leveling is first applied

  2. Without curing in a Led lamp, a generous drop is applied to the center of the nail.

  3. Using a fine brush (or if you have the skill the enamel brush itself), a little product is pushed towards the edges of the nail, leaving more in the center.

  4. Flip the nail over and let it level out due to gravity, this way it becomes unified and the center is a bit thicker.

  5. It is cured in a lamp and our leveling is ready!

So if you’re wondering why your nail lasts longer when you go to the salon, part of the secret is proper leveling 🙂

Nailistas Base Rubber Leveling Cover

Advantages of rubber base

The rubber base is a product orient oneself now because it’s a lot less invasive than builder gels or acrylics, improves the surface of the grooved nails and fills in the grooves, leaving them smooth.

A leveling base gives volume to weak and thin nails, strengthening them without damaging them. It also extends the life of glazes, which most base coats fail to achieve.

Types of rubber base or leveling base

We have several types of leveling bases, the ideal ones are the pigmented ones because they give a natural color to the nail, unifying any stain That is imperfection on your fingernail

The nude tones of the leveling bases can be more neutral (Rubber Base Nude) makeup (Rubber Base Cover) or pink (Strong Volume Base Pink) choose the one that suits you best. You can cover it with permanent colored enamel, permanent gel paint or just leave it visible.

Where to buy a rubber base or leveler

On Nailistas.com you will find a variety of leveling bases. We only remind you that this type of base does not remove well with our Magic Remover. They are easily removed with pure acetone and a cotton ball.

Tell us about your experience with rubber bases on comments. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Author: Teresa Cobo

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What is a nail leveling base or a rubber base – Nailistas — Nailistas

The nail leveling pads or base Rubber It is a type of permanent self-leveling base that provides extra stiffness and strength to your nail. This is why they ar







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