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What is rapport and how your communication can improve




In this article we want to talk to you about what rapport is and how your communication can improve, since we believe that there is currently very important information that we should know, as podcast meaning and different terms or marketing tools that can end up being of great use.

What is rapport and how your communication ca 1

As you should probably already know, one of the best ways to create professional or personal relationships that we can apply revolves around the understanding of rapport. We have all gone through some situation in which, faced with an advantageous proposal or valuable advice, the interlocutor seemed unwilling to listen.

The reason is actually simple and is that it goes beyond good intention, since it is always necessary create conditions for the other party to feel comfortable in order to make a decision and act on it. For this to happen, it is important to create a link of trust, cooperation and harmony.

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“In the field of education, therapy, psychological, professional, entertainment and sales, empathy, which in the PNL language is known as rapport, is very important at the moment of being able to create an atmosphere of trust and participation in which people have the possibility to participate in a simple and free way.”

qué es rapport

In the previous paragraph we are talking about “creating a atmosphere” and the fact that it is very important not to confuse manipulation with the rapport of the interlocutor. Here is the main objective of building the pillars on which a much more efficient communication will be achieved.

Within what is the interpersonal communication in rapport, we can find a variety of patterns. In case we can incorporate them into our language, we will be closer to building pillars of harmony, cooperation and trust.

How does rapport serve to improve communication?

Now that you already have a better idea about what rapport is, let's explain to you what the elements are through which it can help you improve your communication:

Emotional balance

One of the most important details to be taken into account is avoid any excess. Communication is undoubtedly a path in which we will end up causing different reactions.

In this way, if during the conversation a person says something that is not of our liking, there are some limits for our answer, since we can be the ones who are wrong about the intentions of the other person. Blog sobre salud

The importance of visual contact

In rapport there is synchronism with regard to visual contact. This is because in reality the focus is set to be able to transmit security, changing frequency and duration depending on the characteristics of the person we are talking to.

For example, a shy person will feel comfortable with eventual movements, while others can do so with different types of contact. Actually, everything depends on understanding the situation and adapting properly.

Care for the development of communication

To succeed communication has to be good and have harmony. We must also take care of the tone, having much taken care of with rhythm and volume, always looking as far as the behavior of the interlocutor can be.

The situations in which a Persian communicates something in an accelerated way and we respond with little energy, this project that we are un empathic or that we have disinterest.

Our voice tone

como funciona rapport

This you've probably heard on more than one occasion, but it's just that The tone of voice is always very important, since in reality the tone sometimes ends by giving more information than the words themselves. For example, saying “Good day” to someone may even seem somewhat sarcastic if spoken with a certain tone. That is why the way we express ourselves always has to be consistent with what we are trying to communicate.

Body language (non-verbal communication)

Our posture, our gestures and our facial expressions also play a very important role. We are required special care, as on many occasions we can adopt non-positive body language or verbal communication without being aware of what we are doing.

Rapport demands that we pay attention to our body language and attitudesalways having a lot of care with our body language and always keeping it in sync with a certain atmosphere of participation and trust.

How does rapport help generate sales?

All we have explained above can end up being of great use in order to improve customer loyalty, being these processes that are required within what is rapport. We can say that trust ends up being so important that on many occasions the consumer does not even fully know the technical aspects of the products it has acquired.

What is rapport and how your communication can improve

How does rapport serve to improve communication?Emotional balanceThe importance of visual contactCare for the development of communicationOur voice toneBody la





What is rapport and how your communication ca 1
What is rapport and how your communication ca 1
What is rapport and how your communication ca 1
What is rapport and how your communication ca 1
What is rapport and how your communication ca 1
What is rapport and how your communication ca 1

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